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Gemmy Inflatable - Where to Buy Gemmy Inflatable Screens, Halloween, Christmas and Airblown Decor

Updated on September 15, 2011

Gemmy Inflatable - Inflatables for All Occasions!

Gemmy Industries is one of the most popular manufacturer of holiday inflatables. If you've been looking with envy at some of your neighbors awesome holiday displays, chances are the air blown decor was made by Gemmy.

They are coming out with more detailed and fun holiday inflatables each year and this coming year is no different.

While they specialize in Christmas inflatables and Halloween inflatables, they also make inflatables for Birthday's, Easter, Thanksgiving and have even gotten around to creating inflatable Halloween costumes you can wear with a small battery pack attached.

See below for their most recent creations to ensure you are the first on your block to own one of these awesome inflatables this holiday season.

Gemmy Inflatable - Inflatable Christmas

Gemmy is well known for their Christmas inflatables and this year is no exception. They have created generalized inflatables and even air blown displays portraying famous characters such as the Peanuts gang and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Thomas the Train has his own holiday display or you can brighten your lawn with large 6 foot air blown ornaments.

Christmas snow globes are another big hit and they even rotate inside their globe for extra appeal.

Click on the blue link next to the item to see larger pictures, descriptions and to find out where to buy these awesome Christmas displays.

Inflatable Halloween

Halloween inflatables are another great seller of Gemmy's. They feature elaborate gateway scenes, cemetery scenes, Grim Reaper displays and so much more!

Homer Simpson has his own Gemmy inflatable and so do a bunch of Ghosts riding in their own hearse. If skeletons on motorcycles is your thing, they have that covered as well.

Gemmy actually makes too many Halloween inflatables than can be listed here. So, if you do not find what you are looking for in the following pictures, simply click on Gemmy Halloween Inflatables to discover even more options.

Gemmy Inflatables - Inflatable Birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter and Other Occasions

Gemmy Inflatables are expanding into other holiday arenas as well. They now have inflatable birthday cakes to celebrate birthday's of all ages, a Turkey for Thanksgiving and even an Easter bunny for Easter!

You no longer need to wait for Halloween or Christmas to have an awesome lawn display!

Inflatable Costumes

Gemmy Inflatables has also starting coming out with popular inflatable costumes that will sure to be the hit at any party or Halloween parade.

Many of these costumes come with built-in fans and battery packs to ensure comfort and "fullness" all night long.

Win your next Halloween Party Costume Contest with one of the unusual costumes listed below

Gemmy Inflatables - Inflatable Screens

Want a creative way to watch movies indoor or out? You can try one of these great Gemmy inflatable screens.

I have to admit, I didn't even know these existed until I did a little research, but what an awesome idea!

I can absolutely picture keeping kids entertained in the summer on a great lawn with some popcorn for a movie or you can even use these screens at annual block parties or yearly family gatherings to show slides and pictures taken the year before! A fun easy way to entertain a lot of people at one time outdoors!


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