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Furby Boom Figure And What Tricks It Can Perform

Updated on August 20, 2017

I look at the furby boom figure and I start thinking about the first ever furby. I can remember it like yesterday. It was Christmas of 1998 and I just splurged out some cash to purchase a Furby. I enjoyed putting it to sleep and hearing it snore. The most enjoyable part was when it was hungry. I would put my hand in it's mouth. It would say yum yum a few times then do a loud burp. It was truly entertaining for me back in those days. It's 15 years later and now I get to experience the furby boom figure. A more advanced furby than the one that once entertained me.

So What Can The furby Boom Figure Do?

The furby boom can do amazing things. They can develop many different personalities from being happy to being completely feisty among others. When I put two of them together they communicate with each other. They can sing to one another. For me it's an amazing sight. There are many things I can do to the furby boom figure including hugging, feeding tickling, petting and shaking. I can even play music and it dances and I can also talk to it. It's personality changes based on what I do to it. I also can interact with the furby boom through the mobile app.

Where Can You Find The App And What Does The App Do?

I have an android phone. A samsung Galaxy s2 to be exact. The app is compatible with the galaxy s2 and above. Its also compatible with the galaxy s2 note. The app also works with the kindle fire HD and the google nexus 7. For apple devices an iphone 4 or greater, ipod 4the gen or any ipad will work. I use the app to name and rename the furby. The app can also check the hunger and health of the figure. I also use it to shower. When I treat my toy well i get furblings eggs. I can take care of the egg until it hatches. When I get to 50 eggs I get a golden egg. I haven't got to that point yet but I'm looking forward to this. The app can control up to 3 furby boom figures. When I realized this I just had to go buy another one. Now I have two. One more thing parents please turn on the parental controls on your smart devices when your kids are playing. Especially on the tablets.


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    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Very cute stuff! Besides I love Furby