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Gift Ideas For Fishing Fans

Updated on October 4, 2014

Fishing gifts for expert and beginner fishermen.

The cool part is that fishing is such a wide sport ranging from river and sweet-water fly fishing to offshore deep-sea hunting. This is why there are so many types of fishing sport products to choose from which makes finding a proper gift for a fisherman that fits your budget shouldn't be too hard.

My neighbor is a offshore fishing fan and uses line reels or all sorts, both simple closed ones (but with nice bling details) and the more serious, open reel type intended for offshore use. But then he needs a rod to use them on, and line.. all sorts of lines, etc etc.

I'll say this much - getting him a present is real easy. So if you know someone with similar interests let this list be a inspiration in your search for a suitable fishing gift!

Amabassadour bait casting reel
Amabassadour bait casting reel

Ambassadeur C3 - The best bait casting reel

Fishing is an art. It takes skill, patience, good knowledge about weather and fish behavioral and a pinch of luck to get a good catch. Having the right gear makes a huge difference though and can tip the scales in your favor.

The king of the bait casting reels is the Abu Garcia C3. If whoever you are giving a fishing gift to does not have one of these... get one, you can't go wrong.

The Ambassadeur is a long-standing bestseller because it offers excellent quality and performance at a reasonable pricepoint. A ultimate gift for fishermen who take their sport seriously.

Funny Fish Mailboxes

Baby Bass Fishing Lure Mailbox
Baby Bass Fishing Lure Mailbox

Give the mail man a laugh with a novelty fishing mailbox complete with hooks and all!


A good fishing hat

A fishing hat is a excellent gift. If you have a friend or family member who often goes out to fish, hunt or trekking then you probably know how disgusting old sport hats can get. Time for a new one!

A classic fishing hat is soft, has a shade rim and is thick enough to stop mosquitoes from biting through.

A wide rim fishing hat helps to raise contrast seeing which helps in waters where the sun is a problem. Obviously, the wider the brim the better the protection from sun exposure too.

Another type of fishing hat which is becoming popular is the cap with extra long shade and neck flap such as the Columbia Cachalot II Sun Hat. it looks like something from a Sahara movie set but it really offers excellent protection from the elements.

SS Bass Flask/Shot Glass Gift Pack Includes 2 SS Shot Glasses 986
SS Bass Flask/Shot Glass Gift Pack Includes 2 SS Shot Glasses 986

A stylish flask to keep a warming tipple in, for those cold and lonely winter fishing expeditions

A nice one with classic form for those chilling, foggy evenings in the boat waiting for the line to drop.


Shiny cuff links for the dressy fisherman

Once in a while you catch a big fish. All of a sudden you find yourself the center of attention at the bar telling wild fishing stories about your catch. That's when you want to look smart.

Shiny fish reel cuff links do the job!

They come delivered in a nice gift box.

Fishing Log & Diary
Fishing Log & Diary

This fishing journal is a practical gift for fishing fans as they are used to document the exciting details of each fishing expedition.


Fishing Journals , Logs and Diaries

Fishing journals include spaces for all the important information such as location, water, rod and tackle used.

Details of each fish caught, highlights of the day and many more categories to fill out.

How To Make A Cool Fishing Card For Fathers Day - Or any other occasion...

Know anyone who is into fishing? Hope you found something of interest here.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love fishing very much.

    • profile image

      Hannah Writes 

      6 years ago

      My husband is an avid fisherman. Some great gift ideas here!


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