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Ideal Gifts!!

Updated on June 18, 2014

Top Five Ideas for Giving Gifts

Top Five Ideas for Giving Gifts
Top Five Ideas for Giving Gifts | Source

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Top Five Ideas for Giving Gifts

Birthday presents are fun to buy and receive. The gift giving to a loved one or someone special is very confusing. You might start looking on the internet and be amazed at the multitude of gift ideas that will leave you with a headache. There is too much to choose from without any specific goal. Make it fun and entertaining and seek out what you might want. This is a good idea if you are close to someone that you know. Both of you may have the same taste in gifts or just the opposite. This will help when buying for friends, co-workers and family. The personal gifts you may give to someone you’re not familiar with are the real hard ideas to come up with. How much should I spend? Remember the old saying, “It’s the remembering of someone that counts,” and it really is. The gift is a token of our appreciation for something a person has done for us or just a sporadic thought we wanted to act upon. Let us touch on a few ideas for giving gifts in this article.

1) The first rule is to set a limit of how much you are going to spend. This is important because there is always something more expensive for that certain someone. Do not let your mind take over and think that if you spend more money on a gift that you will be recognized for this. The golden rule of showing your appreciation needs to be in your mind at all times. You will find that simple little gifts that you would like would be perfect for the person you are buying for. If you add a card to this gift, this could complete the buying experience. This paragraph really applies to adults and not children. We will touch on kids in a moment.

2) Gif credit cards are a swell idea for the teenager or adult in your life. There are many gift cards out in the supermarket that would make fine gifts. Beware though of the activation fees for some of the cards. Cash is king, is what I have been told. Therefor if the gift credit card idea is costing quite a bit to activate, pull out the greenbacks and put these in envelopes. Everyone likes cash, even rich people like cash as a gift. It is especially nice to get crisp bills from the bank and put these in a gift card to send off. Checks are not that cool if you ask me, unless it is a company check, for a gift giving idea. The check can come across in the wrong manner, so use your finer judgment on checks. I would say send cash in the mail like you send the gift cards. I hardly see where the difference is in losing cash and losing a gift card would vary. You would not get either one back, possibly on a American Express, Visa, or MasterCard gift card you might have some way to retain the money if stolen or lost in the mail. Check that out if you feel better sending these cards.

3) Gifts online and the shipping where you do not touch the gift is another way of sending a thought to someone. The pros and cons are not too bad with drop shipping, depending on what you purchase. Staying on a level ground of gifts under 100.ooUSD is a good idea. The shipping alone will be close to this at times. Amazon has some really good deals on everything, and shipping is included on most gifts. There are also mom and pop internet sites that should be bought from with caution. Staying in the mainstream of retailers is a smart idea. A number in that you could call if shipping went wrong and delivery dates went astray. There is competition for gifts on the internet by several companies for the same product as you well know. Staying with a company that you like to buy for yourself is the safe way to make sure the delivery will get there and being familiar with delivery dates would make a person more relaxed in purchasing.

4) Giving gifts for your spouse should take a bit of effort and mind control. You want to impress him or her and spending a little more than you would a friend is a good idea when you’re in love. The spouse is your pride and joy, so show this with something special. No, do not buy the same old thing as last year for a present. Always be creative with a spouse. Sensual and sexual is ok, and jewelry is always a winner. Times are tougher now then before with so many laid off work. There is always jewelry that is affordable to buy him or her. Jewelry seems to add substance to a relationship. It does not get thrown out or away. It will always be around for years to come. Jewelry has meaning without to much compromise. The gift for couples can be a simple one if you like. The main point is to make it romantic in presence and heart felt as a giving gift. That is what counts is how much effort or meaning this gift may show will prove your true colors to each.

5) Kids and giving gifts can establish a whole new meaning to giving and the,”I wanna” situation. Kids under 12 should be given something educational, not just an IPhone or IPad. I see it all the time in stores, kids getting grown up electronics. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay in touch with children you love, but 500.00 phones are out of line. Most toys are made for grownups to use. It is a hard decision to base the need and want factor here. Yes, you will be loved with the Xbox that you buy the child and add up the cost and your at a staggering 700.00 for your kid. Many of us are guilty of this gift giving sickness. Be careful and hopefully if you raised your child right, anything will be fine for a gift. There are so many telephones, three dimensional televisions and so on, that it can be mind blowing what to give at times. Use your head and keep the money and save for their education.

In conclusion of giving gifts the most important part is the giving and reception of these. It should not be based on the dollar value. The problems are when people start to think in this manner that issues arise from everyone involved that gift giving can be a real pain to deal with. The object is to have fun and give as you please. Be financially smart and spend enough to what situation may be involved. Do not overdue it and put yourself in debt. Every Christmas millions of dollars are spent on gifts that are just trash in a few months. Be smart on what you purchase and whom you purchase from. Enjoy your friends and co-workers and keep it real when it comes to telling them how you feel about them through giving a gift.


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