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22 Gifts You Can Give Interior Designers

Updated on December 9, 2018
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Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I've been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.

Many believe that interior designers are one set of people that are difficult to buy gifts for.

Not necessarily so.

Yes, we know how choosey they are, after all, that’s what they do. They will endlessly search for and choose the finest things that’ll work best for their clients’ requirements and ensuring their projects turn our perfect and aesthetically pleasing.

An interior designer loves to surround him or herself with beautiful things that are functional and visually pleasing objects that are purposeful. Knowing all this, and the amount of attention they pay to detail, carefully ensuring they pick out stylish stuff, the thought of what to get one of these creative geniuses as a gift feels almost intimidating.

Ideas of gifts you can buy for an interior designer.
Ideas of gifts you can buy for an interior designer. | Source

Granted, every creative person is different, however, the one thing they share in common is their taste for lovely things so whether it’s a chic and handy mini-portfolio, a set of antique teacups, a beautiful book full of beautiful monochrome interiors, tasteful art, brass writing utensils, or a tabletop sculpture, finding the perfect gift idea for a designer does require a bit of thought, but nothing more than that.

The first thing to note is that ‘art’ and creativity is what describes an interior designer best, and so, it is imperative that whatever you present as a gift must echo his or her love for splendour and beauty.

Because they have eyes for things that are uniquely appealing, you have to choose something that is outstanding, something with a wow factor. If you are lucky to know your interior designer’s interests (by carefully studying them while you both worked together), it will help tremendously when deciding on the best possible thank you gift to give as an appreciation for a job well done.

And for your designer friend, you probably know her taste for the unusual by her home setting and current lifestyle.

22 Gifts You Can Give an Interior Designer

Having said all that, these people are some of the most interesting people to shop for (believe it or not), as there are endless gift possibilities as per what you can buy them.

Don’t forget that when it comes to home décor and design, there are single furniture pieces (accent chair, antique stools, fancy wall shelf, etc...). There are also spaces that can do with a great gift such as the bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathroom.

1. Vintage/retro wall mount wine rack

2. Unique item of furniture

3. Interior designer T-shirt

4. Tabletop sculpture

5. Grid and guides – These are notebooks with pages of different sized grids a designer can use for sketching, creating designs, and writing organised lists.

6. Colour at Home – This is a colouring book filled with pages of interior spaces and individual rooms in various styles, ready to be injected with personality and colour. Who says colouring books are just for kids? I thoroughly enjoyed having fun with it!

7. Group of framed art

8. Watercolour markers

9. Pantone book – A book that’ll help keep interior designers current with colour trends. It’s filled with colour swatches and inspiring rooms.

10. Laptop/iPad carrying case – To hold pens, pencils, cards, laptop (iPad, or sketchbook), etc..., including space for all necessary cords.

11. Splatter paint mugs – I’m not one for mugs but these ones are unique and tasteful. They come with dominant splashes of colour with a twist of drama.

12. 25-gallon Aquarium coffee table - For exotic fish lovers who've always wanted a fish tank (something on my wishlist).

13. Tree trunk table

14. Futon

15. Lego architecture set – For the architect turned interior designer or the designer desirous of studying architecture.

16. Click clock – This small cubed desk clock displays time when you clap or touch its surface.

17. An artsy set of kitchen knives with stunning colour images – This gift idea is for the interior designer that loves to cook

18. Tabletop water fountain

19. Book – “At Home with Dogs and Their Designers” for pet loving designers sharing a stylish life

20. Home Quick Planner – Reusable peel and stick furniture and architectural symbols

21. And if they have a pet, some modern dog or cat bed will warm their hearts, that’s if they don’t already own one!

22. HGTV magazines – A year’s subscription of a popular home lifestyle magazine that will give him or her wonderful inspiring ideas real-life solutions.

As a professional interior designer, I wouldn’t mind a gift of any of these. In fact, quite a few of them are on my personal wish list now.

A colouring book for adults and interior designers
A colouring book for adults and interior designers

Other Gift Ideas for a Designer

With all the listed twenty-two varieties of different gift ideas, including the video above to choose from, plus ideas that may pop into your mind after going through the list, if you are going to give an interior designer a present, give one that’s worthy of a place in their own homes, workplace, or lifestyle.

© 2017 viryabo


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