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Ghost Catchers Halloween Party

Updated on September 26, 2013

Calling All Paranormal Investigators. It's Halloween and the ghosts are on the loose! It's time to round them up at the Ghost Catcher Party!

Everything you need to know to throw this party for your 8 to 10 year old, from decorating to refreshments, is right here in this lens. There are instructions to have a ghost hunt where kids can actually catch a ghost, and details for ghostly games, activities, and crafts.

Have your child help with the preparations, including writing out the invitations. Many of the crafts, games, and activities can be prepped days before the party. With a ghost hunt at the end of the night future paranormal investigators will agree that this party is a ghostly good time.

My Ghostly Image.



For the invitation draw a simple ghost shape on cardboard, and then trace it onto plain white paper. Use a fine line black pen to outline the ghost, draw circles for eyes and mouth, and write out the invitation on the ghost's body. The writing shouldn't be perfect because you want it to look ghostly. If you want the invitation to look spookier, write the letters with wavy lines, thick and thin lines, or slant the letters.

Fold the ghost in three so the head is looking up at you. Place the ghost in an envelope with the head up to be seen first when the flap is opened. When the ghost is taken out of the envelope, it unfolds like an accordion.

Here's a sample of a ghost invitation I made.



The best part about this party is that it needs very little decoration. If you want more decorations, then by all means, go crazy. Purchase ghost window clings and ghost windsocks to hang around the room.

Choose a room in which the ghost hunt will take place. This room should be closed off to guests until it is time to do the ghost hunt. I'll tell you more about this room later in this lens.

Decide where the main part of the party will take place. This area should be large enough to have tables for food and beverages, a table to do crafts and enough space to play games. Decorate the area with white streamers, white balloons, and white pumpkins. If you wish, use a soft tip black magic marker to make ghost faces on the balloons and pumpkins. You can also carve the pumpkins and put battery-operated candles inside.

Cover the tables with black plastic table coverings from a discount store. Pick up fluorescent markers and draw eyes on plain white paper. Make them creepy-looking. Cut them out and tape them to the table coverings or hang them from chandeliers with fishing line. Use white plastic or paper cups, plates, and napkins for refreshments.

Here is my version of spooky eyes.

Let your kids create floating ghosts using old plastic round pails, sheets and rubber bands.

Let your kids create floating ghosts using old plastic round pails, sheets and rubber bands.
Let your kids create floating ghosts using old plastic round pails, sheets and rubber bands.

Ghost Catcher Packs

Ghost Catcher Packs

Every good ghost catcher needs a tool pack. For each pack you will need:

1 white paper bag with handles

1 pen light or mini flashlight

1 or 2 glow-in-the-dark necklaces

These items can be found in bulk packages at discount stores or online. The packs will be used in the ghost hunt to catch ghosts, so the bags should be a good size, but not gigantic.

When guests arrive have them write their names on their packs. They can also decorate the bags with ghost stickers or write slogans like "Ghosts Fear Me," "I'm not afraid of ghosts," "Somebody's watching me," or "I believe in Ghosts."


Ghostly Games and Activities

Moaning Ghost Race

Give each guest a white balloon. Have the guests draw ghost faces on the balloon with a soft tip black marker or write their names on the balloon. When everyone has his or her balloon marked, have guests stand side by side in a straight line at one end of the room. Tell the guests to blow up their balloons, but don't tie it off. Hold the end of the balloon tightly until all guests have blown up their balloons.

On the count of three, all guests release their balloons. The releasing air will sound like moaning or shrieking as the balloons fly across the room. The balloon that goes the furthest is the winner. Play a few times and hand out candy prizes or ghost stickers.

Sleepy Ghost

Before the party, draw a ghost about the size of your hand for each guest on plain, white paper and cut it out.

Give each guest a paper ghost and a shallow dish of water. Have guests fold the ghost arms in toward the body, then fold the head. Next, guests should lay the ghost in the "water bed" and then say, "Wake up, ghost. It's time to rise." Slowly the ghost will lift its head and open its arms.

Ghost Watching

Before the party, draw a ghost shape on black paper and cut it out. Cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. Glue it onto a sheet of white paper.

