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Gift Wrapping Ideas and Techniques For Valentines Day

Updated on February 12, 2017
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Jean has a passion to create beautiful artwork, jewelry and home decor items which she sells online. She also loves to teach others how.

A Valentine motif mini-bucket holds handmade Valentine cookie bouquet
A Valentine motif mini-bucket holds handmade Valentine cookie bouquet | Source

Wrapping A Special Gift For Your Valentine

You've spent some time making or purchasing a special gift for that special someone, so now it's time to dress it up to give it that much more meaning. Your care and thoughtfulness will shine through showing your Valentine that they truly are special. Let's have a look at some ideas that might appeal to you.

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Let The Gift Be The Wrapping Too!

Imagine coming to the breakfast table or receiving breakfast in bed with this wonderful cheery Valentine Mug served up with your favorite hot morning drink. Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe you could even think of doing it for your sweetie before s/he does.

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Hang A Sign of Love

One of the fun things about Valentines Day when you live with your sweetie is to hang signs on the bathroom door so they have to see it before they go in. There are probably other doors or knobs you could hang them on the cupboard door to the coffee. These don't need to be wrapped either.

How To Wrap A Gift In A Box

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Ahhhh! Flowers

If you're not a gift wrapper, perhaps flowers for your sweetie would be a good idea. Some guys love flowers, too.

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Soup Can Gift Wrapping

The can opener that I have at home is one that cuts the side of the can so there are no sharp edges anywhere. That way I can wash the can out and use the can and the lid. If you don't have that kind of can opener, then you just need to be careful to throw the lid away safely and make sure that you flatten or remove any sharp edges on the rim of the can.

Be sure to wash the can out thoroughly before using it for any of your gifts.

Use Scrapbooking paper to cover the outside of the cans, it is a little stiffer and wont wrinkle the same as gift wrap. If you don't have access to scrapbooking paper, cover the can with a couple of layers of white paper then glue or tape gift wrap over the top.

Drill little holes on either side of the can rim to insert a wire handle. You can wrap the handle with ribbon or just tie a bow on it. Decorate your cans using your imagination. Fill the can with your special gift. You can wrap it in tissue if you wish or just fill the can with something like a bag of cinnamon hearts.Add a tag and you're done.

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Soup Can Decorating Idea

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Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Soup Can Decorating Idea 1

Gift Wrapping With A Brown Paper Lunch Sack

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Make A Stamp With A Cookie Cutter Cut Potato

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Decorate a Brown Paper Bag

By using different colors of paper and trimmings you can make a very attractive wrap for that special gift. You can buy stickers or cut hearts out of colored paper or scraps of gift wrap. Here, glue is your friend

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Decorate A Ready Made Food Item

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - A Box With A Clear Lid

This is so simple yet so elegant for giving your sweetie their favorite coffee or tea, cookies, name it. Put a bow on it and you're good to go!

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea- Decorate A Jar Filled With Donuts Or Cookies

Valentines Gift Wrapping Idea - Stick Paper Flowers On A Deli Item

Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Novel Wrapping Materials

- Use newspaper and butchers twine then slip a red heart under the string.

Use a heart printed pillow case or piece of fabric.

Cover an empty toilet paper roll with gift wrap or colored tissue and slip your gift inside. You can even tie the ends with red yarn.

Use brown paper and a red yarn pompom.

Use two colors of paper. On the inside of the top paper draw hearts. Cut around one side of the hearts with an xacto knife, turn the paper over and fold up the cut side.For example using a red and a white sheet of paper, cut the white sheet. Wrap your prezzie in the red sheet, then the white sheet on top. You'll have a one-of-a-kind three dimensional gift wrap.

Here's Another Mug Idea


Valentine Gift Wrapping Idea - Bags are very creative ways to wrap up a gift

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Valentines Day Isn't Just About Red


Do You Celebrate Valentines With Your Family?

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