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Unique Baptism Gifts Make Great Keepsakes

Updated on November 14, 2012

Sometimes gift giving can seem like a chore, especially if the person is hard to buy for or has everything. When shopping for a baptism gift, I think the opposite is true since there are so many adorable gifts to choose from. Being able to shop online using the internet has opened up a whole new world since you now have access to so many more online stores and ideas.

Because this is such as special occasion and it occurs so early in a child's life, I highly recommend giving a keepsake baptism gift that will truly reflect the importance of this sacred celebration. Having it personalized with the baby's name and baptism date will make it a cherished remembrance for years to come.

Here are just a few unique gifts for baptism you may want to consider:

  • An accessory that will complement the baby's christening outfit. This could be anything from a fancy bonnet or hat to socks and shoes embroidered with a cross to a special onesie that may display 'God Bless This Child'. Another popular gift could be a custom bib personalized with the name, date and maybe a cross. If you do choose one of these accessories as your baptism gift, be sure to check with the parents ahead of time to let them know you will be providing that item and that you will give it to them prior to the ceremony.
  • A piece of jewelry that could be worn by the baby on her baptism day. This could be a pair of cross earings if she has her ears pierced already or it could be a personalized name bracelet or even an infant-sized cross necklace. Again, you would want to let the parents know of your gift in advance if it is intended to be part of her wardrobe that day.
  • A personalized memento of the baptism that can be displayed in the baby's bedroom for years to come. Examples would be a picture frame or photo album, a cross plaque that may include a Bible verse, a keepsake book to list all of the details from that day as well as guest names and special memories, a custom embroidered blanket, a plush animal or bear that may play a favorite christian song, etc.
  • A book that can be read to the child. A storybook is a great way to explain all about their Baptism and how they are now part of God's family since they are too young to have any personal memories of the occasion. A child's Bible with colorful illustrations is another great way to introduce Biblical stories to them as they grow and mature.


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