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Gift this Bose Soundlink Mini to someone you love!

Updated on January 30, 2014

I carry my concert with me every where I go!

This mini speaker system is magical mystery! The sound that emanates from it takes me back to my college days when I had to listen to my LPs with my head placed between the speakers of my "suitcase" stereo and pretend I was at a concert. Only the music sounds much better and my ears don't hurt at the end of the performance.

Why do I own this Bose?

Over the Holidays, I was visiting my daughter's home and she was listening to Christmas music. Then I heard her iPhone ring and the music went away. I looked around and saw that she had this very same Bose Mini Soundsystem speaker. She had been streaming music via bluetooth from her phone. The sound was incredible. It filled the entire room---a difficult job because it is a huge space with cathedral ceilings---and surrounded my body with beautiful harmony. I was so jealous and decided I wanted a Bose SoundLInk Mini Speaker.

The Mini Bluetooth Speaker model on the market today is a logical purchase for someone like me. Why? Because I want a portable system that is handy to take on vacation or from room to room. For one thing, my husband and I love to listen to audio books that we have downloaded to our smartphones. We play them in the car, and being able to continue listening to a really good story while we enjoy a picnic (and the following rest period to digest our good food) would be a good thing. Or, if one just wants some romantic music while picnicking might even be a better thing. By the way, if you do not have a smartphone or a bluetooth capable device, you can still use this mini speaker via a plugin. Yes, you might still have a cord to keep up with, sometimes.

Ain't Bluetooth wonderful? No awkward cords to keep up with (or lose) for this sound system when outside enjoying the great outdoors!

The compact size (2.3x7.1x2 inches) of this mini speaker is also plus because it is truly easy to bring along on the above mentioned picnic or merely out on the deck of your own home. No need to turn up the volume to level 11 to enjoy your favorite songs to the max, either. And because this system is portable it has no cumbersome wires to run and to connect.

Bose Accessories for the Mini Sound System:

These items are not necessary, but they are truly a perfect add-on for this sound system. Protect your purchase with these covers and travel bag. I personally would choose the travel bag first as it could hold the cord to recharge the speaker -- I am famous for forgetting where I put any kind of cord. A travel bag will help me keep it together.

Mediabridge 3.5mm Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable (4 Feet) - Step Down Design - (Part# MPC-35-4 )
Mediabridge 3.5mm Male To Male Stereo Audio Cable (4 Feet) - Step Down Design - (Part# MPC-35-4 )

This is the audio cable I would use to connect my iPhone to my Bose mini is no wifi is available.


Look at how small this handy speaker is!

Yes, this speaker is that small. I know it works and sounds spectacular because I OWN one.

Ever heard of Bose?

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      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      Oh, this is the small speaker for me.