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Best Gifts for Scuba Divers

Updated on February 15, 2017

The Underwater World of Divers

Divers Paradise
Divers Paradise | Source

Gadgets for Scuba Divers

Are you one those who has recently taken up diving? Diving has now become a popular sport and scuba divers just love to equip themselves with the latest gadgets. And you, of course, know that many of these gadgets are expensive so go easy when you choose gifts for your diver friends. My suggestion is, if you're tired of getting expensive gifts for your scuba divers, gift them to someone else. You will save a lot of money.

That is, of course, only true because many of us think that most diving stuff cost so much. No, not at all. Divers need many things and many of them can be bought cheaply. Try a whistle or a knife or a pair of gloves or a dive book.

There are many choices but if the intended is close to you and you want a substantial gift, then splurge. Get them the camera that will bowl over the Japanese diving team or a suit that will surprise the eels out of hiding. Your diver will fit in snugly with all the under water creatures.

Your gift choices will depend on the elegance of your diver. If he is a member of Team Ugly, don't worry. My husband is a proud member of this team so he goes in his old t-shirt. This team Ugly tries to wear the most worn out t-shirts and not bother with suits at all. They think they are the pros and the group of well suited divers with their intricate under water cameras don't make it yet. But, I tell you, they want other diving gadgets just to have some bragging rights so read on.

Introduce scuba divers to new dive site destinations - Books on the best diving destinations

Dive Sites of the World
Dive Sites of the World | Source

New Diving Destinations for Scuba Divers - Scuba divers love to explore new diving destinations

Yes, every year, scuba destinations have to be unique so the search for those still unexplored diving territories are always on for scuba divers.

You know how much bragging goes on among divers especially of their diving adventures. They are always in search for the latest diving destination or the most unique diving experience so they can dazzle their fellow divers. Here's a book to get them. This includes the best 50 top places for diving. Surely, they still have not tried a few of these.

The Certified Diver's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures
The Certified Diver's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures

For scuba divers who are just starting, this is a valuable book. Let them have the basics of underwater adventures.


Make sure your scuba diver is certified - Enhance scuba divers' knowledge and skills

Books to enhance their scuba knowledge and skills are top of the list. There are books about the hottest diving destinations as well as those that describe the ocean world. Knowledge of the ocean world will truly enhance the experience of your divers.

Certification is important in this sport so start the process for your friends. Get this book and gift them a scuba certification package.

Make scuba divers know their under water friends - Gifts for scuba divers who have all the gadgets

Maldives Fish
Maldives Fish | Source

Books on the Marine World

For those divers who have all the gadgets imaginable for diving, books on fish and under water creatures are great gift options. As divers get to experience the under water world, they want they want to know more about the things living there. They want to be able to differentiate Bill from Karen. Or know more about Mike and Jane who meet them regularly at the drop-off. Or the big Napoleon who smirks at them and just ignore them. Or Bert, the turtle who loves to play with them.

What would even be better is a laminated poster with most of the fish and their names on it. Your diver can carry this all the time when he goes for his dives and he can immediately look at what he has spotted or swam with.

Scuba Diving in Palau

Fish Friends of Divers

Fish in Maldives
Fish in Maldives | Source

Earplugs for scuba divers

Maybe, this gift is more for you

Not for your diver but for you. So you can pretend to listen but not really hear the silly drivel that they hand out when they come home.

Every story grows. The tiny wrasse bumping into their masks grows, through the magic of air travel, to become a barracuda attempting to bite their faces. And the coral that he saw opened was as big as a house.

Seriously, scuba divers do need to protect their ears.

Get your divers to write in their dives - Especially their bar time and dive time ratio

Beautiful fish
Beautiful fish | Source

Dive Logs

How can they brag about how many times they have descended to the under water world if they can't prove it? They also need to prove they have done so many dives to get further training. So there you go. It's better if this record book has a waterproof cover. If you know your diver well, you know what I am talking about.

Scuba Divers' Waterproof Log Journals - Make them love recording their jobs

Maybe the previous dive log journal is already full so give them a new one this. Time to start anew.

Anything waterproof is always a joy for scuba divers. My husband is very punctilious about filling up his log book. This is part of their bragging resource.

Dive Suits for Scuba Divers

Many divers in tropical climates don't bother to wear suits. However, in colder climates, you need these suits. Besides, you are better protected if you wear one. And you really don't want to be part of Team Ugly, do you?

Please remember I am talking about wet suits here. If your diving doofus is going for Lake Ontario or the northern hemisphere, then he or she will need a dry suit. But this is really more for the crazies. Let's just stick to wet suits here.

Wet Suits for Scuba Divers - Keep them warm

For diving to be more pleasant especially in cold weather, wet suits are musts. So, give your scuba divers one.

A new set of divers' fins will also be very practical. Even when just snorkeling, the fins make swimming easier and faster. So your divers will always appreciate this. Make sure you have their feet size so you get one that fits.

It is also better if they match the suit color. You can't offend the fish fashion sense. Give them a break.

New Mask Combo for Divers

Once you start diving, you want to document some of the unique things you see and experience under water. When my husband started diving, he immediately wanted to get an underwater camera to capture the beauty he sees in the underwater world.

