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Get Him What YOU Want for Valentines Day

Updated on April 26, 2014

The Selfish Woman's Guide to Buying A Valentine's Gift for her Man

I was brought up to believe Valentine's Day was a time a man bought his wife or girlfriend flowers and chocolates as a sign of appreciation. Somewhere along the way, times changed and the woman was expected to buy a gift in return. This never really sat well with the females in my family, so Valentine's Day became the time when you gave him something you actually wanted for the house.

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Gift cards for the hardware/home improvement store

Buy him a gift card. You then "suggest" he use it to get the things he needs to put up that shelf you asked for in the laundry or a roller blind for the window in your computer nook. Alternatively you might want something painted or perhaps some new door handles. I'm sure you all have your own list. Perhaps he couldn't fix something for you because he didn't have a thingummyjiggy tool. Well now he can get one and you can find lots of things he can use it on. If he's not into online shopping then an Amazon gift card would be a good gift, as you know you will be the one that ends up using it.


If you didn't like the shirt/trousers/tie/whatever that he wore last time you went out for dinner or to the movies, then get him something you would like to see him wear. Next time he asks "Where is my ?" you can tell him it got sent to the charity bin as you knew he wouldn't need it again after you bought him such a lovely new one for Valentine's Day.

Things for the Garden

There are lots of beautiful pots, plants, fountains and gardening equipment to make your house and garden look nicer. If you would like to eat home grown veggies then get him a selection of seedlings of the things you want. If you decide you want fresh eggs too, then why not get him a kit to build a small henhouse.

Something for the Car

If you use the car yourself and really want those lambswool seat covers, snazzy steering wheel cover, floor mats or whatever, then now is the time. It will make a lovely present for him. If you're not a good navigator then a GPS can be great too.


Have you wanted a dog, cat or other animal for a while? Has he said he doesn't want one because it will tie you down? Just think what an adorable Valentine's present that cute kitten or puppy or older pet will look like with a big red bow tied around its neck. Even better maybe get two pets so they can keep each other company. Don't forget it/they will need feeding bowls and a pet bed too, but perhaps you can go out later and buy those together.

Hopefully this has set you on the right path to getting a Valentine's Day present for your man. Try and convince him the present was something he needed. Think deviously and have fun!

If these ideas aren't to your taste then go to the Amazon search box at the bottom of the page and find something you think is more suitable.

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Such a fun lens.

    • afropages lm profile image

      afropages lm 4 years ago

      I wouldn't mind getting a gift on Valentines day! We are not into Valentine but we like gifts so we can give them any day all year round!

    • mrknowitall54321 profile image

      mrknowitall54321 4 years ago

      Great article, i like it.

    • mrknowitall54321 profile image

      mrknowitall54321 4 years ago

      Great article, i like it.

    • profile image

      mecheshier 4 years ago

      Fabulous lens. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for the tips

    • DeborahDian profile image

      Deborah Carr 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      Hilarious! I love these ideas for Valentine's Day.

    • Squidpress profile image

      Squidpress 4 years ago

      Hilarious article :) These ugly modern times..