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New Furby Robotic Pet for Christmas 2012

Updated on June 2, 2013

Furby is a toy pet that's been around forever, and now the new generation of Furbies 2012 is here, and they're cooler than ever!

Soft and expressive, Furby is a wonderful little robotic pet. It can talk to you in its Furbish language and even pick up some English.

Furby can move its body and beak, respond to touch and even be fed!

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, Furby is a fun toy pet for kids and adults and makes a great and popular Christmas gift. Learn all about Furby 2012 on this page!

Do You Love Furby?

Do You Love Furby?

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Introducing the New Generation of Furby Toy Pet!

Red Furby Being Cute!
Red Furby Being Cute!

What Can Furby Do?

You can interact with your Furby in many ways: tilting it, shaking it, turning it upside down, pulling Furby's tail, petting it, tickling, talking to it, Feeding your Furby and playing music. Do any of these, and the Furby will respond!

Feeding: You can feed the Furby by letting it munch or your finger, or using a free iPod/iPhone app.

Music: Furby recognizes music and attempts to sing along and dance. It's so cute and funny!

Talking: Furby isn't just speaking randomly, it will respond to you or another Furby friend, and have a conversation. As the Furby grows, it will learn more and more English instead of its Furbish language.

Just like a real pet, Furby doesn't have an off switch on demand. However, when it's bored it will go to sleep until you wake it up.

Furbies develop their own personality depending on how you play with it. If you treat it right, your Furby will be sweet and loving, but if you're mean, your Furby WILL turn evil! The personality of a Furby is shown through their very expressive digital eyes (that light in the dark!) and a voice tone that changes.

Compare Furby 2012 vs Older Furby

Cat vs Furby
Cat vs Furby

So what's new in Furby 2012?

While older Furby models had more fur options than the new ones, the overall improvement is very noticeable!

Where appearance is concerned, new Furbies are all of solid color and have bendy silicone ears and feet, unlike the fabric ears and feet of the older Furby. New Furby also features a responsive tufted tail that can be pulled and digital led eyes, unlike the plastic eyes of the old Furby.

When comparing Furbies, you can clearly hear how the movements mechanism of the new model is much quieter than the old. Down with the mechanical screeching noise!

The best strength of the new Furby, however, is in its personalities. There is a variety of personalities the Furby can develop, using its expressive eyes, voice and body motions to convey. Since Furby can act differently, you don't quickly grow bored with it.

Do You Have a Furby?

Do You Have a Furby?

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Pick Out Your Furby in a Cool Vibrant Color

Watch Two Furbies Having a Conversation!

Pink Furby in a Bag
Pink Furby in a Bag

Furby Dictionary

Furby's words do have a meaning. Here are some things it might tell you:

Ee-tay: yes!

Boo: no!

Kah toh-loo oo-nye: me like you!

Wee-tee toh-toh: singing time!

Ay-ay lee-koo: listen!

Dah loo-loo: big joke!

Noo-noo dah doo-ay : talk big fun!

Dah-kah oo-nye: thank you!

Kah ay-ay oo-nye: me see you!

Kah oo-tye nah-bah: me upside down!

Ee-da ah-tah: good food!

Noo-loo: happy!

Dah noh-lah: party time!

Nee-tye: tickle!

Dah ay-loh oo-tye: good morning!

Ah-may koh-koh: pet more!

Kah may-may oo-nye: me love you!

Kah way-loh: me sleepy!

This list of Furbish words comes from the Furby Booklet, which you can download here. Even more Furbish words were documented at the Tama Talk forums.

Are You Getting a Furby This Christmas?

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    • Steph Tietjen profile image

      Stephanie Tietjen 

      6 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      If Santa brings one.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I remember these from back in the day - may not get one for Christmas, but thanks for the blast from the past!


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