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Gift Ideas For A 3 Year Old Girl

Updated on September 5, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas For A 3 Year Old Girl

With the jolly season just around the corner for 2013, excitement around the house is starting to reach higher and noisy levels. Especially for toddlers and preschool girls. So if your anything like me, you may already be searching to find Gift Ideas For A 3 Year Old Girl this Christmas.

But when it comes to trying to find the perfect gift for the little angel, the mind draws a blank. You'd be surprised how often this occurs during holiday seasons. With all the extra shoppers flooding the malls and lines queuing out the door. It's no wonder people turn to the internet for inspiration and online shopping during the Christmas season.

If you get in early enough you can avoid all the hassles and have all the presents organized before the madness even begins. Easy said then done..I know. I too tend to leave things to the last minute (always regretting it every Christmas tho). But this year will be different. Heard that before I hear you say. It's September now and I'm taking action. Today is the beginning of my Christmas shopping spree. Hassle free.

I'm starting with my three year old Daughter Ella. To draw some inspiration for myself and for other parents, I've creating this gift guide if you will. These are the best Birthday presents my 3 year old daughter received for her Birthday just gone. My Daughter got so many gifts it's not even funny. But I've managed to narrow down what her favorite gifts were and what I believe would make perfect Christmas presents for a 3 year old girl.

The Perfect Xmas Gift For A 3 Yr Old - The Leap Pad 2 Is My Daughters Most Cherished Present

What I believe is the perfect gift for a 3 yr old this Christmas is the Leap Pad 2. Before we had our first child, I was always shocked to see other 2 year old kids with devices like the iPad. Why would a 2 year old NEED a iPad?. Really!.

Now the Leap Pad on the other hand is a magnificent invention. The thing I didn't like about children using iPads was how easy they could go online. By accident or on purpose, it doesn't matter. Children of this age should have no need to be online.

But the Leap Pad is different. It doesn't go online so to speak (Without parents plugging it into the PC and entering a password). The only reason the Leap Pad goes online is to obtain more educational and fun activities to be installed on the device. So it's SAFE for kids to use freely.

My Daughter is on her Leap Pad 2 at all times possible (With restrictions and rules). The activities on the Leap Pad keep her amused for nearly an hour at a time (which is good for her to sit still for an hour). This frees up time for us parents to do the things we have to do but find it hard to do with kids running like crazy around the house.

Ella On Her Leap Pad 2
Ella On Her Leap Pad 2

Why The Leap Pad Is Great For PreSchool Children

Why is the Leap Pad so awesome? Well it's extremely educational. My daughter has learned so much in such a short time. She already knew the alphabet but now she can trace the letters rather well using the Leap Pad. You get penalized if you go outside the lines when tracing a letter. At first Ella was like "I can't do it Daddy". I showed her a few times and she persisted with it. Now she's a master at learning and writing the alphabet.

We recently rewarded her with a new download. A story book for the movie Nemo. She really loves this and it only costs a few bucks. The Leap Pad reads the book to her page by page. Or she can click on the words and the Leap Pad says the word back to her. A great way of visualizing what the words look like and how to spell them. Just from hearing it when she's reading. Plus this is the best way for us to get her to go to bed. So she can read her Leap Pad stories.

Where To Buy Leap Pad 2 PINK

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink

We bought the Leap Pad 2 from We live in Australia and we decided to buy from Amazon because it worked out almost half price with shipping included, then from buying in our local stores. Delivery took between 7-10 days. Not bad. Just a tip for parents thinking Amazon only delivers to U.S residents.

The Leap Pad comes with 5 Apps including 1 you can choose to download for free from the online store. No case is included so it's highly recommended you get a hard wearing case for it. As kids tend to drop everything!. A pink case naturally.

The device runs off 4 x aa batteries. This little miracle device chews threw battery power. So grab some rechargeable batteries if you can. Will save you heaps in the future.


Mini Saucer Chairs For Girls

A Great Gift Idea For Young Girls

Mini saucer chairs or moon chairs would need have ever popped into my head as a potential gift idea for our Daughter. Even when she received it I didn't think much of it. But now that I see it gets used every day multiple times a day, I know it was a great present.

Why are mini saucer chairs so great?. Because they give your child the feeling like they have moved up in the world. They now have their very own chair which no one else is allowed to sit on. Kinda like 'Daddy's Chair'.

