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Giraffe Pillow Pet Gifts

Updated on March 13, 2013

Giraffe Pillow Pet Gifts for Kids

If your youngster is fascinated with giraffes, then giraffe pillow pet gifts are excellent for tapping into that interest. Additionally, there are lots of fun ways to put such toys to work in room decor and in providing both function and fun. While most people look at stuffed animals as toys that accumulate too quickly, I view them as educational tools. Really, I do. Attribute sets are often created with similar items that differ in just a few respects. This allows for interesting sorting, comparison and contrast activities. Your child can do these things independently. In fact, he or she may do them naturally. These are developing simple reasoning and problem solving skills that are valuable later on.

Observation is an amazing ability, and pillow pet gifts are wonderful for allowing a child to observe and explain the things he notices about his toys. A collection of pillow pets is fantastic. It also serves as an excellent springboard into exploring the types of animals represented. Here again your child can compare real and imaginary, toys verses animals, and all sorts of fun things. Imagination, here we come!

Do you like the Jumbo Pillow Pet Concept?

Are the makers of pillow pets really clever and creative, or do you think they've overdone it?

Giraffe Pillow Pet Accessories

With the jumbo giraffe pillow pets releasing, watch for pricing changes on peewee pillow pets and original giraffe models. Don't miss some of the other accessories the Pillow Pets creators have released...hats, slippers and blankets.

Pillow Pets 11 inch Pee Wees - Jolly Giraffe
Pillow Pets 11 inch Pee Wees - Jolly Giraffe

I love the peewee pets because they are soft and comfy...I have one that provides a little extra support for my head at night! The peewee pets are great for a variety of attribute activities, as well, especially if you have different characters and sizes. Have your child find two giraffes...two small pets...two large pets...etc.

My Pillow Pets Giraffe - Large (Yellow And Tan)
My Pillow Pets Giraffe - Large (Yellow And Tan)

The large pets are great pillows and great kid and grandparent gifts!

My Pillow Pets® - Jolly Giraffe - Plush Hat
My Pillow Pets® - Jolly Giraffe - Plush Hat

The trendy animal hats are great with pillow pet characters!


More about Plush Pets and Attributes

From the time they can make observations, kids love to mix and match, looking for similarities and differences. You can ask questions about characteristics, playing an I spy type of game to challenge their powers of observation. You can have them arrange characters in a secret order, and you can guess what they used to design the pattern. There are lots of logic and reasoning skills that can be developed informally with your pillow pet characters and other stuffed animals.

What's your favorite Pillow Pet character?

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    • profile image

      StrongMay 4 years ago

      I recently received the giraffe hat as a gift. It is so soft and comfy! And all of my siblings (and myself), and even my mother, have pillow pets. My favorite is the giraffe, of course, my brother loves the cow, and my sister loves the elephant.