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Christmas Wish List - Gifts For Teenage Girls

Updated on November 8, 2011

Christmas gifts for teenage girls is usually easier than it is for their male counterparts - girls tend to like anything that relates to fashion, make-up, cool gadgets such as cell phones and similar, handbags, jewelry, perfume - the list is extensive.

You can opt for something that's not only makes a great Christmas gift, it's also practical, such as a new laptop or Netbook. Maybe a new cell phone or digital camera. Clothing is always welcome - be it cool yet comforting pajamas or the latest fashion wear.

Gifts for teen girls are often found on wish lists around the Internet, which is a great place to start looking/purchasing from as you often get a wider choice of availability and many items will be on sale at a discount price. The best gifts for teen girls are featured below - all best sellers, most popular or most wished for.

The Acer Aspire Oneis ruby red, compact and delivers on the mobile PC front. Capable of aiding your daughters educational career, it will satisfy her needs re Facebook networking, allow her to endlessly chatter on MSN and if you're really lucky, she may even thank you for it.

The operating system is Windows XP Home w/SP3 which is perfectly set up for a myriad of computing needs and it ably supports the surprisingly powerful 1.6GHz N270 Intel Atom processor. This is a highly suitable, highly recommended Netbook and will make a great Christmas gift for teenage girls.

The Asus Eee PC has a 1GB capacity, wireless network ready and comes with Windows 7 as it's operating system. The operating system is Intel Atom N450 and it comes with Kindle for PC installed. A great Netbook and one of the current bestsellers on the market. Oh yes ... and it's pink.

Perfectly suited for homework, college work and like the previous netbook is highly portable and durable. It's got enough bells and whistles to allow for general surfing, video streaming plus more. This is mobile computing at it's best and it's worth every cent of the price tag.

USB Webcam for PC - Nanny Cam

This is a great funky yet cool Christmas giftfor teenage girls - a web-cam that's not only fully functional, it's adorable and cute. And a best selling gift for teens. The camera is 1.3 mega-pixels and located in the nose, and it's a plug and play unit - simply connect it via a USB port.

Great for online gaming, chatting with friends on Skype and any program that requires the use of a web cam - and will work with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Great inexpensive gift, different, unique and on the teen girls wish list.

The 5th generation Apple iPod is a top wished for Christmas gift for teenage girls. Having owned one for a while, I can attest to the function and style of one of the most popular examples of MP3 technology on the market. It can hold a huge combination of songs, videos and photos, as well as effortlessly deliver crisp, high quality sound and video playback.

They can be connected to the Internet to download/upload and the latest generation (this one) can also be used as a video camera, a wonderful new feature that's not to be missed. It has a pedometer installed - great for health conscious teen girls and it's simply oozes the style and class you should expect from a high-end piece of technology. Absolutely on of the most wished for Christmas gifts and at it's current discount price - not to be missed.

This one's an inexpensive gift for teen girls, a little whimsical yet so pretty and appealing. It's eco-friendly, free from nickel and the wings change color with the wearers mood. It's cool looking, ever attractive to young girls with an eye of something that's just a little bit different and will delight the recipient.

Not ever Christmas gift is about the cost - it's about the thought and the fact that's it's unusual or that no one else has the same item. Delightful, inexpensive and currently on offer at a great discount price.


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