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Gifts for a father to be

Updated on September 15, 2014

Father's day gifts for a father to be

In this article I will share with you a unique selection of Father's Day gifts for a dad to be. This creative selection of gifts will impress any father to be and will most importantly help you celebrate the expected baby and remind your husband or friend that even tough the baby has not been born "fatherhood" has already started! So be prepared to find here some unique Father's day gift ideas for a father to be that is meant to impress. Take the fun, loving and usable approach! After all fathers do need a little LOVE too!

"Happy Fathers Day, Love from bump"

Last updated: 05/10/13

Small tree
Small tree

1- A small tree

A great father's day gift for a Father to be is a small potted tree. This tree is meant to be replanted at home and it will become the symbol of the growth of the new child. Just like a child the tree will need water, minerals and love to continue to growth strongly; similarly the child will grow with the help of his father to follow his own path in life. The tree is a sweet way to mark the birth and the existence of the new child and together they can both be cherished a lifetime if they are cared for.

the big daddy gift set
the big daddy gift set

2 - The Big Daddy Gift Set

The Big daddy gift set is perfect as a father's day gift for a father to be. With a fun variety of very utilitarian baby supplies, this gift will become a total hit! This incredible fun gift can be found at for as low as $155.00 and as according to the site it includes: Vintage Blue hat, DaddyBear Gift Set, DaddyDuck Gift Set, I'm the Daddy Bottle Sleeve, I'm the Daddy Water, Bottle, Big Daddy Hook, I'm the Daddy Sunglasses, Bug Spray from daddy's naturals line and Sun Block from daddy's naturals line.

3 - Father to be themed t-shirts

Another great way to announce a new fatherhood is by giving him a t-shirt that gives it away! This perfect father's day gift will make the new daddy so proud and it is perfect to wear around the people you care about. Here are few fun shirts that I selected for you that are think are very fun, creative and loving!

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The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox
The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

4 - The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Another great Daddy to be father's day gift idea from is "The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox". Functional and fun this toolbox is truly what the expecting father wants but not what he expects! Available for $49.00 the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox contains some funny items as well as some usable and necessary items. Here is the content of the box.

Mask, Goggles, Rubber gloves, Ear/Nose plugs, Turkey Baster, Biohazard bag, Tongs, Poncho, Baby wipes, Hand wipes, Formula container, Picture frame, Diaper and Pacifier

Baby Shower Gifts for a New Dad

5 - Baby Books for New Dad

A great father's day gift for an expecting father that will keep the new daddy informed is Baby books. New dad's need all the info too and they will eventually be proud to show some of the learned skills and help mommy, so make sure to grab a father's day baby book for your hubby or the new dad near you:)

6 - A Fun themed Coffee Mug

Well... It is certain that any new dad needs a lot of coffee to keep him up at night during the crying nights, so why not get an expecting dad a new coffee mugs to fulfill his new needs. You can be the coffee mug will come in handy when waking up in the morning to head to work after a long awaken night. Here is a fun father to be themed mug selection that I have compiled for you. Hope you enjoy this fun idea as he eventually will need!

Mug 1

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    • carol2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the idea of giving the new dad a little tree to plant. We have a tree that's the same age as our youngest, it's great seeing them both grow up.


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