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Gifts for Bob Marley Fans

Updated on December 7, 2012

Bob Marley Gifts

If you love Bob Marley's music, or know someone who does, you will enjoy the gifts on this page.

This lens includes reviews of Legend, which contains many Bob Marley classics, and Marley, a film about his life.

Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers - Collection of Bob Marley Hits

Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (New Packaging)
Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers (New Packaging)

Legend contains many Bob Marley classics, including

- No Woman, No Cry

- Three Little Birds

- Buffalo Soldier

- Could You Be Loved

- Stir It Up

and more.

Bob Marley was a legendary artist and Legend is a great way to enjoy his music.


Marley - Film about Bob Marley's Life and Career


Marley explores Bob Marley's life from the beginning to the very end. It starts with an exploration of his family background.

Bob Marley had a Black mother and white father. Growing up in Jamaica as a mixed-race child, he experienced prejudice.

The film features interviews with many people who knew him at different stages of his life. For example, his father had a daughter with another Black woman.

As a young man, Bob Marley sought to launch his career. He went to his father's family to ask them for financial backing, but they rejected him. One of the interviewees confirmed that, from the moment he walked through the door, his white relatives must have realized he was related to them, as he looked just like them.

This rejection hurt Marley deeply and made him more determined to succeed.

The most enjoyable sections of Marley include the performance footage. We see Bob Marley performing on stage from the time his locks were just beginning to grow, through successive stages. The length of his locks charts successive periods in his life and work.

Many of the interviews are with the women around him, including his daughter, his sister, his wife and many of the women he dated. Like his father before him, he fathered many different children with different women.

When he was diagnosed with cancer, the women in Marley's life wanted him to relax and take it easy, but the men advised him to fight the cancer. Marley depicts his life up to the very end, when he was being treated for cancer with a harsh, demanding regime in a German clinic.

The end of the film is heartbreaking, but overall, Marley is highly enjoyable.


Bob Marley Gifts - Gifts for Bob Marley Lovers

"We'll share the shelter of my single bed" - Bob Marley "Is This Love?"

Let Bob Marley keep you warm with these fleece blankets and hot drinks mug.

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