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Gifts for People with Aspergers - Some Ideas

Updated on November 18, 2014

Gifts for People with Asperger's Syndrome

Since all people are different, there's no way to tell you the best gift to give a child, teen or adult with Asperger's, or High Functioning Autism. However, on this page I will attempt to give you some ideas about things that might interest them, and I invite you to add your ideas for the best or worst gift ideas.

People with Asperger's Syndrome generally have a high intelligence so gifts for gifted people are a great idea. You may also want to look for books and videos that are about their interests or hobbies.

"I Love my Aspie" T-Shirt

Brainteasers - Metal Puzzles that are Hard to Take Apart - Have you played with these?

The De-constructor Challenge: 4 Metal Brain Teaser Set (1-1-4)
The De-constructor Challenge: 4 Metal Brain Teaser Set (1-1-4)

Is it just me, or are these kind of puzzles always a lot of fun? You've seen something like this before, haven't you? It's usually 2 pieces of strangely twisted metal, and they come apart, but with great difficulty. You have to figure out just the right away to turn them to separate them... and then figure out how to put them back together again. It's puzzling because they usually look deceptively simple... I have no idea if people with Aspies would find these easy to do or not, but I think many would find them intriguing.


Fun Picture Book about Asperger Syndrome - Helpful Book for Recognizing the Symptoms

All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome
All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

You'll know if a book about Asperger's makes a good gift or not... But if you think it might, this one they'll probably enjoy and share with others. This book is easy for kids to understand and helpful for adults too. Of course, I don't think that you should always buy something Asperger's related, but maybe for the newly diagnosed or if they have been wanting a way to explain their condition to relatives, friends, teachers, etc.


Give the Gift of Money..... Inside of a Puzzle! - Who doesn't like money or a gift card?

Retro Pinball Money Puzzle Gift Card Brainteaser Challenge
Retro Pinball Money Puzzle Gift Card Brainteaser Challenge

This is an unique way that you can give a gift of money (or a gift card or tickets to a game or other event).....


The Asperger's Difference

"The [Asperger's] person usually has a strong desire to seek knowledge, truth and perfection with a different set of priorities. ... The overriding priority may be to solve a problem rather than satisfy the social or emotional needs of others." - Dr Tony Attwood (Computerworld: Asperger's: the IT industry's dark secret)

Here's Something Valuable, and Collectible - Not just a Panda Coin, but an Investment Instrument

2012 1 oz CHINA PANDA SILVER COIN, 1 troy Oz, .999, with mint capsule
2012 1 oz CHINA PANDA SILVER COIN, 1 troy Oz, .999, with mint capsule

This gift might inspire them to look up silver and other commodity prices, and might stimulate an interest in economics and finance. If they are the kind of person that loves to research and learn new things, they might find themselves following the spot price of silver.


Great Toy for Older Kids and Teens - * 8 years and up * 500+ Reviews *

Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit
Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

When I was a kid, I always wanted a science kit or electronics kit. For my birthday one year, I received a kit like this one. It really is a lot of fun. It has 300 projects you can do, and you can make things that actually work, like a radio, doorbell, and burglar alarm. If you're looking for a gift for a smart kid, look no further!


Books Written By People with Asperger's Syndrome - Memoirs and Advice

Amazon's Kindle eReader - Ultimate Gift for an Avid Reader

Kindle E-reader, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation – 7th)
Kindle E-reader, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation – 7th)

The Kindle eReader has really come down in price, and it opens them to a whole world of books that they can read almost instantly. The E-ink looks like paper so it's not hard on the eyes like a typical computer screen. Reading on the Kindle might be a very relaxing and rewarding experience for them.


Birthday Parties Can be Difficult - Loud Music... Lots of Noise.. Crowds of People... Not Fun!

Something to think about if you are planning a birthday or Christmas party for a child or adult with Asperger's Syndrome.

Maybe you can help out others who are wondering what kind of gifts to give, or what to avoid. Obviously everyone with Asperger's Snydrome is different, and no one gift idea fits all ages and interests, but sometimes sharing gift ideas helps people find the right one.

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