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Gargoyles - Halloween

Updated on October 26, 2013

Why Decorate With Gargoyles for Halloween?

Gargoyles are great for Halloween decorating. Although I admit, I have a gargoyle I keep out year 'round right beside my fire place, for "protection" (okay, I like the way he looks). But I have a few more I put out for Halloween, because they can look so spooky. They are such mystical and intriguing figures, I love using them to decorate for Halloween. I hope you enjoy learning more about them here. I already see a few more I want to get for my house. Enjoy!

A Little History

I'm sure you've seen and heard of a gargoyle before. Maybe you are wondering what exactly a gargoyle is and how they came about. A gargoyle is a carved stone statue-type of figure designed to direct water off a rooftop and away from a tall building's foundation. This is accomplished by creating a passageway from the back of the figure through the front with an exit generally in the opening of the gargoyle's mouth. This is important because when rainwater repeatedly runs down brick and mason wall it will gradually erode the mortar between the stone blocks. Gargoyles were generally used on buildings a long time ago, before drain pipes became popular. Architects used gargoyles to help prevent damage caused to buildings by heavy rainstorms. So the purpose of gargoyles was not initially to frighten, but to prevent the wear and tear on historical buildings from damaging rainwater

Did you know?

A gargoyle that does not have a waterspout and it used for aesthetics is often referred to as a grotesque. Architects usually preserve the term gargoyle to refer to those with functional waterspouts and grotesques as non-waterspouts.

Today, Gargoyles are not generally used to preserve building's structures, however, they are perfect for Halloween decorating with their unique features and eery expressions. Any haunted house or decorated home won't be complete without a couple of Gargoyles to stand guard at the entrance or throughout the house.

Learn even more about gargoyles

He's Cute Like a Puppy!

Cathedral of Notre Dame (Paris, France)
Cathedral of Notre Dame (Paris, France)

Gargoyles and Religion

Picture: Cathedral of Notre Dame (Paris, France)

Often gargoyles were used to assist the Church in conveying messages to the common people. Since the majority of people back then could not read, symbols and images were the best way to communicate ideas.

Gargoyles were generally viewed in two ways by the church throughout history. Gargoyles were used as a symbol of protection and thought to scare evil spirits away. Their presence assured church congregates that evil was kept outside of the church's walls. And gargoyles were sometimes used as a representation of evil. They were used to scare people into coming to church, reminding them that the end of the world was near. One of the most well known cathedrals featuring gargoyles is the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

Do You Think Gargoyles Are More for Good or Evil?

This One is Pretty Cool!

Stone Faces

Dress Like a Gargoyle for Halloween

Mashup - Gargoyles (TV Series and Marilyn Mansion)


Gargoyles - What's Your Opinion?

Do you think gargoyles are protectors or evil?

See results

Gargoyles (1972 Movie)

My first memory of a gargoyle is from a movie that my sister and I watched with my mother on the weekends whenever we could. It was a 1972 film aptly titled Gargoyles. It was an absolute favorite movie of mine. It had good special effects for the year it was made and it was so mystical to me. This is a still picture from the movie. Remember, it was 1972!

You can check out this movie below.


For such an old movie, this has great star ratings.


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