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Geico Costumes for Halloween - Geico Gecko, Cavemen, & Money

Updated on August 27, 2013

Halloween Geico Costumes

Geico has so many funny commercials! I love watching them and I think it'd be fun to dress up as a character from one of their commercials... I haven't decided yet which costume idea I like most - the Geico Gecko, Geico Caveman, or the Geico Money You Could be Saving. You can buy costumes for the gecko and for the caveman, but if I decide to dress up as the money one, I'll have to make my own costume.

On this page I've gathered just about everything I could find having to do with Geico themed Halloween costumes. Enjoy :)

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Vote for your Favorite Geico Costume - Halloween 2011 is Just Around the Corner....

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Not just another Geico Caveman Mask - This caveman has bad hair and bad teeth!

Geico Gecko Halloween Costume for Adults - Great for Halloween Parties, and Having Fun Any Time!

Rasta Imposta Adult Gecko Costume
Rasta Imposta Adult Gecko Costume

This gecko costume has a full body suit, gecko hands and feet, as well as the gecko head.. It's green and tan.

It looks like the perfect gecko costume for an adult.


Gecko Costume for Kids - This is just the headpiece and the gloves...

Child (7-10) Gecko Animal Costume Kit
Child (7-10) Gecko Animal Costume Kit

This isn't the whole costume, so you might want to make a tail and wear a green outfit to match!


Gecko Costume for a Baby - The whole family can dress up in a Geico theme!

Baby Little Gecko Costume 0-6mo
Baby Little Gecko Costume 0-6mo

This costume is for infants and babies, size 6M-18M. It's a one piece suit with a tail. Cute!


How about dressing up as Money with Eyeballs? - Costume Idea: "The Money You Could Save with Geico"

Click the below links to see how people have dressed up as the money they could have saved by switching to Geico! This is from a Geico commercial... A stack of money with eyes. These are very clever homemade DIY costumes.

I can't post the pictures here because of copyright, but here are the links. Check them out!

The Money You Could be Saving with Geico

The Money You Could be Saving with Geico
The Money You Could be Saving with Geico

Videos of Geico Halloween Costumes - Kids, Babies, and Adults Dressing up as Characters from Geico Commercials

Geico Commercials - Watch these commercials might help you with your costume!

Any thoughts on Geico costumes?

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