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Wine Related Gifts For Fun

Updated on November 6, 2013

Have A Laugh With These Wine Gifts

If you love wine or know someone else who does, then here's an array of wine related items and gadgets that could make great gifts. Have some fun and find a gift an unusual gift in the wine department.

From a chic, beautifully designed 'flow' wine rack to a gorgeous pink hip flask for the girls, as well as this funky bottle holder, there are loads more amusing things to make you laugh.

There is bound to be something that tickles your fancy and could brighten up your home - and even become a talking point when entertaining guests.

Drinking wine is one of life's greatest pleasures. Ergo, not being able to open the flippin' bottle is one of life's greatest frustrations. So imagine how exasperating it would be if you couldn't even get at the actual bottle in the first place.

But how could that happen, you ask? Well, quite easily actually. All you need is a Don't Break the Bottle puzzle. These fiendish brain bam-booze-lers (see what we've done there?) are ingenious gifts that will amuse and infuriate, depending on whether you're giving or receiving. Simply lock the bottle of your choice in the puzzle's seemingly impenetrable embrace and present to your host/victim.

At first glance, these maddening contraptions appear easy to solve. In fact, recipients may even titter at your thinly-veiled malevolence and applaud your twisted sense of humour. But not for long. After a few failed attempts, they'll be pulling faces worthy of The Hulk trying to do a Rubik Cube. And, as full on dipsomania sets in, they'll be begging for the solution. (Walking out at this point is a seriously good joke).

Black+Blum flow 22-1/4 by 3-1/2 by 2-3/8-Inch Wall Mounted Wine Rack, Brushed Staineless Steel

Trust it, they won't fall out!

I've always liked this unique wine rack. I suppose it's because of its minimalistic design. It has been inspired by the flow of liquid, and is finished in a brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum amount of space.

Flow Specifications:

  • Brushed 2mm stainless steel.
  • Includes wall fixing.
  • Packaged in a corrugated box which can be torn in half to make two additional wine racks (for use in your wine cellar or garage).
  • Dimensions: H 55cm x W 4.5cm x D 8cm.

Oenophilia Vinomatico Rechargeable Corkscrew

If you're after an electric corkscrew, you won't do better than this especially for the money. It copes efficiently when extracting artificial synthetic corks, and more importantly, it releases the cork without a glitch as expected. This can be a major problem with a few of the less expensive electric corkscrews.


"I recently received a Vinomatic (love that name!) as a gift from a friend and thought that I wouldn't use it too much. How wrong I was...I use it every time I open a bottle of wine and it opens them beautifully."

Fridge Monkey

Bottle and Can Stacker


The space saving aid to stacking wine or beer bottles safely in the fridge.

Fridge Monkey is an extremely simple product that performs well at keeping bottles and cans from rolling around on a flat refrigerator shelf. The unit holds 10 beer/soft drink cans or bottles, or 5 wine bottles, or any combination thereof.

In blue colour only.

J.K. Adams MWR-40 Hardwood 40-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural

With its geometrically proportioned design, this sturdy wine rack looks great in the kitchen, pantry, or bar area.

The unit securely cradles up to 40 standard-size bottles of wine. Precisely constructed of solid hardwood and put together like tinker toys, the pins seat so snugly into the octagonal beams that the unit requires no glue for assembly. Each wine-rack kit comes packed with enough extra joining pins to allow for adding on additional racks in the future as the wine collection grows.

To clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. The wine rack measures approximately 9 by 30 by 22 inches and carries a five-year limited warranty.

True Fabrications Chain Bottle Rack

When your average bottle rack won't do, whether it's just too small or inelegant, the Wine Chain Cradle is here to add that something special. You'll marvel at how it balances the bottle, and it will be a talking point when you have visitors around. This unique wine bottle holder is built well and can hold a full bottle of wine with ease.

The chain is made from a nickel-plated iron, so strength is not an issue. If you place the Wine Chain Cradle onto a surface without a bottle, it will not be able to hold itself up. But when a bottle is placed into the cradle, it balances perfectly!


