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Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

Updated on April 9, 2016

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!

Stumped on what to get your co-workers for Christmas? Looking for some gift inspiration for the people at work? Do you have a tough to buy for boss?

Worry no more. This article is filled with great gift ideas for any co-worker or boss. Impress the people at work with your savvy gift giving skills.

Look below to find gag gift ideas for gift exchanges, practical gifts that everyone can appreciate, gift ideas for bosses, great gifts for him or for her, and the best coffee mugs and desk supplies.

You will be more than prepared for your office Christmas party with these fabulous gifts for your co-workers.

Practical Gifts

Want to give your co-workers a gift that they will be sure to use? Everyone can use gift cards. Gift baskets, calendars, and pens are also practical gifts that will be used throughout the year.

These are meaningful ways to say you care and gifts that will be appreciated. Give a gift card to your co-workers' or boss' favorite restaurant or coffee spot. Or send a thoughtful gift basket full of goodies.

The Office Christmas Party

Christmas at the Office, Super Rabbit One, from Flickr
Christmas at the Office, Super Rabbit One, from Flickr

Don't stress about gifts for work. You will be excited for your co-workers to open your gifts this year if you snag one of these ideas.

Gag Gifts

Are you having a White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchange at work this year? These funny gag gifts are great for gift exchange games. Your friends at work will howl with laughter when they open these gifts.

Gag Gifts on eBay

Find a funny gift on the cheap. What kind of bargain will you find? Will your gift have everyone laughing themselves silly?

Improve Your Work Environment - For every sale from Amazon on this page, Squidoo donates $1 to Room to Read

Give this book to your co-workers and it will be a gift to yourself next year when the office is a better place.

There's No I in Office: 4293 Meaningless Phrases to Keep Your Coworkers Smiling While Avoiding Actual Conversation
There's No I in Office: 4293 Meaningless Phrases to Keep Your Coworkers Smiling While Avoiding Actual Conversation

This hilarious book is full of ideas to help your interact with your co-workers. It gives the formula for how to navigate office politics without having to befriend everyone.


Coffee Mugs

Know a co-worker who can't make it through an hour without a trip to the coffee pot? Coffee mugs are the quintessential office supply. These mugs will leave an impression and give your fellow employee a smile every time he or she takes a sip.

Gift Ideas for Bosses and Co-Workers

These are some great ideas for office Christmas gifts. Many are inexpensive if you don't want to spend much. There are also several that can be pricier if you want to get your boss something nice. They are all very appropriate for the office or for someone you may not know well.

  • lottery tickets
  • gift cards
  • stationery
  • kitchen utensils
  • personalized gifts
  • pen/pencil set
  • bonsai tree
  • zen garden
  • event tickets
  • day planner
  • desk calendar
  • board games and card games
  • keychains
  • USB drives
  • office decoration piece
  • business card case or holder
  • certificates for a day spa
  • gift of the month club subscription

Desk Supplies

Unique desk supplies are a good Christmas gift for the office. They can be put to good use on a daily basis. They are also relatively inexpensive. Comical items are great for the co-workers who like to decorate their desk.

Christmas at Work

Christmas Cubicles, by grilled cheese, from Flickr
Christmas Cubicles, by grilled cheese, from Flickr

How are gifts handled in your place of work?

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Candy Gifts

If you aren't sure what to get or if you want to give a gift that everyone can share and enjoy--go with candy. It is great for midday munchies. Candy is also a great thing to bring to the office party.

Gifts for Her

These gifts are sure to please your female co-workers. Pick out a gift that will touch her heart and make her smile. These items are great for nearly every taste and style. It will be hard to go wrong with one of these gift ideas.

Gifts for Him

Have male co-workers to buy for? These gift ideas will please most men. These ideas are practical for the office or for home. So pick one for him that he will be sure to love.

Did you find the perfect gift for your co-workers?

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