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Top 5 Gemstones of Love

Updated on January 11, 2013

Gemstone Symbols of Love

For thousands of years many cultures have revered some special gemstones as symbols of love, commitment and passion. These gems are thought to open, intensify and channel the flow of love's universal energies.

Some of the most commonly known gemstone expressions of love include the ever rose quartz, garnet, moonstone, lapis lazuli and ruby just to name a few.


rose quartz
rose quartz

1. Rose Quartz

Stone Of Gentle Love

Rose quartz is considered the number one love stone and affects the main chakra of the heart. As such it can make you feel loved and give you a greater sense of self-worth. It can bring more love and compassion into your life. This gem can soothe negative energies, help heal a broken heart and bring peace, happiness and loyalty to long-term relationships.

A legend says that Cupid and/or Eros brought pink quartz stones to earth, hoping to spread love, tenderness and passion.

Another myth mentions that after Adonis was attacked by the God of War, Ares, Aphrodite, his lover, came to help, but on her way she was wounded on a thorny bush, when she finally arrived, Adonis had already died. As she knelt by his side, their bloody wounds mixed and covered the white quartz ground, the stained pink rock became known as rose quartz.

A rose quartz heart is a powerful love symbol with which to perform a love ritual. To make love grow or bring fertility use a rose quartz egg.

Placed under a pillow by a married couple it can help deal with problems in the relationship, keep the marriage happy, or if single, attract love into your life.


2. Moonstone

(Lover's Stone):

Myths claim that moonstones are either formed from pieces of the moon or are a moon goddesses tears that froze after a lover's quarrel. This may be why moonstones are thought to help couples reconcile after a fight. In some parts of the world it is said to even reunite parted lovers.

The moonstone is the stone of the Roman Goddess Diane, who relates to fertility and abundance

As the lover's stone, it is said that if you give your lover a moonstone charged under the full moon, your passion and love will last forever.

Known as a stone of both love and fertility, in some cultures it is still commonly given as a token of eternal love for a wedding gift.

The moons intuitive nature gives the moonstone the power to allow lovers to see into their future fortunes (both good and bad).

Wearing a moonstone ring can attract your soul mate, inspire passion, protect your love, or make the wearer faithful.

Moonstone represents 13th anniversaries.

Moon and Tides Moonstone Pendant

The Moon and Tides in Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Made in America Other Gemstones Available
The Moon and Tides in Sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Made in America Other Gemstones Available

Silver is considered to be protective, calming, and to have money-drawing vibrations. It's considered a psychic metal. It is said to enhance and empower psychic abilities within the bearer. Silver as a metal is associated with lunar energies.


3. Ruby

(Stone of Love and Contentment)

Ruby red stones indicate love, passion, devotion, vitality and power.

A ruby engagement ring will highlight sexual passion and a lover's promise of devotion. Ancient lore claims that the ruby can also aide in reconciling a lover's quarrel.

According to legends rubies should not be worn close to the abdominal solar plexus, so ruby necklaces are a perfect gift.

Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand or they could disturb the body's energy balance.

A heart shaped ruby, attracts love when worn over the heart in a red velvet bag filled with seashells.

Ruby represents the 15th, 40th and 80th anniversaries.


4. Garnet

(Stone of Constancy, Passion and Commitment)

The first red garnets resembled the look and color of pomegranate seeds therefore the name garnet is derived from the Latin word "garanatus," meaning "seedlike,". This likeness led to the garnets association with the myth of Hades, Persephone, and the forbidden pomegranate seeds that were mistakenly eaten by Persephone in the underworld. With each pomegranate seed she ate it indebted her to Hades and ultimately she was forced to make an eternal promise to remain loyally by his side for half of every year.

Soon the garnet came to represent eternity, love, passion, faith, truth, grace, sincerity, loyalty and fidelity.

To attract a lover, wear a heart shaped garnet in a red velvet charm bag over your heart.

The garnet is the gem of the 2nd, 6th and 19th anniversaries

Garnet Heart Pendant

6MM Heart Shape Garnet Pendant .925 Sterling Silver With Chain
6MM Heart Shape Garnet Pendant .925 Sterling Silver With Chain

This is a beautiful 1.30 ct Heart Cut Garnet Pendant. The Garnet is I1-I2 Clarity and Red Color. The pendant is made in .925 Sterling Silver. An 18" Chain is attached with the pendant. The width of the pendant is 21 mm and the length is 17 mm. The stone is Natural.


5. Lapis Lazuli

(Stone of Fidelity, Friendship and Truth)

Lapis helps one to be more kind, helpful and spiritually attuned. It is used to call love and is often used for love spells. According to the Romans it was a potent aphrodisiac.

Lapis is the gem of 7th and 9th anniversaries.

The Light of Love

" Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame. "

~Henry David Thoreau

Stones of Love

BestAmulets Amulet Rose Quartz Butterfly Gemstone Carving Healing and Love Powers Pocket or Desk Totem Good Luck Charm with Pouch
BestAmulets Amulet Rose Quartz Butterfly Gemstone Carving Healing and Love Powers Pocket or Desk Totem Good Luck Charm with Pouch

This is Very Special and Individual Lucky Butterfly Gemstone Carving made from Genuine and Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone. This LUCKY Figurine is Love Amulet and Brings Good Luck and Healing Powers.

Long Stem Dipped 24K Gold Trim Silver Moonstone Genuine Rose in Gold Gift Box
Long Stem Dipped 24K Gold Trim Silver Moonstone Genuine Rose in Gold Gift Box

These beautiful real roses are hand-picked then treated through a very delicate electroform process to protect and preserve their natural beauty. Each one is then individually dipped in 24k gold. Packaged in a lovely gift box, these unique, natural flowers create a gift that will be treasured for years to come.


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      Nice lens! I never knew about the gemstones.


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