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Unique Gifts For That Special Person

Updated on February 22, 2017

For That Hard To Buy For Person

Sometimes it's very hard to think of presents to buy certain people. It is an agonizing puzzle to find something they will like. Here are some different items that just might tickle their fancy. Have a look and see if you don't agree.

Make Them a Special Cupcake


The Perfect Gift

Sometime going the shopping route is just not the way to go. To give a gift meaning you can give of yourself. Here is what I mean.

-Give someone a gift certificate to come over for a wonderful lunch you prepared especially for them with their favorite things to eat.

- Give them an invitation to join you for a visit to the local Science World or museum and make a date

- Give someone an invite to join you for that special hot chocolate they love so much

- Bake someone a batch of cookies that you know they like

- Give someone a gift basket with some of your home preserves you made yourself

- Make someone a few Christmas decorations that they can put on their tree or their mantle.

- Give a child a gift certificate to teach them how to make friendship bracelets or other meaningful crafts

- Buy someone a ticket to a special movie or live performance and take them there

- Give a senior an envelope of invitations to take them shopping once a week for a month

- Decide as a family to donate the money you would normally spend on each other to buy a hamper for a needy family

- Donate money of someone's behalf to a wildlife, humanitarian or environmental cause you know they are passionate about

Living Gifts

There are so many ways to give and many of them include things that are alive.

- Give a gift certificate to buy a dwarf fruit tree that will go into the yard and bear fruit come spring

- buy a beautiful flowering tree like a pink dogwood or a magnolia to put in a prominent place in the yard or on a balcony

- plant some bulbs in a pot that can be enjoyed indoors long before spring arrives

- plant an herb garden that can be used in the kitchen

-buy a live Norfolk Pine that can be decorated for the holidays and can be outside or on the balcony in spring, summer and fall

- buy a bonsai that can be tended and cared for but won't grow someone out of house and home

- start someone a cactus garden that thrives in the dry heat of a home

- amaryllis are spectacular flowers that grow from a bulb and bloom in the winter in the northern hemisphere indoors

-put together a green thumb basket of seeds and garden tools. Make sure you add a pair of garden gloves

A Book on Birds and Their Habitats

A picture of a Sharp-Tailed Grouse
A picture of a Sharp-Tailed Grouse | Source

Gifts for the Bird Watcher

  • A bird feeder and a bag of seed
  • A hummingbird feeder and a jug of nectar
  • A book on bird identification and habitats
  • A pair of compact binoculars
  • A spotting scope and tripod
  • a bird motif sweater
  • a bird bath
  • a frequent visitor membership to a local bird sanctuary
  • a portable i-phone solar battery pack
  • a sound system for recording bird calls
  • a handmade bird log book
  • Avitron remote control flying bird
  • subscription to local Wildlife Rescue

Book on Dehydrating Foods

A Book on Food Dehydration
A Book on Food Dehydration | Source

Gifts for the Hunter

  • live video camera drone
  • Nerf 2 in 1 Demolisher
  • small first aid kit
  • GPS
  • compact long range binoculars
  • compact survival tool kit
  • gutting and butchering knife

Give a Specialty Food Item

Gourmet chutney with a beautifully crafted label
Gourmet chutney with a beautifully crafted label | Source

Gifts for the Gourmet Cook

  • a gift certificate or card for their favorite cooking shop
  • a basket of gourmet ingredients
  • an electronic food scale
  • a chic design colander or the latest grater
  • a rapid wine chiller
  • make your own macaron kit
  • pressure cooker/slow cooker combination
  • yours, mine and ours decanter set
  • soapstone oven-to-table entertainment platter
  • oil-free air fryer
  • BBQ brief case
  • electric pepper grinder
  • George Foreman quesadilla maker
  • Sir Francis Bacon sampler pack
  • Cold stone parlor ice cream mixing set
  • "Molecular Gastronomy" kit
  • a recipe rock
  • "Obsessive Chef" cutting board
  • edible food decorating printer

