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Games for Book Lovers

Updated on March 14, 2014

Fun Games for Book Lovers

There are tons of great games for book lovers that would make a great gift for any occasion. It can be tough to pick out books as a gift. After all, if someone is an avid reader, it is tough to find something that they haven't already read! But, buying a great game that celebrates reading is a way to bring them some fun and interact with other book lovers.

These games for book lovers are the perfect choice for family get togethers. Many classic board games have made their own "Book Lovers" editions, so you can find fun alternatives that your family is already familiar with, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. Or you can try something completely new with a game like Literati or It Was a Dark & Stormy Night. Start holding family game night and celebrate the love of reading in your house!

Featured Image: Bookopoly Board Game

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The classic board game of Monopoly regularly reinvents itself to fit different niches. In the Bookopoly version, you round a board filled with literary classics, and build bookstores and libraries on the properties you acquire. It's a fun way to combine a traditional board game with the passion of your favorite book lover.

Bookopoly Board Game
Bookopoly Board Game

This is a great game to introduce a family to book-themed games, because Monopoly is such a classic. Any book lover, young or old, can play this game and have fun!


Book Lover's Memory

Test your memory with this great game for book lovers. Remember where the cards are and match them to their identical pair. In this book-themed edition, the cards feature pictures, covers, and quotes from many wonderful authors.

Book Lover's Scrabble

Do you love traditional Scrabble? This version allows you to play the game the way you remember, but it also has "plot twist" cards for a new experience. You have more options when you buy a special edition of games like Scrabble, because you can play it two completely different ways.

Book Lover's Scrabble
Book Lover's Scrabble

Book lovers will love to show off the vocabulary they have developed with this board game. It challenges you to think and stretch your mind more than many other board games do.


Trivial Pursuit Book Lover's Edition

Trivial Pursuit has always been a fantastic board game for book lovers, and so they came out with an edition specific to books. Categories on this new game include Beloved Children's Books, Popular Classics, Favorite Authors, and Book Bag Surprises. There are over 2000 questions that come with the set, so you can give a gift that will bring fun play for a long time!

Video Games for Book Lovers

There are lots of great video games for book lovers, young and old. Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit are always great choices, since much of the trivia in both these games comes from books. You can also find games featuring popular characters like Waldo, which would be great for a young reader.

Literati Challenge

Could you come up with a story in 90 seconds, using words you may not know the meaning of? When you play Literati, you are given five words but you don't get to see the definitions first. Use them correctly in a story and earn points. Can you bluff your way through difficult vocabulary?

Literati Challenge
Literati Challenge

Literati may not be about published books, but it is a great way to share the fun of storytelling and words with people who enjoy reading.


It Was a Dark & Stormy Night

Can you identify the title or author of books based on just the first line? If you can correctly identify eight different books, you win the game! With so many different categories, most avid readers will be able to find lines that they recognize and enjoy.

It Was a Dark & Stormy Night - A Game of First Lines for People Who Love to Read
It Was a Dark & Stormy Night - A Game of First Lines for People Who Love to Read

Although this game is pitched as being for adults that love to read, check out the reviews that it is getting! Older kids and teens also seem to love and request this game (although they may need to stick to specific categories depending on their age).


More Pages on Books

Books make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, and more. I've even given books as gifts for baby showers (The Lorax and Horton Hears a Who are two favorites). If you are looking for gift ideas for book lovers, check out these pages for more great choices:

Ten Must-Have Books On Writing
I have been a writer for as long as I can remember and I am obsessed with books on writing. Needless to say, I have a large collection of books on writing at home! If you know a book lover who is also a writer, think about getting one of these as a gift.

Writing Down The Bones
To me, the most important thing about reading a book on the craft of writing is that it makes me want to pick up a pen or turn on my computer and write. This book, also featured on the previous page, does just that. It isn't about the technical skills you need to write, but about the passion and the practice.

Five Great Books for Graduates
Books make great graduation gifts. There are so many options available, but this selection is five books that I think really fit the transition from one phase of life to another. They might just be the perfect thing to help your loved one.

Dean Young, Contemporary American Poet
Dean Young's experimental, contemporary poetry is thought provoking and unique. His wide variety of influences makes his work challenging and enjoyable! He is one of my favorite contemporary American poets and this page contains many of his best books, plus some of his poems that are available to read online.

Wicked Witch of the West Books, Toys, and Ornaments
For many years, all we knew about the Wicked Witch of the West was what we saw through the perspective of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. But, now she has her very own books to tell her story. The Wicked books have been made into a popular musical, but they started right here. An Oz lover would adore one of these gifts.

More Games for Book Lovers from eBay

Check out new and older editions of these great games for book lovers by shopping on eBay. Just about any game you could want to buy for the book lover in your life can be found on the site (and many of them are available brand new). Check out these current auctions for ideas.

Are you a fan of board games? Or are there video games that fit the category? Share your favorites here, and help others find the perfect gift for their loved ones!

What's your favorite game for book lovers?

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    • mamabrat lm profile image

      mamabrat lm 5 years ago

      Scrabble. While it may not be strictly for book lovers readers definitely have an advantage.

    • profile image

      dellgirl 5 years ago

      Fun Games for Book Lovers is a cool idea. This is a fun lens you have, I love it!

    • profile image

      marsha32 5 years ago


      I love Monopoly and seems I collect different versions.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This is a great idea for this lens. I never would have thought of it. A lot of these games look like fun. We get a new game or two every year for Christmas. Time to get shopping.

    • profile image

      motobidia 5 years ago

      Bookopoly sounds great! I like the idea of building bookstores and libraries instead of houses and hotels. I wonder if would be the most expensive space on the board! :-)

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      I love books AND board games, so having a book-themed board game is perfect. Scrabble is my favorite, because I love words, so am delighted to learn about the 'Book Lovers' version of the game!

    • elyria profile image

      elyria 5 years ago

      I have not heard of these games but they look fun and engaging!

    • youthministry profile image

      Paul Turner 5 years ago from Birmingham, Al.

      Love word games and books games. Super Job.

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 5 years ago from West Virginia

      New ideas to me. Looks like a great idea!

    • BestRatedStuff profile image

      BestRatedStuff 5 years ago

      New to me too,they look like great fun.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Well, I'd never heard of any of these. Fun!