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The Geek Store - Top Ten Cheap Geeky Gifts under $20

Updated on August 31, 2013

Get your Geek on Right Here!

The definition of a Geek differs slightly between sources and some seem to confuse a Geek with a Nerd.

A Geek, in my opinion, is someone who not only likes a particular thing, he or she is bordering on an obsession! That being said, it isn't bad and almost everyone has a little Geek in them.

Whether you like something strange or just a lof of one object, you can be a Geek. I like mechanical things so I am "Geekily Mechanically Inclined."

This little website has several objects that you can either buy for yourself or for your fellow Geeks. All are intended for the budget-minded and are under $20.00.

Have fun shopping and please don't play with the images!

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Geek: A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest.

Weird Al Yankovic - The Original Nerdy Geek - Dare to be Stupid

Nerdy Geek
Nerdy Geek

On the 13th Day of Christmas, My Geek Love Gave to Me...

When I went to High School, we didn't have Nerds or Geeks. In my school, they were just known as the Chess Club kids.

I was in the Chess Club, but was never considered a Geek. Nowadays, I am probably Geekier than most. Is "Geekier" really a word?

Whether you admit you're a Geek or not, you probably know many Geeks. I know several as I used to work in the computer field. However, Geeks are not limited to computers, many that I know just love gadgets. Remember Inspector Gadget and the saying, "Go Go Gadget Arms?" If you do, you are probably a Geek.

Was MacGyver a Geek? He was probably the biggest Geek on television several decades ago. I still watch those shows as he always does some interesting things that I missed in previous reruns.

Whether you are a Geek or not, you need some Geek Stuff. Hopefully you will find it here!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Are you a Geek?

geeky kid
geeky kid

Do you consider yourself a Geek?

See results

Miracle Frooties Miracle Berry Tablets - Instantly turns sour into sweet!

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets:TEN tablets Yellow Box Miracle Fruit Frooties Miraculin Tablets Large Size Tabs 10 600mg Per Tablet
Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets:TEN tablets Yellow Box Miracle Fruit Frooties Miraculin Tablets Large Size Tabs 10 600mg Per Tablet

This is a really cool new item.

These are berries that are made into tablets. Once you coat your tongue with one, you can put anything in your mouth and it will be sweet. I think I even saw these on Dr. Oz and are good for weight loss. Hey, you can eat lemons and you will think they are candy!

Great fun item and gift!

Kirk vs Picard
Kirk vs Picard

The Great Geek Debate - Kirk vs. Picard - Star Trek at its Finest

Who is your favorite Star Trek Captain and why?

Molecular Model Kit - Create your own chemical substances. Well, not really!

EIN-O's Molecular Models Kit
EIN-O's Molecular Models Kit

If you are planning on nuclear fision, I don't think this is the set to buy.

However, it is fun, especially for the scientifically minded, to build your own chemical substances and these look really cool just sitting around.

Who knows, you may create your own new substance and be honored with a Nobel Prize.


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Magnetic Gallium Substance - A metal that melts in your hand

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Super Magnetic Quicksilver
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Super Magnetic Quicksilver

Gallium is actually a metal but it is so different in composition, it is mold-able and actually melts in your hand!

It is non-toxic and many have used this for magic tricks like the melting spoon.


Magic Rocks Magic Sea Monsters Kit - I remember Sea Monkeys growing up. These are similar.

Magic Rocks Magic Sea Monsters Small Box Kit
Magic Rocks Magic Sea Monsters Small Box Kit

These are the same as the original Sea Monkeys but using the word "Monster" must've been a decision to help these sell.

They are actually very fun and I had them as a child. You can watch them grow and they get larger and reproduce. Despite what you may think, these will live a long time if you take care of them and keep them fed and the water level up.


USB Color Changing Christmas Tree Desk Lamp - Plugs right into your computer and does not need any other power!

JUYO VONSAN® USB Christmas Tree with Color Changing LEDs Desk Lamp Decoration
JUYO VONSAN® USB Christmas Tree with Color Changing LEDs Desk Lamp Decoration

This is an inexpensive little USB light that you can hook into your computer.

It changes colors and doesn't need to be plugged into electricity or use batteries. A fun little trinket for your favorite Geek.

Give this one as a pre-Christmas gift so the Geek can enjoy it before the holidays!


The Ultrapod II Lightweight Camera Tripod - Weighs only 4 ounces!

Pedco UltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod
Pedco UltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod

If you are a photo or camera geek, this little tripod is a must have for those darker or outdoor shots and you can carry this right in your pocket.

Its weight makes this very portable and probably something that many photo Geeks do not have.


The Amazing Melting Clock - Looks like it is melting right off your desk!

Can You Imagine Melting Clock
Can You Imagine Melting Clock

No, the clock is not really melting. However, everyone will think it is.

Put this on your shelf and don't say anything and see if anyone notices. A fun conversation piece and it just looks really cool. Works like a real clock!


The Moving Tin Can Robot Kit - You choose your own can and build it yourself!

4M Tin Can Robot
4M Tin Can Robot

Tired of taking your aluminum cans to the recycling bin? Recycle them differently and make them into robots!

This cute little kit is a way for the science Geek to have their own aluminum can robot!

Yes, it does move around and is a lot of fun!


The Solar Frightened Grasshopper Kit - Put him in the sun and watch him go!

OWI - Frightened Grasshopper Kit - Solar Powered - OWI-MSK670
OWI - Frightened Grasshopper Kit - Solar Powered - OWI-MSK670

If you are in love with solar energy, get this little grasshopper and show others how solar works.

The name says it all. Put it in the sun and watch what it does!


Was this Selection of Geek Gifts Geeky Enough for You? - Please drop a few nano-comments

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