H 190mm W 230mm D 145mm Max. Bottle Neck: Ã 30mm

Glass Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper

67 oz.

This is a Ship's decanter for Red Wine. It's beautifully made to the high standards of comparable quality glass crystal manufacturers like Riedel or Schott.

The oak spherical ball top is a perfect fit and extremely easy to remove with fingers without having to tip the decanter up. This ball closes the neck of the decanter to wine so avoiding oxidation (air spoiling the wine) or other contaminants.

It measures 12" tall.

Wine Travel Carrier & Cooler Bag.

Chills 2 bottles of wine or champagne. A good gift idea for business colleagues, co-workers and family or friends. With free shipping and delivery what more could you want?

I loved this bag the minute I set eyes on it. As a two bottle insulated wine carrier, it's gotten an adjustable shoulder strap, unlike many others, so it can easily be carried by the handle, or over the shoulder. It also has a side pocket with room to carry a pocketbook inside - now that must be some good extra space!

If you go to BYOB restaurants, then this bag is just what you need - bring a bottle of red, and a bottle of white, and you're in for a good night!

Wonky glasses

I must get some of these and watch my friends desperately try to correct their 'faulty' vision when faced with these wonky drinks glasses, especially after a glass or two.

Even in a stone cold sober state, one look at one of these glasses is enough to make one feel tipsy.

They're a must-have for pranksters and those with a sense of humor.

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Champagne Chiller Bag

Cork Design

Chill bottles of champagne fast using this Rapid Ice Champagne Chiller. Simply place the ''jacket'' into the freezer and remove before serving, then slip it over the bottle. Your champagne will go from room temperature to chilled in just five minutes, and stay cool for hours.

The multi-layered foil jacket is filled with a non-toxic gel which has been designed to remain flexible after freezing and therefore will accommodate various shapes and styles of bottles.

Featured in black with and accented with champagne corks in gold. Travels well and makes a perfect gift for anyone who entertains.

Reed & Barton Silver-plated 2-Quart Ice Bucket

With contemporary style, this two-quart ice bucket offers a distinctive presentation at any occasion.

Refresh guests' drinks with this bar accessory or set on a buffet table filled with shavings or cubes for self-service. The classic container is richly plated with tarnish-free silver.

Featuring a clever design, the lid is attached to the swing handle, keeping the cover secure and the ice from melting. Hand polishing maintains the satin finish for years to come. Crafted by Reed & Barton, one of America's leading silversmiths for nearly two centuries, this bucket makes a perfect gift, complementing any décor with refinement.

Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump with 2 Stoppers

The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers – Black
The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers – Black
A smart and stylish addition to any in-home bar, this wine pump and stopper set eliminates waste by preserving the flavor and finish of previously opened bottles of wine. The set features a durable black pump, whose patented vacuum indicator sounds an audible click to indicate when the optimal amount of air has been removed from the bottle. Furthermore, the pump's ergonomically designed handle ensures comfortable, slip-free use while its compact design stores easily in any cupboard or cabinet. Along with the wine pump, the set provides two reusable rubber bottle stoppers, whose tight seals slow down the oxidation process and keep wine fresh for 7 to 10 days.

Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather - Black

CellarDine Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather, Black
CellarDine Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather, Black
To enjoy most wines you should allow them to breathe or decant at least an hour or more before drinking. But how often do you not have enough time or simply forget... Or maybe unexpected guests arrive? Well now there's a solution. With the Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather, you can enjoy your wines at their best within minutes of opening. The fabulous Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather works by gently bubbling air through your wine releasing its full bouquet and flavour, cutting the breathing time from an hour to just 1 minute! The Rouge O2 Electronic Wine Breather makes an ideal gift for everyone who enjoys wine.

Therm Au Rouge 7386 Wine Warmer

Once in a while a product comes along which is truly innovative and exciting and the Therm au Rouge red wine warmer is one of those products.

