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A Garfield Christmas

Updated on December 13, 2012

A Garfield Christmas Special

Merry Christmas Garfield fans! Here you'll find information on A Garfield Christmas Special, Garfield Christmas cartoons, Garfield Christmas ornaments, Garfield Christmas wallpapers, Garfield xmas, Garfield and Odie Christmas and much more!

Come Celebrate Christmas with Garfield, Odie, Jon and the rest of the Garfield and Friends gang by artist Jim Davis! Have a very merry Christmas!

Garfield Theme Song - Garfield theme

Click the image to the left to listen to the Garfield theme song. You can also download the Garfield theme if you like!

Garfield Odie Christmas Wreath - Odie Garfield Christmas

Garfield Odie Christmas Wreath
Garfield Odie Christmas Wreath

A Garfield Christmas Special Overview

A Garfield Christmas Cartoon

The plot of "A Garfield Christmas" revolves around Garfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle, visiting his extended family to celebrate Christmas. Jon packs up Garfield and Odie and heads down to the family farm for food (Garfield's favorite pasttime is, of course, eating), gifts, and good company.

Garfield and Odie get to meet Jon's father, Jon's brother "Doc Boy" who has a bit of sibling rivalry he struggles with and eccentric, crotchety old Grandma with whom Garfield really connects. Perhaps it's the common bond of cynicism? Or maybe it's just that amazing Christmas dinner Grandma whipped together.

A Garfield Christmas DVD - Garfield Christmas special dvd, Garfield Christmas blu-ray, Garfield Christmas cartoon dvd

Garfield and His Girlfriend Arlene Under Mistletoe - Garfield Arlene Christmas, Garfield Arlene Mistletoe

Garfield and Arlene under the mistletoe
Garfield and Arlene under the mistletoe
Garfield Xmas
Garfield Xmas

A Garfield Christmas Special Review

Garfield Christmas cartoon review

I really, really enjoy watching A Garfield Christmas each year. This holiday special truly resonates with me on several levels. It's great how the characters tend to focus on the "why" behind Christmas, with an emphasis on spending time with loved ones as opposed to getting and receiving gifts. There is an amazing amount of character development for such a simple, short cartoon. Poor Grandma misses her deceased husband and it stings a bit during the holiday season. Jon's brother Doc Boy is a bit immature and Garfield is...well, Garfield.

The animation is a bit dated but that simply adds to the simplicity and charm of the special. Combine the show's unique feel with some noteworthy Christmas songs and you've got a holiday classic. We all likely catch glimpses of our own slightly dysfunctional families in this holiday special. This cartoon classic touches a warm spot in my heart every Christmas season, as I imagine it does with millions of others across the world.

Garfield Christmas Ornaments - Garfield Christmas decorations, Garfield Christmas tree, Garfield ornaments, Odie ornament

Garfield Christmas Tree - Christmas Tree Garfield, Garfield xmas tree

Garfield Christmas Tree
Garfield Christmas Tree

A Garfield Christmas - Cast & Songs

Garfield Christmas cast, Garfield Christmas songs

The voice actors in A Garfield Christmas are as follows:

Lorenzo Music - Garfield

Thom Huge - Jon Arbuckle

Gregg Berger - Odie

Pat Carroll - Grandma

Pat Harrington Jr. - Dad

David L. Lander - Doc Boy

Julie Payne - Mom

The cartoon has some surprisingly good original music, consisting of:

"Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" performed by Lou Rawls

"Can't Wait Till Christmas" performed by Thom Huge and Lorenzo Music

"O Christmas Tree" performed by Pat Carroll

"Christmas in Your Heart" performed by ensemble and Desirée Goyette

"You Can Never Find an Elf When You Need One" performed by Lou Rawls and Desirée Goyette

"A Good Old-Fashioned Christmas" (ending song) performed by ensemble

Garfield Christmas Decorations - Garfield Christmas decor, Garfield Christmas doll, Garfield Christmas stockings, Garfield Christmas wreath

Garfield Christmas on YouTube - Watch Garfield Christmas online free

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Garfield Christmas Wallpapers - Garfield pics, Garfield Christmas backgrounds, Garfield wallpapers, Garfield pictures

Garfield and Odie Christmas
Garfield and Odie Christmas

Comments - Have you ever seen the Garfield Christmas cartoon? Is it one of your favorites?

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    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 5 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Love watching Garfield at Christmas time - and in my Morkie mind he is the orange cat I want to chase the most!

    • Tennyhawk profile image

      Tennyhawk 5 years ago

      I remember recording this back in the 80s. I still have the tape lying around somewhere, but I went ga-ga when I saw the Garfield holiday collection on Amazon. Thanks heavens for whoever is collecting all these beloved shows on DVD.

      Great lens. Thanks.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 6 years ago

      @Gerald McConway: Somewhere in your basement is an eBay goldmine. :)

    • Gerald McConway profile image

      Gerald McConway 6 years ago

      When I was a kid, I used to collect Garfield stuff. Somewhere, deep in my basement, are about 50 boxes packed with figurines, comics, etc..., including a four foot tall old fashioned bell alarm clock!

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Don't tell Garfield but I'm slightly more of a Peanuts fan too! I've written lenses on all of the Peanuts holiday specials. :)

    • TabbyCakes profile image

      TabbyCakes 6 years ago

      Great lens!! I love Garfield!!

    • profile image

      mockingbird999 6 years ago

      Garfield is my favorite cartoon critter!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Truthfully, I have never seen the Garfield Christmas program. I do watch the Charlie Brown specials with my grandkids sometimes and enjoy them greatly-especially when they focus on what Christmas really means instead of just glorifying the gift-giving thing. I watched all the videos and loved them. Thank you for sharing!

    • FanfrelucheHubs profile image

      Nathalie Roy 6 years ago from France (Canadian expat)

      My son's a big fan of Garfield. But we haven't seen the Garfield Christmas Cartoon. Personally I am a fan of Scooby Doo !