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Buy Novelty Graduation Gifts Online -- Funny Graduation Gifts

Updated on June 14, 2012

Congratulations Graduate!

Graduating from school is one of life's biggest milestones and should be celebrated. Whether your loved one is graduating from nursery school, high school or college, this huge event deserves to be honored and acknowledged.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the graduate shouldn't have some fun! After all, he or she worked hard to get to this point and is going to want to relax and chill out a little. And what better way to help him do so than by giving him a funny graduation gift? This will show that you appreciate his or her hard work, but will also bring about some laughs.

The following novelty graduation gifts are all meant to inspire your graduate and make her giggle. There are graduation books, funny graduation stuffed animals and other novelty graduation items. So celebrate this amazing accomplishment, but don't forget to laugh and smile as you do so!

Graduation Gifts And Books

Many graduates may be celebrating, "No more teachers, no more books," but they'll still appreciate some funny literature, or a literature-themed gift. The following graduation books are sure to inspire your graduate while making him chuckle.

You just can't go wrong with giving someone Dr. Seuss's classic book Oh, The Places You'll Go. This colorful and inspirational book is perfect for a graduate of any age, from kindergarten to college. And yes, a young adult really will appreciate it as it will make him or her feel nostalgic while Dr. Seuss's words never get old.

Meanwhile, you can give your graduate the Oh, The Places You'll Go gift set. Though this gift set DOES NOT include the actual book, it's perfect for a graduation party. Among the many cool items are stickers, a note pad and even a special Dr. Seuss graduation diploma. This graduation gift is a great present to give younger graduates, especially those who enjoy getting a lot of swag!

For graduates with a keen sense of humor, try giving them Graduation Mad Libs. I always loved Mad Libs when I was a child and your graduate will love them, too. Just change the nouns and verbs, etc. in the pages and your graduate can come up with some unique and funny stories, It's a simple way to relax and have fun.

For your college graduate, The Naked Roommate makes a great graduation gift. Starting college is exciting, but can also be a life changing and let's face it, nerve wracking experience. The Naked Roommate gives some thoughtful advice while taking a humorous look at college life. How to Survive Your Freshman Year also offers some good advice from hundreds of college students. What better way to get the inside information?

Graduation Novelty Gifts -- Graduation Stuffed Animals

You can almost never go wrong in giving someone a stuffed animal. They're loveable, cute and when made especially for a graduation will be a very thoughtful gift. These graduation stuffed animals are also sweet and amusing.

Since your graduate is a "wise, old owl" what better way to signify this than by giving her an actual wise owl plush toy? One owl's beak doubles as a money holder so when you present this stuffed animal to your graduate so can slip in a little extra something. The other stuffed owl is just plain cute with its crossed eyes and soft, thick fur. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with him?

I love, love, love the stuffed brain cell! How original! Surely your graduate must have used up a few brain cells while studying and working so hard, so this will help her replenish them. And how can you not love a little brain cell that wears a tiny cap and gown? So adorable!

The autograph dog makes a wonderful graduation gift because it's entirely personalized. The outside of the stuffed animal is blank, but can be written on with a marker. Therefore, you can pass it around to guests at a graduation party and each person can write a special message to the graduate. We got one of these for a friend who recently got her Master's Degree and she loved it -- especially when she had a chance to read what everyone had written to her. She said that it was even better than getting a card.

Finally, if you really want to splurge on your graduate, get him or her this giant panda graduation stuffed animal. This thing is HUGE -- it's three feet tall, practically life sized! But it comes with a cap and gown, and is oh-so-cute and huggable. Whoever you gve this to is sure to love it.

Silly Graduation Gag Gifts

If you really want to make your graduate smile, get him or her a truly silly graduation novelty gift. The Princess Graduate tiara and headband are sure to please any graduating diva. What better way to make her the center of her party by reminding everyone of her accomplishment -- and of which person is boss? The Princess headband even comes with a kicky pink graduation cap.

The graduate pageant sash is another fun way to shower your graduate with love with a gag gift. For the full effect, you can have her wear the tiara AND the sash for that full beauty pageant effect. Of course, your graduate has beauty and brains!

Chances are your graduate is going to be looking for a summer or full-time job, but you can get him or her off to a good start with this novelty million dollar bill. Though it obviously can't be spent, it's still an amusing graduation present that will get some laughs and can be framed later on.

I personally love the little graduation bobble head, my favorite of these gag gifts. It's meant to be a cake topper, but you can also give it as a cute figurine. What's really cool about it is there's a space in the doll's head so you can include a cut out of the graduate's face. A little surreal, but a nice way to honor someone.


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    • josh3418 profile image

      Joshua Zerbini 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great hub! I did not get any of these gifts either :(

    • stiedeman profile image

      stiedeman 5 years ago

      These are great! I would have loved any one of them when I graduated!