Unique Gifts for Anyone

  • toothpaste tube ringer
  • gift cards
  • KIVA card
  • wish lantern pack
  • custom bobble head
  • self emptying robotic vacuum
  • gelato maker

Gifts for the Rockhound

  • rock tumbler
  • book on gemstone and rock locations
  • rock collecting kit
  • GPS

Gifts for the Gamer

  • I-pad foosball
  • Samsung gear VR headset
  • Authentic pacman arcade game
  • zero gravity chair
  • Coca Cola vending fridge

Gifts for the Fix-it guy or gal

  • portable work station
  • Leatherman multi-tool
  • "The Art of Fixing Things" book

Gifts for the Fisherman

  • fly collection
  • book on great fishing holes
  • auto-inflate rubber dinghy
  • lightweight floating coat or vest
  • fly-tying kit
  • portable first aid kit
  • hook removing pliers
  • fish bonker

The Art Of Giving Gifts

Giving and exchanging gifts has a very long history. For thousands of years explorers have given gifts to inhabitants of new found lands to show friendship and respect. When a couple marries gifts are exchanged, when a person dies, they bequeath gifts to family members and friends. Today gifts are given to celebrate landmarks and holidays. Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, promotions, graduations and even holidays are celebrated by giving or exchanging gifts.

Giving a gift is a form of honoring someone for an event of significance, even if it is just meeting for the first time. Certain cultures give gifts to seal business alliances or as a sign of respect when meeting someone for the first time. Gifting someone with something that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves is another way gifts are given. In every country, gifting has its own form of etiquette and it is important to know how to respond in the right way for the culture you are dealing with.

Gifts may be monetary, charitable contributions or physical objects such as flowers, jewelry, toys, clothes, cooking utensils and so on. In 2015, 73.4 percent of Americans intended to purchase one or more gift cards to give as presents.(1)

Part of the gift giving experience is the wrapping and presentation of the gift. Some people love to really dress up a gift with a fancy and stylish wrapping of shiny or patterned paper, gift bags, ribbons, bows, tags and sometime stick-on decorations or stickers.

According to the National Retail Federation, winter holiday spending accounts for over 75 percent of all money spent annually on gifts and party foods and favors. Some types of retailers experience 30 percent of their total sales during the winter holiday season. During the 2015 holiday season, jewelry retailers accounted for 27.4 percent of their annual sales. (2)

But, gift giving should not be a hardship where a great deal of debt is generated just to provide gifts for others. It is the thought that counts when giving someone a gift. It should have nothing to do with size or quantity.

A Lighted Countertop Garden

Gifts for the Gardener

  • "Growing Wishes" seed kit
  • Lucky garden elephant
  • Namaste monk statue
  • Olive plant topiary
  • Citrus plant topiary
  • air plant terrarium
  • "Aquafarm"
  • outdoor fireplace

Gifts for Animal Lovers

  • custom pet portrait
  • coat or collar for the dog
  • deluxe animal bed
  • dog booties

Gifts for the Beach Enthusiast

  • Deep sea sand art globe
  • portable wireless speaker and charger
  • go anywhere grill

Gifts for the Romantic

  • LED mood light
  • set of massage oils
  • set of candles
  • book on the art of kissing
  • book on great sex positions
  • "Intersection of Love" photo print
  • "You are my happy place" sign

Gifts for the Home Decorator

  • felted wool stones
  • set of pantone color chips
  • 3D effect Buddah wall decal

Gifts for the Wildcrafter

  • book on edible weeds
  • book on edible mushrooms
  • book on edible berries
  • automatic home canning system
  • dehydrator and book on food drying
  • GPS

Gifts for the Clothes Horse

  • make up sets
  • the Beard Pack
  • shoe storage ottoman
  • James Bond Cologne
  • specialty watch
  • gift card to a custom hat shop

Comfy Wine Socks

Gifts for the Wine Buff

  • musical wine glasses
  • wine pairing towel set
  • rapid beverage chiller

Gifts for the Beer Lover

  • Mead making kit
  • Mr. Beer brewing kits
  • beer keg fridge
  • beer keg brewing system

