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Ten Thoughtful Gifts For Sisters!

Updated on December 31, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Welcome to my Gift Guide For Sisters!

I adore my little sister, Celia! She is five years my junior. I met her for the first time when she was five years old and I was ten. We didn't get to grow up together because I was adopted, but we found each other as adults at ages 35 and thirty, and have been mixed up together like coffee and cream ever since! I was thinking of what I could give her for Christmas, and thought other people might be looking for gifts for their sisters too! There are so many "typical" sister gifts out there - you can get all kinds of things with the word, "Sisters" printed on them. That's easy. But most of them are kind of.... well... ordinary, aren't they?

My sis is so easy for me to please with gifts because our tastes are so very similar. Do you and your sister(s) like the same things when you shop together? If so, you've got it made - just secretly observe what she picks up to look at and go back and snag it later on! If not, you can have one intimidating shopping challenge on your hands!

I have chosen gifts only from eBay and Amazon, both of which I trust and buy from myself, so you can shop with confidence! Some of the gifts are very low-cost but high value in terms of sentiment! While we're not allowed to promote more than one or two outside purchasing links on this venue, you can use my ideas as a springboard from which to start.

Happy sister shopping! If you do decide to try some of my suggestions, I'm pretty sure you will make your sister's special occasion shine in her memory with your gift or gifts!

Sisters Are Tricky To Buy For!

The key is to find a gift, or gifts, that will show you invested some time and thought. Your goal? The "WOW" factor! That is what you want her to say when she opens it - "WOW!"

Do You Have A Sister On Your Gift List?

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Gift Ideas For Sisters! - From Easy One-Click Buys to DIY Projects

Choose one or several... whatever your budget and time allows!

  • Frame a special photograph of the two of you
  • Choose an activity the two of you have always said you should do together. Coordinate the details and actually do it! For her gift presentation, give her a card with an itinerary written inside, tickets to an event, etc.
  • Choose something your sister loves but would never splurge on for herself. Could it be a special treat for her nails, hair services, or some other spa service? An art set? A special appliance? Think about what it is that she drools over and mentions a lot.

Photos Are Always Treasured!

Do you have a great photo of you and your sister together? Get it printed out at your local drugstore that has a photo department, or online, and buy a fabulous photo frame to put it in! A picture frame alone is a special gift, true... but a picture frame with a treasured photo already in it brings that "WOW" factor into play!

Take Her To The Movies... At Home!

How about a great Sisters Movie! Is there a favorite movie the two of you have watched ? Or pick a movie about sisters... To add some memories to your gift, set a date for the two of you to check out the new movie together. See it in the theater or perhaps rent a DVD and watch it at home with your favorite carry-out or snacks!

Give Her The Gift Of Snuggliness!

How about giving your sis a warm, cozy throw... something she can wrap up in when she needs comfort, and will be reminded of you every time she uses it!

If you are crafty at sewing or quilting, obviously a handcrafted quilt or blanket made by you would be a super special gift that would be treasured forever!

Give Her Favorite Treat Or Indulgence!

What is your sister's favorite treat? The one she won't indulge in very often but goes crazy about when she does... is it Chocolate? Getting her nails done? A spa?

Once you've figured it out, give her the box of imported chocolates, the gift certificate to her favorite spa or nail salon. Even better? Go with her to enjoy the indulgence and treat yourself too!

Is Your Sister Crafty?

Does your sister knit or crochet? Draw or paint? Sculpt in clay? Think of her favorite crafty activity, and search for the supplies.

Imprinted Gifts Are Always Fun & Unexpected!

Pick your photo and go to, where you can have it printed on hundreds of items from sterling earrings to framed wall canvases and shower curtains to sweatshirts, tote bags or warm-up jackets! There are hundreds of items to choose from! Affordable prices. When you use the link above, your purchase will support our Miniature Schnauzer rescue too!

Dinner Out With Your Sis!

When is the last time you and your sis had dinner out together, just the two of you? Think of how much fun that would be! It can be a picnic at the beach or dinner in heels and jewels at a fancy restaurant... whatever the two of you enjoy!

Does She Like To Read?

How about getting your sister a magazine subscription to her favorite magazine. What magazine does she always bring on trips?

My Favorite Gift... That Of Memories!

How about making a keepsake memory book for your sister? True, this one does take some time and effort. Get a scrapbook, (like the cool one I found for you below!) fill it with pictures of both of you, write your thoughts in the margins. You can make this ultra-simple or ultra-fancy, it's up to you!

Is Your Sister A Cook? A Baker?

Does your sister love to bake or cook? Or, are there favorite foods you make that your sister enjoys? Put together a little notebook with all her favorite recipes in it - this is a gift she will treasure!

Do something fun! Let's say you have a $100 budget for your sister. Why not buy several gifts that add up to $100, maybe all with a theme like sentimentality - and present them to her either all together or one gift each day for the 10 days before Christmas (or her birthday, or whatever your occasion!) ! Your gifts will be memorable!

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I have 3 sisters, and I'm sure they'll appreciate your thoughtful suggestions.

    • sheilamarie78 profile image

      sheilamarie78 5 years ago

      I have five sisters plus three sisters-in-law. Thanks for these ideas.