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Spooky Ghost Music for Halloween and Other Scary Occasions

Updated on November 13, 2015

Ghost Rider


Creepy Ghostly Music for Halloween and Other Scary Occasions

There is nothing like music to set a scene. Film makers use it all the time to enhance and control the feeling and the mood of their scene. Ghostly music can be used for many different things; just to listen to, to write creepy scenes to or to use in your Halloween design to add to the suspense of the night.

Ghostly Tunnel Where Strange Sounds Linger


The light of day dims into darkness colours fade into black and grey shadows merge. Chill granite beneath my body. I watch the buildings turn black. The wind whispers through the dead grass.


Voices moan upon the night breeze, cries of whispers past. A chorus of death echo's the night. Discordant music chills the soul.

There is just something really eerie about this music. I don't know for certain that it is meant to be ghosts but it always evokes feelings of being in deserted haunted places at night alone except for the glimpses of spirits.

Halloween Music

This is seriously creepy. This is far too creepy for me to listen to. Go ahead listen, I DARE you!

Ghosts Llewellyn

Ghost House


Ghost Rider Music

Ambient ghost music -- Wendover Woods Under Snow

Feel the slighted touch upon your exposed neck. You are alone, yet you sense you are not. Slowly you turn. There is nothing - no one. The branches sway slightly, snow drips onto the ground causing you to glance down. Now you know for sure - you are not alone. Deep crisp footprints lead into the trees....

Creepy Music

Winters death arises, the world descends into chaos and fear. Buildings tumble ground ward. Powers descend into darkness - death is near. All is noise and chaos, then all is silence. I fear I am alone.

I sit in silence, rubble surrounds me. Dust clings to my damp skin. Blood stains my tattered jeans. I cower beneath empty buildings, alone. My cheek is wet. Something drips down. I brush it aside and blow my hair form my eyes. All is still. Not a bird in the skies, not an animal nor man cries. All is dead and death surrounds.

My cheek is wet again, I frown wiping the dampness away. I look down. It is not clear water upon my dusty hand but red. I look to the building above. Eyes look down. Now for the first time since the silence began I wish I were alone.

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    • Ahdilarum profile image


      6 years ago

      Scary Hallowean lens..


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