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Garland Christmas Lights

Updated on August 24, 2015

Garland and Christmas Lights

Garland Christmas lights are a terrific way to decorate your home, whether inside or outside, and the inclusion of the garland and lights as a one-piece Christmas decoration makes it very simple and easy to put up.

Depending on how long they are, they can be a little bulky, but just lay them out if they're over several feet long and you can handle it very well.

Garland Christmas lights include an amazing array of lights that will fit into almost any Christmas décor theme you want to employ, and they look fantastic.

We have more than one of these and wrap them around the stair spindles, and in a very short time have a great looking Christmas light design displayed in the garland. I really like how they look.

Garland, Pine Cones, Poinsettia and Lights

Garland which includes the pine cones, poinsettias and lights really work good together while creating a festive look for the Christmas holiday, which is a terrific way to get everybody into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Garland with Poinsettia, Pine Cones and Lights

Garland Wrapped on Stair Rails

While I enjoy this garland and lights wrapped around the top and sides of these rails, I would like it even better if they had wrapped the garland around the spindles, as it gives an extraordinary look. Or course you've got to have enough garland to do that.

I wrap the lighted garland around the stair rails and spindles every Christmas and it looks wonderful.

Garland and Lights on Stair Rails

Garland and Lights Around the Fireplace Mantle

Garland and lights were made for a fireplace mantle, and the next three photos show how some people put them together. Another thing that goes with garland is a wreath with lights, as you can see included in the following pictures.

Garland and Lights on Fireplace Mantle

Nice Garland Piece on Fireplace Mantle

Lighted Garland and Wreath

Garland, Lights and Wreath on Entry Door

The next couple photos show how garland and lights work together with Christmas wreaths on the entry doors. If you include the stairs and spindles, fireplace mantle and entry doors, you probably have almost the entirety of where you place Christmas garland and lights.

Both of these door garland decorations look great, and gives some simple and easy ideas on how to set it up at your house.

Garland with Christmas Lights on Entry Door

Wreath with Christmas Lights on Entry Door

Garland and Lights Great Additions to Your Christmas House Décor

As you can see from these photos of garland and lights, they play an important role in the overall Christmas decorations at you house. They add a lot of character to the atmosphere and joy of the season; whether used indoors or outdoors.


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      caroline lee 6 years ago

      will you please send me a brochure by post to me at the following address.

      Caroline Lee



      Via Waterford

      I am particularly in Christmas Gardlands with lights. Will you also include the prices


      Caroline Lee