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Gifts for Men Who Like Sports

Updated on March 7, 2013

What to get a Guy who Loves Sports?

What to get as a gift for men who like sports? Something he definitely isn't expecting from you... I'm going to help you selecting some gifts for the sport fan husbands, boyfriends and fathers in your lives. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't so much into sports yourself. If you aren't this Lens might be a big help to you. If you are, you might find some things you like yourself! The first kind of sports related gift I'll talk about is Sports memorabilia. If you are not into that maybe you will like to get a couple of Love coupons for him

Michael Jordan Signed Canvas

Michael Jordan Signed Canvas
Michael Jordan Signed Canvas
Brett Favre Autographed Football
Brett Favre Autographed Football

Different Types of Sports Memorabilia

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You can get so many memorabilia and collectibles it can make your head spin. From every type of autographed sports equipment to sports cards. Jerseys and other apparel, stadium items, handwritten letters, pennants and pins. Just keep it simple. If he likes Football, get an autographed ball or helmet. Basketball; jersey or autographed ball. Baseball; autographed ball or bat.

Gift Poll Questions

Mitch Moreland Autographed Baseball Bat
Mitch Moreland Autographed Baseball Bat

Do You Know What Sports He Likes?

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Where Will the Memorabilia Go?

Think about where you are going to display the item you are getting him. Items like Jerseys, Hockeysticks, Photographs and Bats can be displayed on a suitable wall. An item like a Football or Baseball takes up more space. It can be displayed on a socket or from a closet.

Tips for Buying Sports Gifts - Check out this list when you buy

There are many things to look out for when you buy a special gift like a sports memorabilia item. Go through this checklist and you are on the road of getting something really good.

  • Buy an autographed item from a well-known, reputable company. Buying on E-bay is easier when you really know what you are doing and what you are dealing with.
  • Look for Autographed Memorabilia first and Limited Edition Items second. The first have the greatest chances to retain or increase in value.
  • Buying Items from the Best of the Best gives you a much better chance of having the item increase in value over time. Look for Hall of Famers and truly Legendary players.
  • Buy an Item from a Team or Player he really, really, really likes! That way you can't really go wrong. There is also a much bigger chance it will go up in value. If you buy a cheap item from a nobody because he is on his favourite team and it's cheap, there's a much greater chance for dissapointment and the item will not retain its value as well.
  • Don't buy sportscards or collectible cards if he isn't already into this. Unless you know he really wants to start this. Having a single Jersey on your wall or a Superbowl helmet on display is cool but having a single cards isn't really.
  • Look for items with a certificate of authenticity included. Most reputable sellers include this.

Sports Gifts Ideas - Mickey Mantle Autographed Ball

Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball
Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball

Leave a comment to give other readers ideas. What that team's name was again

Do You Know Which Team or Player he Likes

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Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Tom Brady, New England Patriots
Tom Brady, New England Patriots

The Most Important Thing

Is to get something from a player he really likes!

Pete Rose biography
Pete Rose biography

More Gift Ideas for Men who Like Sports

or you could go a whole other way

Get $10 Off Every $100 You Spend at!!!!If you don't think he will really enjoy having a real item from one of his childhood Idols or current Heroes but you still want to get your sports crazy man something... There are more options. The best ones are video collections with best-of-material and documentaries of famous player's careers. Documentaries of legendary players are really popular with guys. You will be surprised how interested he will be in that stuff.

The downside to these kind of gifts is that he will be watching a lot of sports. And you might not like that too much? Although it gives you more squidoo time... It definitely takes away from the romantic movie watching together.

What you can also give is a biography of a superstar player or other legend. Make sure the person in question is interesting and of sufficient stardom. Usually their lives are interesting just by means of all the matches they played and prizes they won. They are rarely uneventfull.


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