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G.I. Joe - One Of The Best Toys Ever

Updated on October 24, 2014

G.I. Joe - One Of My Favorite Toys Growing Up

G.I. Joe action figures! They were some of my favorite toys I played with, when I was a kid. I used to spend hours and hours playing with them - having them fight and just all around role playing fun! They're your basic good guys versus bad guys toys. As well as all the characters & figurines, you can buy a lot of add-ons for them too - weapons, vehicles, buildings.....etc.

I still have a couple of my G.I. Joe Guys left but I don't think any of them are worth a fortune like some of the old ones are, on eBay. That would be your best avenue in finding some expensive collectibles, on eBay!

Everything on this page is G.I. Joe related! The history of the action figures, the company, the movies, the cartoons, my history of them all - memories and so on. I hope you enjoy reading it all!

*That's a really old picture of me hoping for G.I. Joe action figures for Christmas, back in the 80's!

The History Of G.I. Joe Action Figures

G.I. Joe products are made by the toy company Hasbro. Hasbro has been making toys since the 1940s, with their first hit toy being Mr. Potato Head. G.I. Joe actions figures were first introduced to the public in 1964. They were coined "action figures" because boys wouldn't play with them if they were called dolls, because dolls are for girls lol, unless you're into dolls, then all the power to you.

To read more about G.I. Joe: Image Source: G.I.Joe Wikipedia

As time went on, they continued to keep updating and perfecting G.I. Joe action figures, while keeping generally to the same original framework. In 1982, at Marvel's suggestion, they introduced the bad guys into the mix, Cobra! Hasbro also added vehicles, weapons & a lot of fun stuff. G.I. Joe's versus Cobra! Good vs. Evil! Cobras are terrorists, they seek world domination and anarchy. It's the Joe's that have to stop them!

To read more about Hasbro click here: Hasbro: Wikipedia

Hasbro Products

The same people who make G.I. Joe's make many other great toys you know and love! Hasbro makes "Uno" "Jenga" and more!

Hasbro Game - Jenga
Hasbro Game - Jenga

When you're a kid you can incorporate other toys into your gameplay. Jenga pieces are a great idea to use for structures when you're playing with GI Joes.


Go Joe!

Did You Play With G.I. Joe Action Figures Growing Up?

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One of My Favorite Toys Of All Time! - My History Of Playing With G.I. Joe Action Figures

*That photo was taken by me, of some of my last remaining G. I. Joe action figures from my youth.

I spent countless hours playing with G.I. Joe guys when I was growing up, I referred to them as G.I. Joe guys. Pretty much every other toy I had would be something I would do in between playing with my G.I. Joe guys. My brother, who is 1 year older than me, & I would play together sometimes, but for the most part we played separately due to sibling rivalry.

We'd each want to do our own thing and there would eventually be a conflict.

In all honesty, we would both take turns with what the other wanted to do and in my view it seemed like I did more of what he wanted to do. Over all it worked out where we would just do our own thing and then visit the other to see what they were up to, no matter the toys or games we were playing with.

*That picture is of my oldest brother, 7 years older than me, being surprised while opening a G.I. Joe Christmas present, lol! That picture is from sometime in the late 70's early 80's. Also, check out the retro Star Wars AT-AT Walker next to the present he's opening....

I loved playing with my G.I. Joe guys, making them do flips, shooting their guns and trying to stop those dastardly ne'er do well Cobras! I had so many vehicles, guns, buildings & accessories. There was just so much to do with them. I didn't have as much stuff as the actor Fred Savage's character, in the movie "The Boy Who Could Fly," but I had my share.

I still own a few of the action figures to this day. Sadly, a lot of them, & their accessories, have fallen through the cracks of time and have been misplaced and lost forever. I only have about 6 guys left and their weapons are sparingly. They'll have to just fight hand to hand or pick up their fallen comrades weapons.

*That's my brother playing with his G.I. Joe toys. I don't have any pictures of me playing with my G.I. Joe's :( Thankfully my brother let me use pictures of him, playing with his. *That base, on the right, and the hovercraft vehicle, on his left, were awesome!

G.I. Joe Action Figures

G.I. Joe Guys are still being made, especially since the new movies are kicking more interest into them. I'm sure they still would've kept making them even if the movies weren't happening.

How To Fix A Broken G.I. Joe Action Figure

Cord Broke In G.I. Joe Guy

Over time, the action figure's inside cords can break, rendering them toast! The only thing you could do is use a rubber band to repair that. The black cord inside is what holds them together, otherwise they're split into 2 halves and can't be used, except for a battlefield wasteland setting. Maybe a guy who's been blown up by a tank or chopped in half by a sword wielding foe, strewn about the landscape.

*That's a picture I took of the inner cord of a G.I. Joe action figure.

G.I. Joe Costumes

Take a break from playing with your G.I. Joe toys and put on a costume of your favorite character and play that way too!

G.I. Joe Movies & Cartoons

I've watched the first G.I. Joe movie that came out in 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It made me think back to all the times I played with my G.I. Joe Guys. I'm looking forward to next year's sequel, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

I can also remember watching the cartoon of G.I. Joe but I didn't watch it as much. It was pretty cool but I didn't really have time to watch it.

Also, I was disappointed that no characters ever died in the show, ever! lol It didn't fall into the regular way life goes, with war & fighting scenarios. I understand it's a kids show and that you don't want to teach a kid about death from there and that you want to respect a parent's choice on when and how to have their children cope with death.

