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25 Funny Gifts for Guys Under $25

Updated on February 23, 2015

When it comes to the men in your life, more often than not, they will appreciate a gift that will bring out some laughter in them. Funny gifts for guys never get old!

You should always take into consideration their personal tastes and interests when shopping for a gift, but you can usually find funny gifts for guys for any occasion and any personality!


Great Gift Ideas

Here is a list of 25 funny gifts for guys under $25 that will have a smile from ear to ear and laughter for everyone to hear!

  • Cards Against Humanity: Whether he’s played this game already or not, this will definitely be a hit for him and whoever dares to play it with him!

  • Duff beer mug: You might be wondering “what is Duff beer?” if you’ve never seen The Simpsons, but he will know.

  • Hula skirt and coconut bra: You know the party’s getting wild when he switched into this hula swag!

  • Footed pajamas: He might laugh when he opens this, especially on Christmas morning, but he’ll wear them. He will.

  • Got Bacon? T-shirt: Most guys love bacon, right? Well, this shirt should be perfect for most guys and you can get it in almost any color!

  • Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: Humor and nostalgia will come together in perfect harmony if you get this gift!

  • Toilet coffee mug: If he’s a real potty mouth, this will say it all without him having to say anything!

  • "Ring for beer" novelty bell: These little bells are all the rage right now! Also see the "ring for toilet paper" bell!

  • Soap on a rope: Because, why not? If he is random and spontaneous (and a bit smelly sometimes), then this is the gift for him!

  • Truck nuts: Every guy who drives a big truck needs a big pair of balls for it, right? I personally find the blue ones the most humorous.

  • Chia Zombie: A hilarious spin off the typical Chia Pets, Chia Zombies are so much cooler!

  • Sexy Apron: Give him the body he always dreamed of having. The best part is, it’s instant!

  • 2015 People of Walmart boxed calendar: If he’s a walmart patron with a strange sense of style, perhaps he is a star in this calendar!

  • Toy Story Rex T-Shirt: If he is a Disney-Pixar fan, then he will really get a kick out of this shirt!
  • Bearded beanie: Give him the beard he wish he could grow while keeping him warm in that brutal snow!

  • Money soap: Every bar of soap has cash in the middle. The only catch? You must wash yourself to get to it!

  • Blue Q "Maybe you touched your genitals" hand sanitizer: Blue Q makes all kinds of great gag gifts, and if your dude is always going in for the scratch, well, this.

  • Accoutrements Sarcastic Ball: For the guy who has a comeback for anything!

  • Roadrage Megaphone: If he has a temper on the road, then he will get a kick out of this one!

  • Big Mouth Toys beer belt: Who needs a six pack on your stomach when you can have one around your waist instead!

  • Family Guy Stewie "awesomeness" T-shirt: One of America’s favorite animated shows! If he loves Family Guy, he’ll love this shirt.

  • Eggs are sides for bacon mug: Again for the bacon fans, this is a great mug and perfect to go with any breakfast, just like bacon!

  • Never Have I Ever: This is a hilarious drinking game for adults! You’ll learn a lot about your fellow players all while enjoying a few good laughs and drinks!

  • Shot Glass Roulette: Another fun and funny game, but really funny when the same person keeps landing on a shot!

  • Kama Pootra book: As the description reads: 52 mind-blowing ways to poop. This will keep him busy for a while!

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Get Your Laugh On!

Now while you are contemplating gifts, be sure to take into account any religious beliefs and try to avoid anything that may be offensive to the recipient.

Buying a funny gift can be a stretch sometimes so be sure that you know the person well and respect their boundaries! If nothing else, keep it funny and clean, and there will be no problems. Happy shopping!

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