During the party, have guests stare at the ghost while you count slowly to 35. Then have guests look at a light colored wall. In a few seconds a ghost will appear there-a white ghost. As guests watch it will slowly float across the room. When the ghost disappears, tell guests to blink their eyes quickly. The ghost will briefly return.

Pass the Ghost

This is similar to musical chairs. Before the party, draw a ghost on a plain, white sheet of paper. Tape it to another sheet of plain, white paper and cut the ghost out. Now you have the front and back of the ghost. Use invisible tape to secure all but one side of the ghost. Stuff the ghost with tissues or toilet paper and seal the open side. Instead of making the ghost, you can buy a white bean bag and use a laundry marker to make eyes and a mouth.

Have guests stand in a circle and play spooky music as they pass the ghost around. When the music stops, whoever has the ghost is out. The last player without the ghost wins.

Ghost Story

Do you remember playing Mad Libs when you were a kid? This is the same thing only with a ghost story. The story has blanks under which is the type of word needed.

As guests are enjoying their refreshments, go around the room and ask them for the next word under the blank line; verb, noun, adjective, etc. When all the blanks are filled in, read the ghost story. Will it be spooky or silly?

Below is a sample story I made up with 18 blank lines. You should have at least one blank line per guest so everyone can contribute a word to the story. You can extend my story if you have more guests, or make up your own.

It was a_______ and ________ night. Mr. Worry left his _______ to go to _______ to get

Adjective adjective noun noun

_______. On his way he met _______who was a _______. ________snarled and

noun name noun name

________ at _________. Mr. Worry ________across the ________. He only _______ a

verb pronoun verb noun adverb

short way when he ________ a ghost. "I will ________ you," said the ghost.

verb verb

Mr. Worry _______and _______all the way _______.

Verb verb noun

My sleepy ghost has risen.


Ghostly Crafts

Have guests make a couple of easy crafts to take home in their Ghost Catcher Packs.

Ghost Catcher Glow-In-The-Dark Glasses

Ghost Catchers need a little help seeing in the dark. This simple craft will let them make their own spooktacular glasses.

You will need:

Large paper plates, cut in half

Flexible straws

Magic Markers

Glow-in-the-dark paint

Sticky tape or duct tape

Safety scissors


Halloween stickers

Give each Ghost Catcher a half paper plate, a pencil, and a pair of safety scissors. On the round edge of the plate, draw a small triangle. Follow the curve of the round edge of the plate to draw two eye holes. Cut out the eye holes and the triangle. The triangle notch will fit over the nose. If you want to make this craft go faster, cut out the eyes and nose notch ahead of time.

Ghost Catchers should write their name in pencil on the inside of the glasses. Use markers to color the glasses if they wish. Then use glow-in-the-dark paint to make designs, swirls, or shapes on the glasses. Set aside to dry for a few minutes.

Give each Ghost Catcher two flexible straws. Have them bend the flexi part to fit around their ears. Once the paint has dried, attach the none-flexi side to the glasses using sticky tape or duct tape. Wear the glasses during the hunt.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Necklace

You will need

White foam sheets, cut into quarters

Ghost templates

Glow-in-the-dark paint

Safety scissors


Hole punch

Black or orange ribbon, about 1 arms length for each Ghost Catcher

Give each Ghost Catcher a quarter of the foam sheet, a pen, and a ghost template. Trace around the ghost template then cut the foam ghost out with safety scissors. Punch a hole in the top of the ghost's head. Pull the ends of the ribbon through the hole, but leave the loop sticking out from the other side. Bring the ribbon ends through the loop and pull up until loop is tight against ghost's head. Tie the ends of the ribbon.

Then use the glow-in-the-dark paint to outline the ghost and add circles for eyes and a mouth. Let paint dry before wearing.

My nephew decorated his Ghost Catcher glasses with colorful ghosts.


Ghostly Refreshments

Your refreshments should reflect the ghost theme. Here are some clever beverage ideas.

*Ghost Juice is white grape juice.

*Bubbling Apple Drink is apple juice mixed with ginger ale.

*For Ectoplasm drink, freeze green colored chocolate chips and place in the bottom of each glass, then fill the glasses with lemon lime soda. See what happens.

