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A List of gifts that men like – guide for women

Updated on February 27, 2012

Nice husbands, boyfriends, guy friends and male co-workers deserve to receive gifts from women once in a while. It is easy to give gifts to women because we know what other women like. This hub is a list of all the items that a guy would like to receive as gifts. I really think that women should show our appreciation for men with big hearts; they are very rare.

Ipod – I don't want to say electronics because that is way too general. Many guys would enjoy listening to their music anywhere anytime, the Ipod is a perfect portable device that does just that. It is also one of the cheaper electronic gadgets in Apple's lineup. Everything else is more expensive, the Iphone and Ipad are two things that apple charges a fortune for.

Iphone accessory – Some guys have a need to text others excessively. The Iphone 4s is great for all its apps, but you don't have a very easy to use full keyboard. For some professionals, they use the text feature of the phone quite often to communicate with co-workers and customers. You can give your friend a removable Iphone 4 and 4s keyboard accessory for him to send text messages quickly.

Wine / beverage / alcohol cooler – Guys like their wine, beverage or alcoholic coolers. While it is true that alcohol is not a great thing to have constantly, having a beer once in a while or in controlled settings wouldn't hurt. For a special guy, wine / beverage / alcohol cooler is a great gift that he will use very often. Women should also get creative with their gifts by giving him a movable wine / beverage / alcohol cooler instead of a stationary one. Your good friend will enjoy watching the game with his buddies and having cooled beverages near the sofa for easy access.

Sunglasses – Men are conscious about their image and love to receive sunglasses as a gift. Aside from being fashionable, sunglasses protect the eyes against UV radiation. Aviator sunglasses are very flattering for men with slim faces. Sporty sunglasses are great for guys that like outdoor sports and want to look good at the same time.

Star war items – some guys are into scientific fiction, Star war items are great gifts for guys that have an internal geeky side. Many guys that are into star war items also love new technology. It would be a smart idea to get him a star war theme electronic item.

Athletic / dress shoes – Believe or not, men are into fashion. They like to match and wear items that they think are fashionable. Since men do not carry handbags, they concentrate their fashion sense on clothes and shoes. Many times, a guy loves to have different shoes to go with different outfits.

Men like to eat good food. You should get to know his favorite restaurant and the types of food that he enjoys to eat the most. If he is your significant other, you can take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant or try a new restaurant together. Your guy will appreciate your nice gesture and enjoy the evening fully. When he is a good friend, you can give him a gift certificate to a restaurant.

Stainless steel flask – Guys like liquor and a stainless steel flask is the best option for carrying some alcohol around in style. For example, when your friend is camping or spending some time in the wild, he will have access to his favorite liquor in style.

Coffee mug warmer – Guys and girls both like to have their morning coffee for a wake up call. No one likes cold coffee in the morning and coffee tends to cool down quickly. You should surprise your boyfriend, husband or friend with this thoughtful gift.


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    • seoendra profile image


      6 years ago from India

      JIN that's not right you told every one what you likes!:(

      But it's good writing:)


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