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Gifts for 30 Year Old Men

Updated on December 9, 2015

If you are determined to find a perfect gift for someone you love, the internet gives you the wide selection you need. In Gifts for 30 Year Old Men we will review some great gift ideas for men. Our selection includes some budget ideas as well as some more unusual gift ideas.

Choosing the perfect gift for some can be good for them and for your relationship. Although many people think that ladies are tough audience when it comes to choosing the right present, that is not the full story. Men are even more difficult because they usually have a sophisticated and very precise taste and they know exactly what they want. With these gifts, you simply can’t go wrong, so keep reading.

Black & Decker MSW100 Ready Wrench

If your man is into DIY actions, and is quite handy, this might be the perfect gift. It is an extremely handy tool because it is all in one solution, and it contains all metric and standard measures and sizes included (you adjust it by simply spinning it around). Maintenance becomes much easier with Black & Decker MSW100 ready Wrench. It is also very well designed and comes with a lifetime warranty. A real treat for handy guys!

TIME (1-year)

For intellectuals and men who want to be in the know this is the perfect gift – 1 year subscription on the most popular news magazine in the world – TIME (The International Magazine of Events). This magazine doesn’t just inform you about weekly events across the globe. TIME presents, discovers, follows and evaluates everything – from politics, business and economy to science, art and lifestyle. 30 million people all over the world love and read TIME magazine and if your man likes to be well informed, than this subscription is the right present for him.

Popular Mechanics - gifts for 30 year old man
Popular Mechanics - gifts for 30 year old man

Popular Mechanics

Magazine subscription is always a dear and well accepted gift, especially if you know exactly what kind of literature your man prefers. If he is a handy type and loves working around the house, you can use this gift idea - Popular Mechanics 1-year magazine subscription. If your man is curious, loves to explore and has a wide range of interests – this is the right literature for him.

Popular Mechanics covers a huge variety of topics: tech watch (about new technologies and gadgets), upgrade (about the offer of famous trade shows), and car news (about new designs, models etc), DIY section (cars, home improvement, technology), Jay Leno’s column etc.

Electronic Wall Mounted Rack Tie Rack by Necktie Accessories

If your man is more business orientated and that includes his style to, this should be a perfect gift - Electronic Wall Mounted Rack Tie Rack. This is a simple and very handy solution for keeping your closet tidy and organized. This rack can hold up to 30 ties and it has an extra storage space on top, for instance for jewelry. This Electronic Wall Mounted Rack Tie Rack has its own light and it turns on instantly once ties start rotating. Clean, tidy, handy and well designed – perfect for the one you love, especially if he loves the sophisticated business look.

Nice tie

This gift idea is closely related to the previous one. Actually it has the same target audience – business orientated, classy man, who prefers business look, and modern yet very sophisticated styling. Our gift idea is a 100% Silk Woven Navy Striped Tie, very trendy, sexy and excellent to fit into every dress code. If your man loves to look and feel good, than this classy tie is the right thing for him.

We have presented to you few interesting, completely different and most importantly, affordable gifts for 30 year old men. Whether your man is handy and loves working around the house, or fun loving and beer drinking, or he prefers to read and sport classy business look – you will be inspired to find the perfect gift for him.

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    • Angelique Loux profile image

      Angelique Loux 8 years ago from Ohio

      My husband would love the home brew kit :)