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Home Made Gifts Under 10: Make up a Traditional Christmas Stocking for Adults

Updated on September 10, 2014

How to make up cheap Christmas stockings for adults

Are you looking for inexpensive gifts ideas that someone will love? Have you thought about creating a traditional gift for them? Take them back to their childhood with a Christmas Stocking,, all for under £10/$15.

When I was young our Christmas Stocking was one of Dad's long woollen ones with an apple, an orange, some nuts, a lucky coin, a sugar mouse, a puzzle and a little gift. I'm not suggesting you look out your old socks, but what about incorporating a perenial gift of socks with a Traditional Stocking for you adult friends?

I am very conscious that many of us are counting every penny and I for one what to make sure the gifts I do give are of use to the person receiving them. Personally I can't think of anything worse, when you are worrying about paying the bills, than opening a present that you don't like and is of little use to you.

I bought each of my friends a pair of socks. I used these for stockings and filled them with a few presents, all of which came to under £10. For each pair of socks I put one inside the other and turned down the tops to show that there was a pair there. For stocking fillers I have gone back to basics and included an apple, orange and nuts as well as chocolate. For the other little presents, I found out which after-shave moisturiser my male friend uses and what face cleansers my female friend uses. I included sticky notes for him and small notebooks for her shopping lists with pens to go with them ( neither of them can ever find a pen!). I rolled a small puzzle book each for them and tied them with a piece of ribbon and for fun included a cute animal keyring.

The idea behind these gifts is to give nothing that will be wasted and indeed have included stuff they use every day.

Image credit: 'My Christmas Stocking' by AnnMackieMiller

Christmas Stocking for Her - traditional Christmas gifts

Christmas stocking
Christmas stocking

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Socks for Women - available on Amazon

If you want to avoid giving something that is only of use one day a year - check out the variety of different sock patterns available. There is plenty to choose from.

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Essentials for creating a Christmas Stocking gift

Every stocking has to have these:

  • Apple
  • Tangerine
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate or candy
  • Lucky 'penny' - a gift of money coin is very traditional. This is where the idea for the chocolate coins comes from.

Christmas Stocking for Him

Christmas stocking
Christmas stocking

More Stocking Filler Suggestions

Pick out little gifts that are useful and will fit into a stocking.

  • Puzzle books are always popular
  • Lip balm - male and female are available and you can get different flavours too.
  • Bottle stop - one of those things to cap wine. There are lots of fun designs and they are not too expensive.
  • badges, buttons or fridge magnets
  • Mini measuring tape
  • Keyrings
  • Worry balls
  • pen or pencil
  • handbag size notebook
  • diary
  • handbag tissue holder
  • handcream

Where does the tradition of hanging out stockings at Christmas come from?

When I was growing up in the 1950s in Scotland the stockings we hung up on Christmas Eve were my father wool socks knitted by my Mum! Today there are hundreds of specially created Christmas stockings to buy but I have to admit, they lack the magic of those early Christmas stockings. Of course in those days each person got one major present and a Christmas stocking, so it was a major part of our Christmas.

It is hard to know how long the tradition has been carried on but it probably came from Europe, first to Britain and then over the pond to America. Certainly the children of Holland left their clogs out on Christmas Eve to be filled with candy.

One legend says it started with the original Father Christmas, St Nicolas - another that it comes from a wealthy nobleman in Eastern Europe. The story goes that a poor man could not raise the money to marry off his three daughters, this at a time when women needed to have a dowry to bring to a marriage. Supposedly the wealthy nobleman hid coins inside each of the daughters' stockings that were hanging out to dry.

Time to get back to basics

I suppose it might be that I became a pensioner this year but I find I have less and less patience with the over-spending we are witness to at Christmas. In some cases it is obscene the amount of money that is spend on gifts that people just don't like. It is all very well to say you only buy things you like, that doesn't mean the recipient is going to like it.

Instead, take a bit more time and create more personal gifts. I know I appreciate them much more. A new apron or tea-towels are much more use to me than scented bath salts in a fancy box that you just know I am going to donate to charity.

Think outside the box - why not give friends and family an IOU notice for something, anything from washing their car to treating them to an evening out.

Gifts don't have to cost a lot of money to demonstrate how much you are thinking of someone at Christmas.

© 2010 Ann

Do you make up a traditional Christmas stocking - Happy holidays!

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