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Gifts For Eccentric People

Updated on November 5, 2013

Unusual People Are Worthy Of Unusual Gifts

Aren't we all related or friends to someone eccentric?

The thing with these people is they dabble and have pleasure in their eccentricity - and they expect the people around them to well, do the same!

The season of giving is the right time to show your weird friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. that they are also appreciated.

Eccentric people are not at all hard to buy for, because usually, the weirder the gift, the better is it appreciated.

In this lens, I have compiled some ideas for gifts that you can give the eccentric people in your gift list.

So go through this lens and I hope you enjoy ^_^

Image courtesy: Mc Nastia

Worry Dolls

Give the gift of a doll that take away the recipient's worry!

Worry dolls, also called trouble dolls, are made in Guatemala. They are little dolls with bright clothes and they are supposed to magically chase away the owner's troubles. According to Guatemalan artisans who create these things, Worry Dolls catch your worries while you sleep, and they worry in your place so that when you awaken, you feel good and worry-free.

Get a bunch of worry dolls for your weird friend and share that story with them. I'm sure they'll appreciate your unique present.

Is your eccentric recipient also a foodie?


Give them weird food to enjoy during the holidays.

There are bugs covered in chocolate you can buy nowadays.

Nope, they're not candies shaped like insects - they are REAL bugs: crickets, ants, hoppers, larva, etc.

"Life is like a box of never know what insect you'll sink your teeth into next!"

Yech! But they are really good - so I heard.

Aside from insects dipped or covered in chocolate, there are also bugs seasoned with bacon and cheese, BBQ, sour cream and onion flavorings.

Image courtesy: Fork Party

Novelty Signs

Who can better enjoy and actually use these signs than an eccentric individual?

There are lots of novelty signs to choose from - from funny to even a bit disturbing.

You can even have signboards personalized so the gift can suit the recipient even better!

Here are some novelty signboards for inspiration:

Martini Drink Signs - Repeat if Necessary Posters by NetSpeak

Old Fart - Little Pooter Signs by willowdewisp

Live Single Drink Double Sleep Triple Sign by LoveGraphics

Interesting Books

Books with unusual and interesting topics always make great gifts…

They are perfect for light reading and as they are often funny, they can elicit chuckles and occasional guffaws from readers.

Why don't you consider giving an eccentric friend or relative one of these literary oddities?

Specialty T-Shirts

Weird tees for those who like to wear weird.

Specialty shirts sport all sorts of images, quotes and slogans. Many are witty and downright funny.

With a little research, you can find that special shirt that can fit your eccentric recipient's unusual taste.

Here are some ideas...

by inspirationzstore
Browse more Birds on a wire T-Shirts

Two Crows = Attempted Murder Shirt by strk3
See more Puns T-Shirts

Exotic Plants

There are many unusual plants out there and some even manage to look totally out of this world!

There's the giant Rafflesia, which, despite its pretty red and white coloring, smells really awful you'd think something died, was buried, and decided to rise from its grave. No wonder this plant is also called Corpse Flower.

Another bafflingly unusual plant is the sundew plant with tentacles it uses to capture prey.

There are exotic and unusual plants you can give as houseplants

though and these are relatively safe. One example is the Shy or

Sensitive Plant or Mimosa Pudica. This plant can be potted and

placed indoors or out. When touched, the leaves of this sensitive

plant will shrink and close and will not reopen for a few minutes.

The venus flytrap is also an interesting plant to gift. It can be potted but it is best placed outdoors so it can 'feed' on small insects. The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that preys on fly and other tiny bugs.

Thank You!

Special thanks to Buzz Feed and Biodiversity JC for some of the images used in this lens and for the information.

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