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gifts for 6 year old girls

Updated on September 23, 2013

A girl called Love shares her Top 10 favourite toys

This 6 year old girl called Love, loves toys. (Love is not her real name, she re-named herself, who am I to argue?)

Love lives with her mum and dad, her cat and dog in London.

All proceeds from this lens go to Loves 'I WANT' fund!

If you have any recommendations for us please help, this 6 year old never rests!

No 1 Toy of the moment

Rapunzel Doll

In spite of spending many months refusing a haircut with cries of 'I WANT Rapunzel hair', one night Love decided to give herself a haircut when Mum and Dad weren't looking. She took off her fringe at the roots and now strokes longingingly at her Rapunzel dolls luscious locks (in spite of them being fabric).

Rapunzel Doll

Love says she likes her Rapunzel Doll as her best toy at the moment because 'I can make her talk.' She also covets Flynn Rider, however she is saving up for him!

If you haven't seen Disney's Tangled, it's an enjoyable feminist take on the story of Rapunzel with the heroine using her magic golden locks to lasso her tormentors and save Flynn too!

Tangle Teezers on Amazon - Not a toy but invaluable

This is my favourite item that saves hours of screaming that occurred before I discovered it! Loves fine hair, easily tangled, is more easily unravelled by this human dog brush-wish I'd thought of it! So what's left of Loves hair after she attacks it with scissors is now lush after a good brushing with a tangle-teezer and we do have the gold one, it being her favourite colour.

And at No 2

Puzzle Globe

Love couldn't choose between the Hello Kitty or the Map of the World puzzleball. Finally she settled on the world. Her and her Dad had fun putting it together and although the UK is obscured by 'London' written all over it, it's been a good start to checking out where her and her friends originate from in the world and places we'd like to go. 'The jungle' is top the list at the moment for Love but only as long as we have a guide to save us from the quicksand she says!

Puzzle balls - Global knowledge

An interesting variation on traditional puzzles

No 3

Polly Pocket

These tactile dolls and accessories are cute and Love plays with them for more than 20 minutes at a time! Love says, 'I can make the dolls talk and things.' I think we have a theme here...

Polly Pocket on Amazon - Treehouse

Love loves fiddling around with this treehouse and Polly Pocket dolls especially after she's been to her Grandmas and played in the real one!

At No 4

Slinky Spring

Her little friend had one of these that he got from the Science Museum so she wanted one. We thought it would be a one minute wonder but Love plays with it a lot. She says, 'I can bounce it up and down and it is fun.' What more could anyone want! And how many toys first made and sold in the 1940's could you give a child now?

Slinky on Amazon - Slinky Toy

No 5 - Baby Annabell & Tatty Teddy

After not playing with these kinds of dolls too much before, Love really wanted one so she's very lucky that her lovely Grandma got her one at Christmas. She changes her nappy, gives her a dummy and a kiss every night and tucks her in with Tatty Teddy. Love says she likes Baby Annabell because 'I can do this' as she walks around with her as if in a sling, a small blanket strapped around the two of them!

my first Baby Annabell - Closing Eyes - 14 in. Doll
my first Baby Annabell - Closing Eyes - 14 in. Doll

Your child will love playing 'mummy' with Baby Annabell!


Favourite No 6 - Lego Friends

Well, I was loathe to give in to the whole pink business but Love started with a few pink bricks from grandma and then there was no going back. A larger box of pink was purchased and I have to say, just like everyone says about Lego, hours of building followed; houses with kitchens, windows, gardens, etc. Great! Then Lego Friends appeared. More than loathing the pinkness I loathed the readymadeness of these things but starting with the impressive campervan (which I knew she'd like as we go camping) which she put together herself with determination I have to say it's great and is an added extra to the creativity that lego gives rather than the substitute I'd feared.

Love says, 'I can make them talk (there we go again), walk, drive in the campervan, I love it, love it, love it!'

She now has a Lego watch which she loves wearing without being interested in learning to tell the time!

We also randomly buy her an extra Lego Minifigure now and again which brings her back to it again..

Favourite No 7 - Dressing up!

Love has the Renaissance Princess dress below and it does indeed make her ham it up like a true princess. She asked me how can 'anyone get a castle?' I said she will have to work very hard as nobody is born a princess and given a castle, although I then had to admit that some are! As she's not been born into that (although she doesn't believe it, 'I AM a proper princess') I suggested we start this page as a way to begin the 'I want a castle' saving fund.

The Disney dressing up box was passed onto her from her sister and has lasted 3 years so good value and she has plenty of other costumes including Jesse from Toy Story which is a bit of relief from the princess thing!

Renaissance Princess and her Baby Annabell! - Love & Baby Annabell

Love & Baby Annabell
Love & Baby Annabell

This dress came fom TKMaxx but the Jesse costume above gets as much use! Love likes the fact the dress is wide and sweeping and loves wearing it out as she gets so many comments! The headband doubles as a cover-up for her self-inflicted punk haircut.

No 8

Diary, Pens, Crafts

So, as a most of the time only child, Love possibly does more craft activities than she might if she had another child to run around with all the time. Below are a few of her favourite things. She says she likes doing crafts because 'I don't get bored.' That's my girl!

Her favorite recent acquisition is a lockable secret diary. She writes horrible things about her Dad and me (such as 'you are pooheds' or she puts us on a sad face list) and then takes delight in revealing to us her 'secret' writing!

Secret Diaries - Secert scribbling!

Crafts - Glue gun, sequins, glitter, feathers

Love loves to make things. I recommend a glue gun, adult supervised, then anything you can stick together. Cereal packets, coloured paper etc. Sequins and feathers are always a winner. Also a Pritt Stick is good and some glitter if you can stand the mess!

No 9 best gift - Party Shoes

Every little girl loves pretty shoes. Loves are glittery baseball boots because ''they look cool.'!

At No 10 - The cardboard box!

Perhaps should be at No 1! Not just a most interesting toy of choice for babies and toddlers, 6 year olds love 'em too and if you have no cash, for all these expensive toys go to your local supermarket, collect a box or two. Love and her cousin, who are the same age, played for the longest time at Christmas with some boxes they unpacked Santa's pressies from. They played at being robots with them on their heads and then used them for their treasure chests whilst being pirates and filling them up with gold chocolate coins and other precious things. Each brought them home to be boxes for their secret stash of sweeties!

What is the most interesting toy or activity for a 6 year old? - What's your experience?

In your experience what is the most interesting toy or activity for a 6 year old girl?

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    • iwrite100 profile image

      Maribel Forayo 4 years ago from Philippines

      I like your list of items. Great pick!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Love the Disney ideas.

    • Annie B Francis profile image

      Annie B Francis 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for commenting

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Great ideas for my granddaughter.

    • Annie B Francis profile image

      Annie B Francis 4 years ago

      @katiecolette: Thanks

    • katiecolette profile image

      katiecolette 4 years ago

      Great gifts for 6 year olds! Never heard of Tangle Teezer brush - cool find :)