One Handed Bottle Opener

Gifts for the Sleepy Head

  • sunrise simulator alarm clock
  • breakfast sandwich maker
  • silent vibrating alarm watch
  • Brookstone massaging bed rest

Gifts for the Bookworm

  • Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
  • Kindle Firefox HDX
  • subscription to New York Best Seller list books

Fly a Fighter Jet

Gifts for the Plane Enthusiast

  • Learn to fly lessons
  • remote control plane, helicopter or drone
  • coffee table book on aviation history
  • flying log book

Gifts for the Fitness Buff

  • WODfitters ab training mat
  • custom energy bars
  • health fitness tracker
  • fold-up exercise system

Gifts for the Writer

  • a classy pen
  • "642 Things to Write About" book
  • Storymatic game

Pocket Hand Warmer

Gifts for the Sports Enthusiast

  • Official World Cup soccer ball
  • infrared golf simulator
  • golf swing trainer
  • shirt from favorite sports player

Gifts for the Entrepreneur

  • staple-less stapler
  • Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet
  • active sitting office chair
  • adjustable height desk
  • be inspired paper weight

A Cassette to MP3 Converter

Gifts for the Music Buff

  • 3-speed turntable to MP3
  • records of their favorite classics
  • concert tickets
  • music festival tickets
  • top stage 2-pack guitar hanger
  • Bose sound true head phones
  • Learn to play the acoustic guitar CD series
  • giant piano mat

Gifts for the Stresser

  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Namaste monk
  • Natural sound soother with mood light
  • Another (door) opens paperweight
  • Pessimist/Optimist glass set
  • Cloud B turtle night light
  • wireless eye massager
  • ceramic kettle stove oven oil warmer

Gifts for the Jewelry Buff

  • raw diamond ring
  • meditation ring
  • jewelry making kit
  • wire wrapped personalized name necklace
  • any jewelry from Etsy

Star Wars Flash Drives

Gifts for the Star Wars Fan

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blue Ray
  • Hot Wheels Star Wars collection
  • Disney Star Wars collection
  • Lego Star Wars collection
  • anything from

Gifts for the Wood Worker

  • a subscription to Fine Woodworking Magazine
  • a gift card to a specialty woodworking tool shop
  • a chisel sharpening tool
  • some pieces of exotic wood

Gifts for the Crafter

  • collection of craft supplies
  • subscription to craft specific magazine
  • gift card to local craft store
  • samples of the latest craft supplies
  • sillouette or cricket paper pattern cutter

gifts for the Traveller

  • automatic cordless tire inflater
  • coffee table travel pictorials
  • 3-wheel folding electric scooter
  • leather travel journal
  • polaroid camera

Gifts for the Artist

  • 3D printing pen
  • set of paints and brushes
  • a calligraphy set
  • gift card for art framing
  • portable easel
  • polaroid camera

Scrolling Belt Buckle

Gifts for the Techie

  • Personalized mix tape pillow
  • USB paper towel holder and charger
  • stylus and brush for i-pads and smart phones
  • custom bobble head
  • tracking tiles
  • flexible tablet floor stand
  • "One remote to rule them all"
  • personal pocket safe
  • nest smart thermostat

Gifts for the Photographer

  • Polaroid camera
  • Lowepro dry zone backpack
  • photo lens coffee cup

Low Temperature Coffee Grinder

Breville low temperature coffee grinder helps preserve the oils in the coffee beans
Breville low temperature coffee grinder helps preserve the oils in the coffee beans | Source

Gifts for the Coffee Lover

  • Breville low temperature coffee grinder
  • Espresso/cappuccino coffee maker
  • French press gift set
  • monthly coffee subscription
  • Starbucks Verismo 580 brewer

Gifts for the History Buff

  • coffee table history books
  • Personalized Washington Post year book
  • The Civil War Movie by Ken Burns

Gifts for the Hiker/Outdoor Enthusiast

  • The book called "A Thousand Ultimate Experiences"
  • The book called " A Thousand Ultimate Adventures"
  • GPS
  • Lowepro dry zone backpack
  • compact survival tool kit





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