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25 Funny Engagement Gifts Under $25

Updated on February 26, 2015

Engagements are a very special occasion and should be celebrated as they will only happen once! Funny engagement gifts are the perfect way to say congrats and make the happy couple even happier!

Here’s a list of 25 funny engagement gifts under $25 that the married couple-to-be will absolutely love.

  • Bacon and egg matching mugs: Seriously, how cute are these? “Don’t go bacon my heart!” “I couldn’t if I fried!”

  • "He put a ring on it" sports bottle: She will definitely use this bottle, and proudly! I bet she will use her left hand to drink out of it to flash that nice ring as often as possible, too!

  • His money/her money stacked piggy bank: Well, he might as well get used to her being in his bank account, right? This funny bank features a smaller pig on top of a larger pig, with the money falling right to the bottom in her bank.

  • "Game over" apron: Nobody ever said marriage would be easy! If the couple is a couple of gamers, they will love this.

  • Unicorn and horse novelty cake topper: Okay, so it likely won’t make the cut for the cake, but it will look funny as a knickknack on their shelf!

  • "He calls me Bae" shirt: Because it’s easier than saying I’m the best that’s ever happened to him. True story.

  • Awesome husband coffee mug: “My wife has an awesome husband.” What a great gift for the bachelor, but he mustn't use it until after the wedding!

  • Funny quote framed tile: “Marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is the husband.” It says it all in one simple sentence!

  • Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right can coolers: These are the perfect gift for that engagement party that will likely take place!

  • Anatomically correct voodoo dolls: Married life can be...brutal.

  • The Bride's Instruction Manual: How to survive and possibly even enjoy the biggest day of your life. A must-have book for any bride-to-be!
  • Unzipped hand-blown glass bowl: This cute and silly hand-blown glass bowl will certainly put a smile on their faces. Fill it with candy for a nice touch!
  • Mr. and Mrs. aprons: These matching aprons are an adorable way to congratulate the newly-engaged couple. Beautifully embellished with lips on Mrs. and a mustache on Mr. apron, they might as well get used to the whole Mr. and Mrs. thing early!
  • Ball and chain: This will definitely bring on a few chuckles! Imagine the groom-to-be wearing this up on the altar! Don’t expect that, however.

  • Unbreakable wine glasses: If the couple will be celebrating their engagement of a few drinks, this might be a good gift for them! We all know how easily a glass can get broken when alcohol has crossed the blood barrier. Made of silicone.

  • The Engaged Groom book: A “what to expect” guide to wedding planning for the groom! You’re getting married, so there’s no turning back in the wedding planning!

  • Bling Wipes: An easy way to keep that ring sparkling on the go! There’s nothing quite like that sparkle of the first viewing of that ring, so keep it that way for as long as possible!

  • Marital Reaction card game: This is a funny card game for any newly-engaged couple or even to play at an engagement party!


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  • Superman and Wonderwoman aprons: They will look awesome entertaining guests in these cute aprons. A Super couple deserves superhero aprons!
  • What?!? Oh…: The game of couples banter. A hilarious game for that engagement party or just a small family get together. It will be played over and over and over.
  • Sexy Truth or Dare: This is a game that will heat the sheets and spice up the love life, for a long time to come after marriage! It will be funny at first but it is quite useful!

  • Pink Tool Bag: Well now that they’re getting married, she will need her own set of tools to show off her awesome Mrs. Fix-It skills, right? He will be happy for her to have her own set as well.

  • Barbie "She Said Yes!" gift set: This will surely take her back to her childhood and give her a good laugh! I’m positive they would never expect to receive a couple of Barbies as gifts.

  • Do Not Disturb sign: This is a classy and tasteful way for the lovebirds to let people know that they are “busy” and need not disturb them!

  • Funny wood sign: “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.” This is a sign that is suitable for any room of the home of the engaged couple!

Celebrate the couple and support their big decision. It’s not everyday that people you know and love decide that they love each other so much to tie the knot! You cannot go wrong with any of these funny engagement gifts!

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