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A Guide to Gifts for Teen Girls

Updated on March 8, 2014

Find the Perfect Gifts for Teen Girls

Struggling to find a gift for teen girls? Look no further! This page will give you all sorts of ideas! Gifts for girl teens can be a hard thing to shop for these days. If you aren't a teenage girl yourself, you probably don't know what they want these days. You could spend hours and hours wandering fruitlessly all over the mall - or you can find what you need right here!

Squidoo is saying that I don't have enough content on here. Clearly this isn't a spammy lens, I'm really just trying to provide gifts for teen girls. However, in order to prevent this lens from being locked and deleted in the next few hours, I'll try to add some wording on here. What do you guys think? What more would you like to see on this lens?

Photo Courtesy of Ken's Oven on Flickr.

Jewelry for Teen Girls

Almost every teen girl loves to get jewelry. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets... girls love it all. Jewelry also make a perfect gift for teen girls because you can find some for an inexpensive price that still looks very nice!

Finding the Right Gift for Teen Girls

I surveyed many teenagers in research for this lens. The results I came up with were pretty consistent!

1. Jewelry

2. Movies

3. Games

4. Accessories


6. Posters

7. Car Accessories

8. Make Up

9. Purses

10. Sports Equipment

11.Sentimental Gifts

If you are looking for a good gift for a teenage girl that you know pretty well, then look into a sentimental gift! Something like a picture frame with a memorable picture. Or a journal! Be creative!

Look around on this page for more ideas! Check out the links from Amazon, and check out links to other websites with more great gift ideas!

Jewelry Holders

These are useful gifts because girls usually have a lot of jewelry and while it never hurts to get more, a smart jewelry gift is a place to put everything!

Games for Teen Girls

Useful gift, because girls enjoy playing board games with friends and family!

Fun Game!

Many teen girls like the Hunger Games series! Here's a cool game to go along with it that would make many teen girls happy!

Games to play with friends make great gifts!

Teen girls love games. It's great for parties, great for family time, traveling, etc. Games are wonderful to entertain, and they can be played over and over again! Is she into educational stuff? Find some cool education games, such as Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be A Millionaire or others. (You can find some good geography games on Teach Geography) If she's more into pop culture, how about something like Trivial Pursuit Games? Classics, such as Scrabble or Yahtzee or Boggle, can be good, as well! (As long as she doesn't already have them! Might want to check with a family member before you buy it!)

Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase
Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase

This is a fun game! Great for family and friends, and very easy to play!

Dutch Blitz
Dutch Blitz

A little challenging to play, but so much fun once you get the hang of it! *Eligible for Free Shipping*


Movies for Teen Girls

Try some good movies! See if she has her favorite movie. If she already does, look for similar movies that she may like!

Chick Flicks for Teen Girls!

Every girl loves a good movie! However, like music, every girl has a different favorite movie. Chick flicks are usually a safe bet. Some classics are Walk To Remember, The Princess Bride, Terms of Endearment, The Notebook, A Cinderella Story, Run Away Bride, Bride Wars, Confessions of A Shopaholic, Sweet Home Alabam, Steel Magnolias, The Lakehouse, and the list goes on. Try to find out from family or friends what movies she already has, that way you can add to her collection instead of giving her two of the same one. Throw some popcorn or candy with the gift, too!

The Proposal (Single-Disc Edition)
The Proposal (Single-Disc Edition)

By far another of my fav's! Watched it twice in one week! *Eligible for Free Shipping*


Car Accessories for Teen Girls

Does she have her own car? Help her style it!

Purses for Teen Girls

Only get for a girl if you know her very well... picking out purses can be kind of tricky.

Gifts Cards Are Easy and Useful

When you don't know what to get, gift cards are very helpful. That way the recipient can get exactly what she wants! Find a general Wal-Mart or Amazon gift card, or get one for her favorite store!

Sentimental Gifts

Every girl is a sucker for something sentimental. Something personalized, and something from you will make all the difference. Some great ideas are a picture frame with a picture of you and her in it. Technology has made it easy to personalize so many things.

Or maybe you have a ton of pictures on your computer, but don't know how to organize them and give them to her. Make a picture slide-show! Use a computer application such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, and add pictures and music with some transitions. Then, put that on a DVD and give it to her!

Sentimental DVD - Pics with music really makes a great gift!

Taking some pictures, and possibly even video clips, and putting them with music can make a really, really great gift!

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What Do You Want? Vote!!

If you're a teenage girl, vote below on which you'd like to have the most! Then better yet, create your own lens about it!

What Do You Want Most?

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Start Shopping Now!

Got an idea of what you want? If you can find it through the Amazon links above, try eBay for the perfect teen gift at a great price, and hassle free shopping!

Need to Give Some Gifts for Teen Girls for On Short Notice?

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Please note, I do make a small amount in affiliate revenue from sales made through this lens. I am trying to save money for college, and this is a great way to do so!

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      Top 20 Toy List.

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      Great lens, well-presented info. It's been a while since I was a teenage girl so I hardly know what to give my niece every Christmas! Thanks to your lens, I now have an idea. 5* (:

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