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Give Jagermeiser to your Host or Hostess during the Holidays

Updated on September 4, 2013

Jagermeister, the Herbal Liquor and Housewarming Gift from Germany

As a military member that was stationed in Germany, I learned a bit of culture. Some of this culture was learned from the Germans themselves, and some was from the military families stationed there.

While I didn't pick up the German fashion of wearing tube socks with my sandals, one of the cultural items I learned was about giving Jagermeister to either a host or hostess at parties or housewarmings.

I drank this fine liquor in Germany and it is available in the United States and it was quite delicious and rich.

My suggestion, especially for the holidays, is to give it as a housewarming gift or to that host or hostess that brought you in from the cold to share a turkey or ham this holiday season.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

purple star
purple star

The Original Jagermeister

Jagermeister Liqueur 70@ 1.75L
Jagermeister Liqueur 70@ 1.75L

This is the original Jagermeister in the original bottle.

I have owned several sizes and it really doesn't spoil; so the best thing is to get the size that is the best discount. Especially if you plan to keep it for future use. The other sizes are available below on this website.

Even if is not consumed, it makes a rather attractive display piece, but please, leave it out of the reach of children!

Irish Pub
Irish Pub

Happy Holidays!

Jagermeister is a herbal liquor that has been around since 1934.

It was originally created as an aid for cough and digestion but quickly developed into a famous drink.

Ir has a very smooth composition. It reminds me of black licorice but it does also have a little herbal zing. I remember it being very warming and good when you have a cold or are in the dead of Winter.

During the holidays, it is given as a gift to many and also sent to other countries. Soldiers usually had a bottle in their cabinet and would greet guests with a shot.

It became very popular at housewarmings to give to the kind host or hostess of any event. Since almost everyone in Germany had it in their cabinets, it was always welcome and you never had enough.

I still give a bottle as a gift here in the United States and doing so, I give that tradition to others to celebrate.

I hope you enjoy this website and give some to family or friends this holiday season!

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Jagermeister can be translated from German directly as "Hunter Master."

Masters in Germany are professional people.

Some also translate it into what we know as a "game warden".

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The Jagermeister Jager Stag Head Pouring Tool

Could Jagermeister actually be Healthy?

One serving has 56 herbs and spices and only 103 calories. Do you think it is healthy for you?

A Gift of Fine Liquor

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