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask
Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Here's one to gift any diver. This is not just a mask but a camera as well. As they dive, they are taking pictures and videos of what they are enjoying. Handsfree, this camera is more manageable.

This camera also takes really good videos and this is what divers want as marine life often move around.


Digital Camera Mask

You can't keep long in the water without your mask working for you. You need to give your divers ones that really work well for them. The cheap ones usually break or leak.

This is a good gift as divers usually lose them or they break. So even if they already have one, they can always use another.

The camera is a bonus not only for your diver friend bur for you as well. You can share his joy as he shows his pictures or better still you can enjoy using the dive camera as well.

Other gifts your divers will appreciate - Dive Knives for Gifts

fish in Corrals
fish in Corrals | Source

Scuba Diving Knife

Sometimes, your divers get into some tangles of lost fishing lines, old anchor strings, ropes or fish nets that got entangled in the area where you are diving. At times, they can easily get around them but there will be times, when the only way out is to use a knife. Get a good one. It is the best way of getting a belly laugh from a shark.

Give Dive Gauges to Scuba Divers - Make the divers in your list feel safe

Blue Fisn
Blue Fisn | Source

Diving Gear - For beginning divers who want to take scuba diving seriously

You don't need to buy these as many dive shops provide you with the necessary equipment. Take a look so you get a better sense of what to gift your diving friends and family members. Sometimes, your diver wants more adventure and so dive in places where there are no dive shops. This is where you will need your own diving gear. Unless your diver is really close to you, this is quite a painful investment.

Forget about the watch unless your divers want to be noticed. For your diver safety, he needs to have a working gauge. It tells the diver how deep he is in and how long he has been there. Gives them hints on the amount of nitrogen in their blood. It beeps when they rise too fast. Unless your diver is diving constantly throughout the year, rent life dependent equipment from the dive shop you are diving with. It is your best assurance that it's working.

Gifts for divers - Purchase one?

Have you ever purchased a gift for a diver?

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Scuba Diving as a Sport - What do you think?

Is scuba diving a dangerous sport?

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Which of these gifts do you often give your diver friends?

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Diving Bag

Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag
Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag

Love this mesh bag. It makes spotting things inside easy. Makes for easy rinsing of gear right in the bag. After use, dry, fold and store even in tiny spaces.


A Diving Bag - Gift scuba divers this

Now with all these things they have, how do they carry these? Of course, there are just the bags for these. Here are some choices.

A bag is really practical. They can organize their things and keep these always in their bag after use. They are always ready for the next dive destination.

Other key gifts for divers

Gifts divers need

Inflatable diver marker is another important gift as this marks their position and the boat will know where to pick them up.

If your divers have the same problem as our doofus one who cannot see clearly with his left eye from a distance, you will give him a totally new diving experience by paying for corrective masks. They are not cheap but they are worth the experience.

Your thoughts on scuba diving as a sport - Share with us

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What are your thoughts on gifts for divers?

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 3 years ago

      Good stuff. My dad and sister are scuba divers, and I know others - although I've never tried it myself. The suggestions here are excellent.

    • Just4Luck profile image

      Justin 3 years ago from Slovenija

      Thanks for all the ideas. Yes, it can be dangerous and pretty expensive sport, but it is very rewarding too.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 3 years ago from GRENADA

      You have some great gift ideas here. Diving is a great but expensive sport.

    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

      I wish I lived closer to the coast so I could get into diving as a hobby. I've never gotten certified, but have been on many snorkeling trips while on vacations. It is an amazing world under water. So many cool things to see.

    • BrianYoungBY LM profile image

      BrianYoungBY LM 4 years ago

      Very Nice Lens. Well put together. If any one would like to give me a gift I would like a new BCD, mine just broke.

    • verymary profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from Chicago area

      I would love an underwater camera.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      I really enjoy this when I go to the beach. Thanks for sharing all these great gift ideas for Scuba drivers :)

    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 4 years ago from Ljubljana

      It's amazing activity with specific needs. There is so much to choose from but I think before we buy anything we have to be sure what can a diver really use. Well, this is actually true for all kinds of gifts, right?

    • profile image

      myspace9 4 years ago

      Beautiful lens and all gifts are good.

    • dewapariana profile image

      dewapariana 4 years ago

      the underwater world is like truly paradise and this lens is great lens about diving.. nice..

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      @Robz007: Not all and you can build it up for some time.

    • Cari Kay 11 profile image

      Kay 4 years ago

      Had a bad experience diving where I panicked. Haven't been back since. I'm okay with that but sure is beautiful down there and you have some great gift ideas here! Happy New Year!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      @ZenSquid: Thank you so much.

    • ZenSquid profile image

      ZenSquid 4 years ago

      I've been a diver for many years and love your lens!. Very Nice! Happy Holidays!

    • Robz007 profile image

      Robz007 4 years ago

      So many cool gifts to choose from, the equipment is quite expensive though.

    • andreycosmin profile image

      andreycosmin 4 years ago

      nice lens thank you

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      @makorip lm: Interesting. We have been to Maui but did not dive there. We were working sadly.

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      I'd love these for myself. Great gifts!

    • makorip lm profile image

      makorip lm 4 years ago

      Had a dive shop in Lahaina, Maui. Dove daily as a state licensed collector for marine life for worldwide aquariums. Really appreciate the photos and gifts. Good lens!

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