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25 Funny Housewarming Gifts Under $25

Updated on February 24, 2015

Funny housewarming gifts are the perfect way to welcome a friend or loved one into their new home! If you are getting someone a gift for a new home, why not make it funny?

Housewarming gifts should be something practical, yet something that will be enjoyed as well, so what better place to be looking than here on this page at these awesome and funny housewarming gifts?

Looking for something satisfactory, funny, and useful that won’t break the bank? Here’s a list of 25 funny housewarming gifts under $25!


Hilarious Housewarming!

  • Thug Kitchen cookbook: Make sure the new homeowners can cook with some style! Great for those who are novice cooks, and for those who just don’t know how to eat healthy on their own!

  • Facebook "like" button oven mitts: With these oven mitts, at least the cook will always like the meal!

  • Horse head squirrel feeder: Creepy, funny, and random! With these three qualities, how could you not want to buy it?

  • Mooning garden gnome salt and pepper shakers: Anyone would get a kick out of this salt and pepper shaker set! Funny and practical!

  • Sage kit: Make sure they cleanse their home of bad spirits and negative energy!

  • Redneck wine glasses: Every new homeowner needs a set of good wine glasses, and these mason jar-style ones couldn’t be anymore perfect!

  • Chia Zombie: Doesn’t everyone secretly want one of those Chia Pets? Well this one is just awesome, do it.

  • Perverted Little Gnome: Every garden needs a gnome, so be sure to take a look at this one and its little friend!

  • Humorous bathroom sign: “Changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage.” I couldn't agree more! What a perfect sign to hang above the toilet paper roll!

  • Nose soap dispenser: Funny novelty soap dispenser for any bathroom soap or shower gel. Press the nose and soap is dispensed from the right nostril!

  • Lovely pink princess corded phone: They will open this in disbelief that corded phones still even exist! This one looks old-fashioned and princess-chic!

  • Himalayan salt lamp: This might seem like a funny gift at first, but it's actually supposed to be really good at purifying air in the home!


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  • Novelty doormat: You cannot go wrong with a funny doormat as a housewarming gift! This one is hilarious and you will see just how gullible people are. “Doorbell broken, yell ‘DING DONG!’ really loud.”
  • Superman and Wonder Woman novelty aprons: With these aprons, anyone can be a superhero in the kitchen!

  • Marriage funny saying wall sign: If the new home is for a married couple or newlyweds, then this would make the perfect gift for their wall. “Marriage is finding that one special person that you can annoy for the rest of your life.”

  • Best neighbor ever garden flag: Let the neighbors know who is the best neighbor ever by gifting this garden flag! Certainly they will feel honored to be next to the best, right?

  • Animal butt magnets: Everyone should have a nice mix of magnets on their fridge, and what other ones to buy than animal butts!

  • Banana wine stopper: For that rare occasion when you actually put some wine away, you need a wine stopper! Bananas are just funny in their phallic shape.

  • Food face dinner plate: If there’s kids in the new house, or just a couple of childish adults, they will have a blast playing with food on these plates!

  • Ultimate wine bottle glass: Finally, you can be classy while drinking out of the bottle!

  • Coffee makes me poop coffee mug: Shaped like a nice, heaping pile of poo, it will be a steamy one with your coffee in it! Oh, and the message says it all: “Coffee makes me poop.” Isn’t that the truth?

  • Rock, paper, scissors coffee mug set: This is quite the silly and unique set of coffee mugs!

  • The Hillary nutcracker: Yes, Hillary Clinton. Crack some nuts between her legs for a tasty treat, and good laughs at all the jokes that follow!

  • Novelty kitchen towel: “I’m sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.” We all say things we don’t mean on an empty belly, so let the towel apologize while the recipient is preparing the meal!

  • Falling books bookend: This is a humorous way to display your books, with a little guy about to get crushed!

Most people will be getting nicer, fancier things for the new homeowner, so think outside the box and get them something that will bring laughs for a long time to come!

Aubrey Plaza's Very Filthy Housewarming Present


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