Most people know that to bring out the full bouquet and flavour of red wine it needs to be consumed at room temperature, but how often do we forget to purchase our wine before entertaining or simply store wine in the garage to save space. Last minute attempts to warm wine can destroy the taste.

Experts in the wine industry have independently tested and approved The Therm au Rouge which means that it must do the job effectively.

True Fabrications Used Wine Oak Barrel Bread Board Cutting Board

True Fabrications Oak Wine Barrel Serving Tray 22 Inch
True Fabrications Oak Wine Barrel Serving Tray 22 Inch
This is a fabulous piece. I bought this to display fruit on in my conservatory. It looks good and is an unusual conversation starter. There are some other oak items produced by this company which look attractive, so must check them out. The smell of the oak is lovely, a sort of vanilla aroma reminiscent of an empty wine barrel.

For loads of different things, PLUS a corking amount of wine and winemaking related stuff, this is the place to go...

The Daddy Wine Puzzle

Think before you drink!

The Daddy Wine Puzzle

This fiendish wooden contraption is guaranteed to amuse and infuriate, as its seemingly impenetrable embrace can only be released via a decent dollop of lateral thinking - there's much more to it than simply untangling a mess of balls, blocks and cord. Dad won't know whether to thank you, throttle you or beg for the solution.

Both Standard and Deluxe versions fit any bottle with a 3.3cm diameter neck. And once dear pater has solved his he can use it again and again to imprison other unsuspecting bottles. If Dad's lateral thinking isn't up to the challenge the solution is provided in an envelope in the pack.

Cheat, cheat, cheat!

How to Get Red Wine Out of a White CarpetAnd Over 2,000 Other Household Hints

This must-have reference and source book covers every household problem, featuring new and time-tested solutions, strategies and secrets for each room of the house-and the garden too.

This handy guide, organized into categories including Indoor Hints, Outdoor Hints, Safety and Environment and Daily Living, features room-by-room cleaning ideas; repairs, refinishing and tools; gardening basics, lawn care and automobiles; home safety, pest control and energy-saving tricks; holiday hints, organizing methods and so much more.

Pink Hip Flask

One for the ladies!

Pink Hip Flask

Fill this 2.5 oz stainless steel flask with your favorite tipple. Captive top.

Not really wine related, but couldn't resist it, can you?

Wine Bottle Holders

!! SPECIAL OFFER !! This wine bottle holder will always remind you of what it's like when you have drunk too much. (Delivery excludes wine bottle)

Beautifully handcrafted in Germany.

Wide range of different items

bar tool WINE BOTTLE THERMOMETER stainless steel cuff

Use this handy, heat sensitive stainless steel cuff to find the right temperature of your wine. Clip it to the center of the bottle; the temperature of wine will appear on the thermal band. Compare with the printed guide on the cuff and serve when ready.

Works with 750ml bottle. Reusable again and again. No batteries needed. It acts as your own personal sommelier. Perfect as a gift! Dimensions: 2.5" closed (it stretches to fit the wine bottle).

Remake It! Wine Cork Trivet

Streamline Imagined Wine Cork Trivet
Streamline Imagined Wine Cork Trivet
An imaginative and delightful way to help the environment by reusing and recycling your favorite wine corks. This potholder protects your tables from those hot serving dishes, teapots, or saucepans and efficiently cools whatever. Simply screw eight of your favorite used wine corks onto each of the metal spokes, and voila, and easy-to-make, ever-useful. Wine cork trivet measures 6 in diameter.

4GB Cork USB Drive - Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

Genuine wine cork with a 4GB USB drive inserted and a cellphone strap to attach to your keychain or briefcase - perfect gift for a wine lover! Wine stamps will differ from the one shown in the photo.

4GB Cork USB Drive - Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers
4GB Cork USB Drive - Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers
USB specifications 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 compliance support, plug and playTransferring rate up to 480 Mbit per second at high speed (Depends on different PC configuration)At least 10 years of data retention with 1,000,000 times storageSupport all Mac and windows versionsInternal memory: 4GB

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