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Get a Picture of Santa in Your House

Updated on December 26, 2013

Picture of Santa in Your House Will Keep Kids Believing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to a picture of Santa in your house, this type of evidence is priceless. For years, the mysterious red-suited figure has defied attempts to capture him actually delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. He never arrives until everyone is asleep. Maybe your kids are among those who have attempted to catch Santa in the act without success, but now you can show your kids that Santa really exists, and you can prove it with a picture of Santa in your house.

(Photo by Lisa Howard via I Caught Santa)

You don't need to be a super sleuth or a techno geek to get a picture of Santa in your house. You don't even need to stay up all night listening for sleigh bells. All you need is a digital camera and the ability to upload a photo. Of course, your kids will still need to go to sleep early on Christmas Eve because we all know Santa's magic doesn't work if anyone is awake in the house (wink, wink). So send the kids off to bed and I'll tell you the secret.

Ready? Ok, now that the kiddies are in bed (or at school or a friend's house or simply away from your computer because you don't actually need to wait until Christmas Eve to do this), you'll need to take a photo of the room in your house where Santa will be delivering presents. Remember that Santa comes at night, so you might want to leave on only one light in the room and use a fast ISO on your camera to prevent blur. Take several shots of the room from different angles, trying to keep in mind that Santa is going to need to fit in the picture. Now go upload your images to your computer and then go to Capture the Magic.

This fun website makes it easy for anyone to get a picture of Santa in your house. You simply upload your photo, choose from several images of Santa, and adjust the size, color and brightness until your photo looks realistic.Then make your payment and you'll be able to print a picture of Santa in the act. When your kids wake up, you can tell them the story of catching Santa Claus in the middle of the night. Or for more fun, you could leave the photo with the stocking stuffers with a note from Santa saying something like "Thanks for the cookies!" and sign it Santa Claus. There are plenty of ways to have fun with a picture of Santa in your house. You might even find yourself believing in Santa again.

My Picture of Santa in Our House - Yes, I caught Santa in the act

picture of santa in your house
picture of santa in your house

This is the photo I created of Santa in our house. My daughter loved it. Having our dog Garbo in the photo made it even more fun!

Another fun way to keep your kids believing in St. Nick is to catch a video of Santa in your house. Yes, a video!

Through a very similar process as the one described, you can also create a video of Santa in your home. You upload the photo, select from several video clips of Santa in action and will do the rest. Your kids will be amazed!

Catching Santa in your house is fun, but kids also like to hear from Santa Claus. If you'd like to send your child a letter from Santa Claus this year, check out some of the options for creating a printable Santa letter from home. You'll still get great quality, but you'll save time and money with these sites:

Santa Letter - offers printable templates available as Microsoft Word downloads. Each letter comes with multiple text options and two envelope designs, so you can use your template to create letters for multiple kids without duplication.

Free Letter from Santa - offers free, low-resolution letters from Santa or high-resolution letters with a Nice List certificate and an envelope for a fee. Letters are delivered as .pdf downloads.

Free Santa - offers free low-resolution letters from Santa Claus or high-resolution letters with an envelope for a small fee. Letters are sent via an email link to download a .pdf file.

Letters to Kids from - offers personalized letters from Santa Claus and photo-personalized Nice List certificates that can both be printed from home. Letters, certificates and envelopes are saved as .pdf files and delivered via an email link.

Have You Caught a Picture of Santa In Your House?

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