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Girls B-Day Party Ideas

Updated on April 4, 2013

Let's Celebrate

To make your daughter's birthday special I have put together a list of Girls B Day Party Ideas. Scroll through this page to find suggestions about creating a birthday party uniquely suited to the birthday girl. Whether she is into sports, crafts, fairy tales or something completely different you will find great girls birthday party ideas to start you off with a plan.

For a list of girls b-day party ideas discussed on this page please scroll down to the table of contents.

Planning Your Girls Birthday Party

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The first thing you will want to decide on for your daughters birthday party is a theme. The theme does not have to be character related but it can be. Some of the most common birthday themes for girls revolve around Disney Princess, Dora, Disney Fairies and Monster High. Finding appropriate decorations and games come easier when you have a theme.

If your daughter is into soccer or arts and crafts considering making that your theme. Take your party guests to the park to play soccer or perhaps watch a game. For an arts and crafts theme you can have your party at your local craft studio and have the children make projects.

Next you will need to start the process of figuring out what you will need to make your child's dream party become a reality. How many kids will you invite? The guest list will help you get an idea of how much food you will need or how many party supplies you will need. When you have the who what when and where figured out you will want to start sending out you invitations as soon as possible. Invites weather they are sent via the internet or given in person need to contain everything you want a prospective party guest or their parent to know.

Keep in mind that some of your party guests may have allergies to certain food. This is a good thing to know when you are buying your party supplies. You child will usually be aware of their friends allergies but you can always check with their parents.

Girls B Day Party Ideas #1 - Disney Fairies Birthday Party

Tinkerbell Giant Decorating Kit
Tinkerbell Giant Decorating Kit

Do you know a girl who loves the magic of Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies? If so a Disney Fairies themed birthday party would be a great place to start. If there is a preference to a specific fairy you can choose to spotlight your girl's favorite. There are a lot decorations surrounding Disney Fairies so it would not be difficult to find Disney Fairies Birthday Party Supplies. You can make the party more fun by asking your guests to come dressed as there favorite Disney Fairy or by making a homemade Disney Fairies Cakes.

Disney Fairies Cake Ideas

1. Disney Fairies Cake #1

2. Tinkerbell & Fairy Friends Buttercream Birthday Cake


Watch a Tinker Bell Movie

Set up a Tinker Fairy Station where girls can make crafts to take home.


Consider and Indoor/ Out Door Setting - Somewhere where the girls can watch their Tinker Bell movie at the same time cake could be served outdoors as the fairies are supposed to herald the seasons. It is a great way to bring in nature and if your looking for an educational activity why not go on a scavenger hunt for butterflies or other insects that might be found in Pixie Hollow.


Girls B Day Party Ideas #2 - Disney Princess Themed Party

Disney Princess Fairytale Friends Deluxe Party Pack for 8
Disney Princess Fairytale Friends Deluxe Party Pack for 8

will give you a jump start on planning your Disney Princess themed birthday party. It will also let you concentrate on other girls b-day party ideas like whether you want to serve up a Disney Princess cake or perhaps a cupcake tray. Are you going to be bake the treats yourself or are going to purchase them from you local grocery store or bakery. If you opt to purchase you can always customize by adding princess cake toppers, and getting the bakery to do their magic with the birthday message.

The Disney Princess theme is another girls birthday theme that will allow you the opportunity to add a dress up element to the party festivities. A bunch of little girls dressed up as their favorite princess makes for a great photo op for your photo album or scrapbook.

Click here to see a selection of Disney Princess Party Supplies

For more princess party tips including possible games selections, activities and other ideas click Princess themed birthday party ideas. It has great options to help turn your girls b day party ideas into Princess magic.

Disney Princess Cake Ideas

1. Ariel Disney Princess Doll Cake

2. Fondant Cake - Snow White Theme

3. Snow White Cake #2


Girls B Day Party Ideas #3 - Throw a Tea Party

Childs Pink Feather Tea Party Hat
Childs Pink Feather Tea Party Hat

One of my favorite girls b-day party ideas is to throw a tea party style party for your daughter and her friends. This is a great ideas because you do not have to worry about feeding your guest beyond the "tea" and cake. Dress up clothes can come from the girls parents or grandparents closet which also keeps the budget down on this girls birthday party. You can even pull your own dishes out for the party but make sure to give it an authentic feel and if their children are young consider not using your best china.

You can also pull in elements of whimsy into your party by adding some Mad Hatter tea party ideas. For instance, musical chair tea party and wonky party accessories; including hats, cups and center pieces.

For decoration ideas for this birthday theme click Tea Party Birthday.

Cake Ideas

1. Turvy style Teapot

2. Topsy Turvy Cake

3. Cinderella Teatime Table Cake


Girls B Day Party Ideas #4 - The Littlest Pet Shop Theme

Party Supplies - Littlest Pet Shop Cake Toppers
Party Supplies - Littlest Pet Shop Cake Toppers

Does your daughter love the littlest pet shop toys? Why not consider The Littlest Pet Shop theme. It is also a great way to create an animal themed party for the animal lover. Just add Littlest Pet Shop cake toppers to your cake. Use plain table cloths to set off any littlest pet shop paper plates you decides to use or vise versa.

For more girls b day party ideas click Littlest Pet Shop party ideas.

Cake Ideas Littlest Pet Shop

1. Littlest pet shop cake

2. Littlest Pet Shop


Girls B Day Party Ideas #6 - Soccer Birthday Day Party Ideas

Girls Soccer Team Cake Kit
Girls Soccer Team Cake Kit

Does your little girl love playing soccer and would rather be outdoors instead of stuck inside all day? If so, turn your girls b day party ideas into an amazing soccer themed birthday. You can even get you cake made into the shape of a soccer ball or follow a traditional route with a rectangular cake with added soccer themed cake toppers. For this one activities are fairy easy because the kids can play a game of soccer outside or if it rains watch the latest soccer game or Bend it Like Beckham (movie about soccer), or paint their own soccer ball.

Another great idea is to pick up some plain t-shirts and fabric markers so that the girls can make their own jerseys before heading off to their soccer match.

Click here for party supply ideas for creating a soccer themed birthday party for girls.

Soccer Cake Ideas

Soccer Cake

Another Soccer Cake


Girls B Day Party Ideas #8 - Super Hero Party

Super Girl Jewel Cupcake Rings - 12 count
Super Girl Jewel Cupcake Rings - 12 count

From Girls B-day party ideas comes an empowering creative party idea. It is Supergirl to the rescue. You can easily create a Supergirl party or a generic themed Superhero party by adding in some superhero party decorations and creating a superhero contest that can involve tests of bravery, strength, intelligence and compassion. Set up the challenges and have fun watching the children compete to see who will be crowned the Best Superhero ever. You can even have the kids design their own superhero identity and costume before hand.

Competition Ideas

1. obstacle course

2. Trivia questionnaire

3. Who can lift the most water with out dropping the pail


Girls Birthday Party Ideas #11 - Care Bears Birthday Party

The Care Bears Movie
The Care Bears Movie

Care Bears are a popular choices for girls ages 2-5, but it can be hard to find products and games for a Care Bears Birthday Theme.

Featured Site

Find Care Bears Birthday Party Ideas, Care Bears Cakes, Care Bears Party Games, and Care Bears Party Decorations at Care Bears Birthday Party


What Girls B Day Party Ideas Did You Find Appealing? - Share some of your own birthday party ideas for girls

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