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Funny Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on August 1, 2015

Christmas Wallpaper Humor

Christmas provides a number of great opportunities to create funny and humorous wallpapers to get a laugh out of throughout the day and season. It's a good way to add a little levity to an otherwise difficult day at times as well.

There are a number of Christmas themes that can be altered in a way that adds a hilarious touch to the holiday. For example, there are all sorts of snowman humor, such as a snowman holding up another snowman using a blow dryer.

Many cartoon characters are also used, as well as other pop culture icons and scenarios which end up generating wonderful laughs.

In this article we'll look mostly at Christmas wallpaper humor with Santa as the center of the image, or in some cases, with Santa's reindeer playing a big role.

You're sure to enjoy these wallpapers and include some for your Christmas fun. Included is my favorite funny Christmas wallpaper of all time, one I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

Funny Christmas Wallpaper of Santa Pulling Reindeer in Sleigh

This first funny Christmas wallpaper of Santa pulling the reindeer in his sleigh is fantastic. How could you not look at this and get a good laugh immediately.

Santa's face is exactly as anyone of us would picture if in fact he would have to pull all those reindeer. I guess after thousands of years of the reindeer pulling Santa and the toys, it's a fair turnaround to have Santa do the job.

The moral of this story is if you see your animals or pets talking to lawyers, get very afraid;-)

Reindeer in Sleigh Being Pulled by Santa

Santa Pulling Sleigh Humor
Santa Pulling Sleigh Humor | Source

Pink Pigs Pulling Santa's Sleigh

With this next funny Christmas wallpaper we not only have pigs pulling Santa's sleigh instead of his reindeer, but the pigs are pink, adding to the humorous image most of us don't think of when contemplating Santa's visit to our homes on Christmas Eve.

This wallpaper also has some terrific color and light to add to the funny piece of digital art.

Pink Pigs and Santa

Pigs Pulling Santa's Sleigh
Pigs Pulling Santa's Sleigh | Source

Zombie Christmas Wallpaper

If you know what game this represents, you won't need an explanation of what this is, and if you don't, an explanation won't help. But you get the gist of this Christmas wallpaper humor: a guy worrying about being late for a Christmas party where his girlfriend may get mad at him, while a bunch of zombies attempt to kill him, enticing him to participate in Christmas dinner, with him probably being the center of the meal.

My favorite part of the wallpaper is the zombie with the ax wearing a set of reindeer antlers. Very funny.

The idea of a guy in this situation getting his girlfriend mad for being late for a Christmas party is the other humorous element.

Zombie Christmas

zombie Christmas Wallpaper
zombie Christmas Wallpaper | Source

Wallpaper of Santa's Reindeer Acting as Bodyguards

I really laughed when I first saw this hilarious Christmas wallpaper of Santa's reindeer walking on two feet with him, surrounding him as if they were secret service or bodyguards. The dark glasses worn by the reindeer adds to the fun of the image.

Now this is a Christmas wallpaper that would be great to look at every time a little pressure comes on during the holiday season, as it would be hard to take much of anything too seriously when viewing this gang.

Santa with Reindeer Secret Service

Reindeer Body Guards
Reindeer Body Guards

Christmas Wallpaper of Santa Splatting on Front of Plane

Even though the other funny Christmas wallpapers are great, this is easily my favorite one, where Santa hits the plane so hard that he is nothing but a splat or flat image layered on the front of the plane. Very funny.

What makes it so humorous I think is you immediately picture the reindeer and sleigh running in front of the plane and getting hit. You wonder why this hasn't occurred to people or already happened.

And as you can also see, there go the presents also. I guess Christmas will now be permanently cancelled. This is another Christmas wallpaper it would be hard to stay in a bad or heavy mood with when viewing it.

Santa Hitting Front of Plane

Santa and Plane
Santa and Plane | Source

Free, Funny Christmas Wallpapers

After viewing this gallery of funny Christmas wallpapers, you can see what makes wallpapers so enjoyable and interesting for a desktop computer or other screens we use.

A growing number of creative people have focused on the art form as it has grown in popularity over the years. As you can see, that is to our benefit.

So for the Christmas season be sure to include some funny wallpapers as part of the festivities, as it'll keep a smile on your face and joy in your heart as you take an occasional look at them to brighten up your day.


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