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Gifts To Make Coffee Lovers Smile!

Updated on January 16, 2015
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Give Someone Who Loves Coffee A Smile!

Is there any aroma more tantalizing than that of fresh coffee brewing? I don't think so! I can't recall a time when I've smelled coffee brewing and it's failed to bring a smile to my face. Wouldn't it be nice to bring that smile to the face of someone special?

If you know someone who loves... no, adores coffee like nothing else in the world, or if you happen to be that coffee lover yourself, you've landed on a place where you can find a few sweet coffee gifts you can feel great about giving... or enjoying!

I've chosen some outstanding coffee brewers in every price range for you, from the virtually instant gratification of the Keurig to the old-school Chemex and the Paula Deen stove-top Percolator (all of which I own and love for various reasons!)

The gifts I've selected are only from trusted sellers like Amazon and eBay, so you can buy with absolute confidence! There is one brand new source of gifts I have added, in the links section - La Colombe. If you've watched the Travel Channel TV show, "Dangerous Grounds," you've seen LaColombe's owner, Todd Carmichael, carrying out some pretty dangerous adventures out in the remote corners of the world! Todd seeks out the most elusive tantalizing coffee beans to delight his customers. LaColombe offers their company special merchandise gifts as well as unique non-electric coffee makers, coffee caramel and other wonderful items to tempt we coffee lovers. Perhaps the most exciting items offered by LaColombe are the whole coffee beans! You can watch the TV show, see Todd find the Blue Mountain beans, then purchase the Blue Mountain beans from his store and see what they taste like! Now, to me... that's just darned cool.

So take a look around - you will undoubtedly find something wonderful to delight your coffee-loving friend, or yourself, right here!

The BEST Travel Mug I've Ever Used! This Will Simply Not Leak!

Why The Contigo Travel Mug Is So Awesome!

As a coffee drinker for more than 40 years, I have tried a LOT of travel mugs! Awhile back I discovered the Contigo travel mug and it has allowed me to get rid of every other travel mug I own! Why? What's so great? Quite simply, it does not leak! I fill up this mug, I toss it in my tote bag with my phone and anything else important, and off I go. It is amazing.

Another awesome thing – it an easy one hand move to drink out of the thing. You hit the release button with your thumb and drink.

And one more bit of wonderfulness – the coffee stays hot for 7 HOURS. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Here's The Keurig I Just Bought My Son!

How Keurig Saves Me Money AND Makes My Life More Enjoyable!

There are some very good reasons why Keurig is so popular! Here are some of the reasons why I went Keurig and will never go back.

  1. You'll never pour out a pot of coffee again. No waste!
  2. There is a stunning number of varieties of K-cups to choose from! If you're a stick-to-the-basics person, you can find one or two kinds you love and order in quantity. If you're an adventurous coffee drinker, you can try every flavor and brew of the rainbow.
  3. Entertaining's never been easier! It's so much fun to let my guests choose their own K-cup to brew and they love getting what they like too!
  4. Speed – you can pop your travel mug under the brewer, push a button and be out the door in under a minute with your freshly brewed masterpiece!

A Word About Coffee Selection... .

If you don't know your gift recipient's preference, go medium roast. Too light, too dark might be undesirable. People can usually put up with one grade difference so medium is pretty safe!

My Favorite Cup of Coffee... - Is At My BFF Sally's House!

Sheila's Coffee Rules

1) Coffee must NEVER be microwaved!

2) Coffeepot must NEVER be reheated! Ick!

3) Coffee is ALWAYS better when enjoyed with a friend!

Tell Us Your Coffee Preferences! - What Do YOU Think?

Which way do you like your coffee best?

LaColombe/Todd Carmichael/Dangerous Grounds On YouTube!

Oh my you can almost smell it brewing!

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