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Gifts for Animators and Animation Gifts

Updated on October 28, 2013

Gifts for Animators and Animation Gifts

Whether you are looking for gifts for a professional animator, or an amateur animator, there are a lot of gift ideas that would cross over to both.

I'm training to become an animator, and would love any of the ideas below - but I also know some professionals in the industry that would also love some of these gift ideas for animators.

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Gift ideas for Amateur Animators

If you know someone who wants to be an animator, this is hands down one of the best books that they could have on their Animator's bookshelf:

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Another sound book for the budding animator, with lots of useful thumbnail drawings, and tips on how to perfect the right animation scene. A very good resource indeed. A welcome gift if ever there was one!

What a fantastic introduction to Animation. As seen in the Daniel Radcliffe, The Woman in Black, this Zoetrope is ideal for anyone interested in how animation works, and fun way to practice animation at home.

Includes 24 Zoetrope animation strips: 18 printed picture strips, 6 draw-your-own strips.

The Klutz Book of Animation: How to Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies

The Klutz Book of Animation: Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies
The Klutz Book of Animation: Make Your Own Stop Motion Movies

This is a great little stocking filler of a book for anyone interested in starting to looks at ways to animate. Plus Klutz are fab, so you can't go wrong :)


Beautiful Gifts for Professional and Amateur Animator's alike

Coffee table books make wonderful gifts, and these are no exception! They are books released by Disney, that make up part of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, Archive Series.

They are absolutely gorgeous, and ideal for anyone interested in Animation or Disney full stop.

I can't rave about these Walt Disney Animation Studios collection coffee table books enough. They are beautifully presented and perfect for any fan of quality animation, especially from the Walt Disney studios.

Character Design Gift Books for Animators

Character Design Books - the Perfect Gift for Animators

If you know someone who wants to be an animator, or an animator who is continually looking to up their skills and expand their learning, then some books by ex-Disney Animating legend, Tom Bancroft, ought to do the trick.

Visit Tom Bancroft's page on here now

...or if you're in the UK, you can visit Tom Bancroft's page on right here!

Paperback: 180 pages

Publisher: Focal Press; 1 edition (May 8, 2012)

At Disney, Tom Bancroft helped create the animation for many memorable characters including: Roger Rabbit, Young Simba, Jafar and Iago, Pocahontas, Rutt and Tuke and for the film MULAN he designed the character "Mushu", the dragon.

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Watson-Guptill (February 1, 2006)

"I loved the book since the very first moment I saw it on this site and I didn't stop even after I finished the last page."

César Leyva García

Some beautiful "Art of" recent Animated Movies perfect gifts for anyone who loves Animation

Most of the big Animated Movies have a tie-in "Art of" book, which features stills of the film and depicts behind the scene detail of how it was made.

Here is a selection of some of the best, from the most recently produced Animated Movies

Tools for Animators

Every creative, needs a good tool to work with. Wacom tablets are excellent. Whether it's photoshop, or animation programmes like Maya, this tablet fits the purpose beautifully. I have this very tablet, and it's very good indeed and hasn't let me down.

Wacom Tablets on Youtube...see them in Action

The Art of...Animated Films series

What other items would you buy an Animator as a gift?

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