At the same time though, the cartoon is semi-teaching kids that with all the guns & weapons & explosions, that no one ever gets killed or badly hurt. That everyone makes it out alive and can comeback to fight another day. But it's true too, you don't want to ruin a kid's childhood by making everything so serious right out of the gate. They need to have fun & enjoy themselves as they learn..... while it lasts, because once you get older you won't be playing in those ways, as much as you used to.

Did You Watch The First G.I. Joe Movie?

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G.I. Joe Movie & Cartoons

All the cartoons and even the newest movie, from a couple years ago, are available to watch again and again!

Yo Joe!

G.I. Joe Collectibles

To find the best G.I. Joe toys and collectibles you would need to check eBay! You can find the rarest and most expensive G.I. Joe Guys on there! Specialty pieces and collector's items are pretty pricey so how bad do you want that old, classic, retro toy?

The Legacy Of Playing With G.I. Joe Guys

I played with G.I. Joe guys up until I was about 12 or 13, which is really late! I had to keep that a secret from my friends because if word got out, then I would've been looked at as uncool LoL! I did let my closest friend know and as far as I know, he never told anyone!

G.I. Joe Guys were, by far, some of the greatest toys I ever played with. If I ever have a son, I will most definitely be buying him some and maybe even give him my old ones. My nephew is turning 4 soon and I'll see about getting him some. At this time, he's mostly into trains and loves playing with matchbox cars(another set of favorite toys I loved playing with from my childhood).

Interrogating Your Action Figures!

Grilling Them With Questions

I can remember when i was about 13 or 14 I went to hang out at a kids house for the first time. He had a wide variety of cool stuff to play with. Mostly dangerous toys.... BB & Pellet guns, fireworks, etc. While hanging out & exploring his backyard, I came across a barbecue grill that had some action figures on it. He had been playing with them and using interrogation methods. hahaha!!! Burning them on the grill.

It peaked my curiosity, I wondered what happened if they were burned, did they melt, did they withstand the heat? Now, don't get me wrong I don't believe in torturing a person or an animal. I think if feelings get the best of you and a bad guy has information about something that's vital, like about someone's well being, if someone has been kidnapped or etc. then maybe by all means get out the car battery, pliers and let's get to it. But I was curious about the general physics of it, what happens if the G.I. Joe guys were burned......

Well, the results are.... they don't really melt, they semi-melt, they mostly blacken and give off a black stream of smoke and smell like burning plastic, whilst dripping tiny bits of their peach colored fake flesh down into the charcoal area and sticking their bodies to the grill. It was a one and done. Now that I had learned what the reaction was, we moved back to shooting soda cans with our bb guns.

Image Source

Playing With Fire

Image Source

About 3 or so years later, that kids house burned down! At that time, I wasn't hanging around with him so I'm unsure what caused it & I didn't get the scoop. I wonder if it was his chain smoking mother's fault or fireworks...maybe an accident by means of a candle, electrical wiring? Or maybe just maybe! The tortured soldiers or their buddies had their revenge, lol.

On a serious note, he and his family were safe, I know that much. But I'm unsure about their cats. It's always sad to hear about animals not making it out of a fire. Housefires are just an all around major tragedy! You lose everything you own! But in the grand scheme of everything, property can be replaced, life cannot! Also, The Red Cross does a phenomenal job helping displaced families get help. Make sure if you ever donate money, to not over look them. Even if they are a widely & well known charity organization, it doesn't mean they have a constant flow of money & support.

Fire Safety

It's best to be prepared for a fire! They can happen without notice! Make sure to check your smoke detectors monthly! Here are some important items you might want to check out. Fire ladders to get out your 2nd story window to safety. Fire boxes for all your valuables to stay safe. Don't forget a fire extinguisher! Remember, to properly use a fire extinguisher, you spray the contents at the base of the fire!

What Was Your Favorite Toy From Your Childhood?

Did You Or Anyone You Know Play With G.I. Joe's?

Any Thoughts?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      G. I. Joe toys were not a part of my youth, and I don't recall my boys having any. But, I have a cousin that was into collecting toys along these lines. If I remember right he had an outfit he wore too. :)

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      They were not around when I was a kid. We had to use our imagination a little more. We still pretended to be cowboys and military guys, but no G.I. Joe.

    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @AlleyCatLane: Yeah, I wish I had collected them or held onto them better. Old toys and cards end up being hugely sought after! My dad can remember using a Mickey Mantle card taped to his bike tire to make a motorcycle noise, lol. There goes a small fortune! One of my brothers is a huge fan of Star Wars and he has so many packaged figures, toys & collectibles! His kids are gonna make a fortune off those or if he sells them, himself, someday. Much like Steve Carrells character in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" lol And, yes, the same goes for Barbie Dolls! They definitely are the girls version of boys G.I. Joe's and vice versa. Thanks for checking it out! Best Wishes!

    • profile image

      AlleyCatLane 5 years ago

      GI Joes were the equivalent of Barbies for girls. You are aware of how valuable those old toys are, aren't you? Of course, yours sound like they are pretty worn so maybe not so valuable, but you might want to think about collecting them again.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My son loved playing with GI Joes. Nice lens.

    • banapple profile image

      banapple 5 years ago

      My brother had a ton of GI Joe figures. I actually played with them too :)