*For Phantom Floats fill each glass halfway with regular grape juice. Add a scoop of lime sherbet. Add ginger ale until the glass is almost full. Stir carefully to mix ingredients. Top with a little whipped topping.

Here are some ghostly food ideas.

*Banana Ghosts- cut bananas in half and spear them onto a wood skewer. Dip the bananas lightly in melted white chocolate. Add two mini chocolate chips for eyes. Freeze for 25 minutes.

*For S'more Ghosts you will need pretzel sticks, large marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Gently insert a pretzel stick into the marshmallow. Crush the graham crackers into little pieces. Melt the chocolate. Dip one end of a toothpick into the chocolate and dot eyes and mouths on the marshmallows near the pretzel stick. Dip the bottom of the marshmallows into the melted chocolate and roll in the crushed graham crackers. Place the marshmallows, chocolate dipped side down, on a tray covered with waxed paper and place in the fridge until the chocolate sets.

*Make Popcorn Ghosts like you would make rice cereal marshmallow treats, substituting 10 cups of popped popcorn, not microwave popcorn, for the rice cereal. Once you mix all the ingredients together, lightly grease your hands with butter, and divide popcorn into 10 parts. Form ghost shapes, triangular shapes with rounded tops or just form balls. Press mini chocolate chips into the popcorn for eyes.

*For Sandwich Ghosts, cut ghost shapes out of slices of white bread with a ghost shaped cookie cutter. Spread peanut butter and jelly on one slice of ghost bread and top with another slice of ghost bread. You can also do other fillings like deviled ham, chicken salad, egg salad, or cheese.

*For Ghost Eyes, use the seeds from carved pumpkins. Wash in a strainer, removing all pumpkin pulp. Spread out on a towel and allow to dry for 1 hour. Peel seeds off the towel and put them into a bowl. Toss pumpkin seeds in 1 tablespoon of melted butter, a dash of Worcestershire sauce or mild hot sauce if you desire, and salt to taste. Spread out in a glass, oblong casserole dish and roast in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes or until they are lightly browned.

Pictured are s'more ghosts. Don't they look yummy? (They were!)


The Ghost Hunt

Here is the highlight of the party. It should be the last thing your guests do before the party ends. The ghost hunt is similar to an Easter Egg hunt. Only your guests are hunting for ghosts-in the dark.

Prepare the room before the party. Replace regular light bulbs with black light bulbs found in a Halloween store. Keep the room semi-dark, using only 2 or 3 black lights. You can also put some battery-operated tea lights around. Hide ghosts around the room. Hide them behind books or videos, under furniture, in corners, behind lamps, in plant pots, anywhere a ghost can fit. Remove anything that is valuable or breakable.

Ghosts are simple to make. You will need a variety of lollipops such as Blow-pops, Tootsie-pops, and flavored lollipops. The pops should all be round balls on sticks, not flat pops. You can also use candy sticks topped with a small Styrofoam ball, Halloween pencils topped with a small Styrofoam ball, white chocolate ghosts, ghost cookie pops, or ghost cake pops.

For the ghost part, pick up scrap white material at a craft store or packages of tulle in the wedding section of a discount store. You can also use white tissue paper. Cover the lollipops, pencils, and candy sticks with the white fabric, and then tie orange or black yarn or ribbon underneath the pop or ball to form a head. Use markers to make eyes and mouths. Let the rest of the fabric “float” around the stick.

After you prep the room, close the door and put a sign on the door that says “Keep Out” or “Forbidden” or “Do Not Enter, Employees Only.” When you are ready to have the hunt, slip inside the room and turn on the black lights and tea lights. Then return to the party and gather the Ghost Catchers.

Before entering the room for the ghost hunt, explain to your guests that their mission is to find and “catch” as many ghosts as they can. Tell them they must be careful hunting in the dark so the ghosts don’t disappear. When they find a ghost, they “catch” it and place it in their Ghost Hunter Pack.

Then have all guests activate their glow necklaces, put on their Ghost Catcher glasses, and turn on their flashlights. Open the room and take them inside to begin the hunt. You can time the hunt or let the Ghost Catchers work until all the ghosts are found. Guests keep the ghosts they find and take them home.

This photo was shared on Flicker.

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