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Game of Thrones Party Supplies

Updated on September 26, 2013

The Game of Thrones Party

If you are looking for a fresh ideas for a Game of Thrones series party, board game event or other occasion, this is the place for you. You will find a great selection of various Game of Thrones party supplies here to make the best party ever.

You know, I have always thought about making a themed party. I adore fantasy and science fiction. Also I love exploring the history. The mix between fantasy and medieval ages is perfectly revealed in Game of Thrones series. Themed party can be a perfect solution for new season opening, birthday, New Year and other celebrations. There are many advantages of series themed parties. The only disadvantage would be the decorations and costumes. They are quite hard to make and find. This lens was created to share all the ideas and information, that may help planning a perfect party.

You will find all possible Game of Thrones party supplies starting with posters, decorations, games, tableware supplies, party favors and invitations, attributes of Game of Thrones and other great things.

This page includes all things that are required to make your party perfect. The only thing that you will need to do is to make a perfect Game of Thrones costume.So draw your swords, sharper your tongues, and be ready for intrigues. Game of Thrones party is about to begin.

Image credit: Hugh Griffits via Twitter

Game of Thrones Party Invitation
Game of Thrones Party Invitation

Game of Thrones Party Invitations

Invite you friend to the party in style

Every party begins with sending the invitations to your friends. Making the invitations for Game of Thrones party can be quite a challenge, because it can be difficult to express that medieval and fantasy spirit in the way you like. But the result is worth trying and hard work. Inn at the Crossroads blog provides a short instruction how to make a proper Game of Thrones party invitations.

You can get the Game of Thrones party inspiration by searching a medieval party invitations online. Here are some resources that explain how to make quite simple but nice and medieval looking invitations for various parties. You can use this medieval party invitation idea to make a simple looking stylish Game of Thrones party invitations.

Razle Dazle Events Blog shares easy DIY medieval theme scroll invitations . They are easy to make and looks great. It can be a great solution for your Game of Thrones party invitations. Scroll invitations made of antique look paper looks perfect. Use some wax and make a stamp. It will make your invitations more personal and more medieval.

Antique Look Craft Paper - Make your own Game of Thrones party invitations using antique look craft paper.

You can make medieval looking invitations using antique look craft paper. Choose an old looking font, take your quill and ink and use all the calligraphy skills you have to make a perfect Game of Thrones invitations. Be creative. The result will amaze you. Use some wax to make stamps. You may want to create a personal stamp of your house.

Quill & Ink Set
Quill & Ink Set

Have your ever tried writing with with quill and ink. It allows to feel the spirit of the old times. Use quill and ink to write your Game of Thrones Party invitations

Burgundy Red Sealing Wax
Burgundy Red Sealing Wax

Use Burgundy Wax to seal your envelopes with invitations. You can also use this wax to make a seal on scroll. Burgundy wax is a must have item for medieval scribe.


Game of Thrones Party Wall Decorations

Game of Thrones Wall Decoration
Game of Thrones Wall Decoration

Poll: Which House is Yours? - Choose the House of Westeros you like the most

Game of Thrones House Sigils
Game of Thrones House Sigils

The main idea about game of thrones series is the fight for the Iron Throne to rule Westeros. The noble families, known as the Great Houses of Westeros are playing dangerous and deadly games. I love the series because of various intrigues. Each noble family has their own attitude. Their members act in particular way. There may be never ending discussions about the best House. Help me to find out which house is the most popular among the readers.

By the way, if you click the photo with House sigils, the link will lead you to the 8 Blogging lessons from Game of Thrones . If you are blogger and GoT fan, you should read this.

Which House of Westeros do you belong?

See results
Winter is Comming
Winter is Comming

Game of Thrones Party Supplies

Things too look for Game of Thrones party on the web

The HBO has released some official supplies for fans. Some of them are suitable for your Game of Thrones party and will be introduced later. But official attributes are not enough if you want to make a perfect Game of Thrones party.

Game of Thrones is medieval based fantasy series. So, everything that has medieval or fantasy spirit will be suitable. Try using wooden plates and silver glasses on your table. Make medieval food. Light many candles. You know, they did not have an electricity there.

Try searching thing that look old or magical. This will help you to create Game of Thrones spirit in your home.

Game of Thrones Posters - Poster are great for decorating your room

Posters are great solution for decorating your walls. It is hard to imagine Game of Thrones party without at least several posters with symbols of Houses hanging on the wall.

Game of Thrones Party Goblets and Mugs - Choos appropropriate goblets and mugs for your table

Game of Thrones Goblet
Game of Thrones Goblet

Game of Thrones music for the party - Official game of thrones tracks and medieval spirit

Official Game of Thrones sound track is a good solution for your parties music choice. But do not be so specific. Try various medieval or fantasy songs. It should fit well. Playing an instrument? You can try searching for medieval sheet music. Learn some songs or short plays by piano, guitar. Flute would be perfect for such type of party. Ask your friends to join a choir.

Jewelry for Game of Thrones Party

Great jewelry to wear in Game of Thrones Party

Decorations for Game of Thrones party are not the only thing you are going to need. Think about costumes. You may try some medieval costumes. The costume is worth almost nothing without proper jewelry. Think about something medieval. Hair nets, medieval looking belts, collars are great solution for women. Various pins and brooches may fit a man's dressing. Also, you may search for medieval or fantasy looking earrings, leather purses, metal bracelets and other things. Learn some ancient looking hairdo and use proper accessories. Use your fantasy.

Game of Thrones Jewelry - Some ideas about jewelry you can use

Recently I have came up to very nice dragon earrings that would fit perfect for Daenerys looks. It is something similar to having your personal dragon in your ear. Try these Game of Thrones dragon earrings and amaze your friend with perfect look.

You may find some great ideas on Game of Thrones Jewelry on Amazon.

Game of Thrones Accessories

Hand of the King GoT
Hand of the King GoT
Game of Thrones Playing Cards
Game of Thrones Playing Cards

Game of Thrones playing cards will make your party more interesting and funny.


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    • Silwen LM profile image

      Silwen LM 5 years ago

      @KarenHC: kajohu, I also love Game of Thrones party. I am happy to hear, that you and your husband both are fans of GoT. My husband do not like this series, so we sometimes have a "little fight" about that.

      Game of Thrones party for birthday is a great idea. If you make this party, please share your experience and photos. I will be glad to read.

    • KarenHC profile image

      Karen 5 years ago from U.S.

      I love the idea of a Game of Thrones party! My husband and I are huge fans of the show, and that might be a fun way to celebrate his birthday.