Plus it gives us parents a break from being crawled on, sat on, climbed on etc while we are trying to enjoy a TV show or movie. Possibly why I love Ella's Dora The Explorer mini saucer chair so much. It's cute to start with, but being treated like a monkey gym..gets rather annoying. These chairs seem to last longer then the mini fold out sofas for kids too. They don't go all flat and floppy.

Disney Fairies Mini Saucer Chair

Dora Foldable Mini Saucer Chair

Disney Princess Mini Saucer Chair

Princess and the Frog Mini Saucer Chair

Scooters For Girls - Dora The Explorer Scooter! So Popular Right Now

Dora 3-Wheeled Scooter
Dora 3-Wheeled Scooter

Within seconds of my Daughter opening the Dora 3 wheeled scooter she was blazing around the kitchen. Until she met her first corner!. Bang...Crash..Cry! Not bad for her first attempt. Took a few laps around the house (on tiles) and she had it mastered.

The scooter goes everywhere with us now. Well anywhere there's a flat surface like the paths down the beach, park, driveway, friends house etc. Point is she loves this scooter. So I think it makes for a great Christmas gift for any 3 year old.

Many types of scooters for girls are available, Dora is on display here because Dora The Explorer is my girl's hero. Check out all the scooters for girls on the link below.


Girls Love Doll Houses

Top Present For Any Girls Christmas

Well this is not a gift our 3 year old Daughter has received yet. But shhh don't tell her. We are planning to get her a doll house for Christmas 2013. I'm no expert on Doll Houses, but I do have a sister, and the amount of doll houses she owned over the years is a pretty good sign that girls love them.

So we have narrowed done quite a few doll houses to the top 3 that we will decide on. All of these doll houses get outstanding reviews from other parents. This is usually a selling point for me. But now to choose which one! I'm sure Ella would love them all.

In particular I like the Beach Front Mansion Doll house. I think it's a good choice because it stands at about 4 foot. Comes with quite a few furniture pieces and Barbie dolls can actually fit standing up in every room. I reckon it's a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse

KidKraft Beachfront Mansion

Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse

What About Horses?

Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals - 12 Collectible Horses With Wooden Barn-Shaped Crate
Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals - 12 Collectible Horses With Wooden Barn-Shaped Crate

Whats with girls and horses?. To me it seems like every young girl is so fascinated by horses. That's no different in my household either. Just don't ask me to buy a horse is all I ask!.

This cute little 12 horse gift set will leave a smile on any girls face this Christmas. Comes in a wooden frame kinda representing a stable for each of the 12 horses. Each horse breed also has a description on the back so kids can learn and play at the same time. A must for horse lovers.


Cool My Little Pony Gifts

Keeping with the horse theme: My Little Pony. My Daughter absolutely loves this cartoon. She watches it over and over and over again. Yes multiple DVDs. So it's an obvious choice to get something related to My Little Pony and it will go down a winner.

There is far too many My Little Pony Gifts to list here, so here are just 3 handpicked gifts from my 3 year old. If you need more suggestions you can View All My Little Pony Gift Ideas Here.

My Little Pony Exclusive 12Pack Pony Collection Set Includes 6 Special Edition Ponies!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Backpack

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Season Two

What Do You Think Of These Gift Ideas? - Are They Suitable For A 3 Year Old Girl?

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    • davenjilli lm profile image

      davenjilli lm 4 years ago

      As much as kids are into electronics these days the leapfrog gifts are ideal

    • GypsyOwl2 profile image

      GypsyOwl2 4 years ago

      Wonderful gift ideas for a 3 year old girl. Our granddaughter enjoyed many of these when she was 3! And Barbie dollhouse is still a favorite - almost 10 years later! They practically never outgrow Barbie!

    • profile image

      stormy1990 4 years ago

      Those Saucer chairs are really cute!

    • TheRatRaceRebel1 profile image

      TheRatRaceRebel1 4 years ago

      I remember when I got my Barbie Dollhouse I was about 3 years old. You hit the nail right on the head with that one. It was the gift of the year! And my daughter had one of those folding chairs you mention at about 3 as well. LOVED it! Anyone doubting your insights should put their mind at ease. You know what little girls like.

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 4 years ago

      Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing.


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