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Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Gift Ideas

Updated on August 31, 2011

Show Someone You Care With A Giraffe Gift

Below you will find a large selection of giraffe gifts to appeal to anyone who is a giraffe fan. There's ornamental giraffe gifts, giraffe gifts for the home, giraffe jewelry, cuddly plush giraffes, giraffe prints, giraffe wallets and giraffe keychains. There's something to appeal to all giraffe fans, male and female, young or old.

No matter what the occasion, below you will find the perfect gift, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, valentine's or just because you care.

Giraffes are graceful animals who some people have a natural affinity for. Buying a giraffe gift is the perfect way to buy a personalized gift for those people.

Ornamental Giraffe Gifts

For the giraffe fan who appreciates ornamental objects, these gift ideas would be a great place to start (if you are looking for giraffe gifts for kids, scroll down, there's lots more to see).

Suitable for all budgets, these beautiful giraffe ornaments would no doubt be lovingly displayed around the home if given as a gift. They're elegant, refined and beautifully crafted. Maybe your gift recipent already collects giraffe ornaments, if so, you can be sure that they would love one of these.

There's something incredibly magical and romantic about giraffes, they are animals that create warm reactions from people, and that's why they are so loved.

Giraffe Gifts For The Home

If the person who you are buying for likes quirky gifts, here's some really fun giraffe stuff for the home.

You don't have to buy a gift that looks like a giraffe, you can buy items that have the giraffe print on them such as the bedding, towel set, mug set and throw to the right, or the giraffe shower curtain below. These items are just something a little different and maybe not as obvious. If you love giraffes, you'll love the print.

For a really special gift, the Swarovski crystal giraffe is stunning. It's a beautiful piece that is indulgent, romantic and truly special.

If you're looking for a fun giraffe gift for the home, the Boston Warehouse toilet brush is a winner. It's a quirky gift that will make people smile.

There's something for everyone on this page, does your gift recipient like baking? Go for the giraffe baking pan, that would make an excellent stocking filler. Do they enjoy drinking tea? If so, check out the giraffe teapot.

There's lots of giraffe gifts ideas to choose from and if you haven't found the perfect gift yet, keep scrolling, there's a lot more giraffe gifts to choose from!

Giraffe Jewelry Gifts

For a romantic gift idea you can't really beat jewelry and there's some adorable giraffe jewelry to choose from.

There's a piece of giraffe jewelry to suit all budgets and tastes, and this is a really special gift to give to someone.

Choose from giraffe charms, earrings, rings, pins and cufflinks.

Plush Giraffe Gifts

If you are looking for a giraffe gift for a child, a plush toy is a great choice. Alternatively, many adults love plush toys too, we all like a cuddle.

These plush giraffes are super cute and instantly loveable. They come in various sizes and various prices. There's a plush giraffe to suit all budgets.

Giraffe Poster Print Gifts

Here's some cute giraffe poster prints that would make a great gift for anyone into their wall art.

It's a simple giraffe gift idea, but for people who appreciate photography it's something that would appeal.

Giraffe Wallet Gifts

A wallet is a great gift idea because it's something that everyone needs. It's a practical gift that is affordable and stylish.

These giraffe wallets are hot on trend right now, with animal prints in general being so popular.

Giraffe Keychain Gifts

A keychain is a simple and affordable gift that makes a perfect stocking filler.

Most people use keychains, so for a fan of giraffes these are perfect.


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